Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tag Interview!

More concerning the June Crusade! Anne-girl is having a fun link up at her blog, Scribbings of my pen and tappings of my keyboard. 'Tis an interview in which your characters answer all the questions. I've chosen to do just two, some of my "mainest" of characters, Davin and Brice. I have so many to chose from, but I feel I know these two the best, so they will be in the interview. 

Just a little background so you know more about who they are: Davin is the son of Frendan, the legendary Dragon Tamer, and he has just learned about who he is, who his father was, and who the relentless enemy, Lord Vernd, is who bitterly hates them. Bricentus (Brice) is Davin's best friend, having lived with him and Frendan for the last three years after they pulled him out of the Kardoff River with a broken leg. How was it that he was swimming with a broken leg? You'll have to wait and read it when I'm done writing the story...

Let's begin! :)

Do you want a hug?
Davin: That depends on who is offering the hug. I wouldn't enjoy receiving a random hug from strangers off the street, but I do think hugs are a sign of mutual trust and affection between friends and family.
Brice: I don't mind hugs at all! 
Me: Would you hug Lord Vernd?
Brice: Nothing could ever convince a body to give *that* man a hug! It'd be like hugging a massive, black, shadowy, villainous, burning with hate, bent on revenge, cruel, heartless...
Davin: Uh, Kiri, I think we should move on.

Do you have any kids?
Davin: No. 
Brice. Nope. 

Have you killed anyone?
Davin: Never, though I fear killing may be in my future as I will doubtless be involved in battles and skirmishes. I don't look forward to it. Even though I love my father, being a son of the Dragon Tamer, I will admit, is dangerous.
Brice. I've been in numerous street fights as a boy, but I never hurt anyone besides a frequent black eye or occasional bloody nose.

Love anyone?
Davin: My father, and Brice. And the rest of my family, even though I haven't met any of them. I have five siblings out there, somewhere in Dron, and I must find them before I can love them.
Brice: Davin and his father are family to me, and I love 'em both. A body couldn't ask for better friends. 
Davin: Thanks, Brice. You're a great friend, too.

What is your job?
Davin: I have no specific job, but my mission is to find all five of my missing siblings and reunite them.
Brice: Bodyguard and friend to Dav. He's not much when it comes to fighting, so he'll need me. Be sure of that. 
Davin: I heard that.
Me: I'm sure Davin could hold his own in a fight.

What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Davin: Begin on my mission. We're off to East Delt first in search of one of my siblings.
Brice: Follow Dav. Wherever he goes, I must follow. Besides, there's other things I'd like to avoid, so it's better that I go with Dav.
Me: I'm glad you said that, Brice, because that's where I'm sending you.

What is your greatest fear?
Davin: That Lord Vernd will find my siblings before I do and kill them before I get a chance to save them.
Brice: Losing Dav or having my past catch up with me.
Davin: What past?
Brice: Um... the past in which I viciously knocked you off the wagon bench. I know a topple to the hard ground myself is in store.
Me: Nice save, Bricentus.

What do you think of your parents?
Davin: I have never known my mother as she died when I very young, but I love my father as ever a son could love his father. He's the greatest man in the world!
Brice: I don't have an opinion of my parents... at least, not one that I would openly talk about.
Davin: What do you mean?
Brice: I'd rather not say.
Me: I know what he means.
Brice: You know everything about me, Kiri! You made me up!
Me: Touché.
Davin: Can I know what he means?
Me: Not yet, but you'll know soon enough.

Any siblings?
Davin: Five, in fact. But I have no idea what they're like at all. What if they don't like me?
Brice: They'll love you, Dav. No worries on that account. And, nope. I'm just a lonely, single child. But Dav's like a brother, so he makes up for that.
Davin: So does that give me six siblings?
Brice: Large family. 
Me: I like large families.
Brice: We noticed.

Eye color?
Davin: Blue. I inherited my father's bright blue eyes. 
Brice: I don't know. I've never looked at myself to find out.
Me: And I don't think I ever wrote down your eye color. Hmm...
Davin: Brice, your eyes are brown.
Brice: Are they? Well, brown, I guess. A body can't argue with someone who's looking straight at him. 
Me: So, brown they must be.

Are you good or bad?
Davin: Good, I hope. Many people would think me a rebel, but Lord Vernd is an evil man who must be stopped. If no one else opposes him, the task falls to us.
Brice: I'm bad... at telling jokes. Fine! I'm good. Since Dav said he was good, I'm good, too. 
Me: You're my main characters! Why would I make you bad?
Brice: Well, we could be badly made good characters.
Me: I am choosing to ignore that statement.

Favorite season?
Davin: Spring. I love the planting season, working alongside my father in the corn fields. 
Brice: Spring, summer, fall, winter. I don't think I have a favorite. Spring's good, as that's when you plant the harvest. Summer's good, as that's when you tend to the harvest. Fall's good, as that's when the harvest comes in. And winter's good, as that's when you eat all of the harvest.

Who's your best friend?
Brice: Without a doubt, Dav.
Davin: I would normally say Brice, but lately I feel as if he's pulling away from me. There's something he doesn't want to tell me, and that's separating us, much to my dismay.
Brice: What? I'm not pulling away!
Davin: Well, you can't deny that you've got a secret.
Brice: Most people have secrets. It's just a matter of how important the secret is. Some secrets are nothing greater than an evil plot to plant thistles in an unsuspecting body's bed. 
Davin: You're avoiding the topic.
Brice: Next question.

Davin: I wish I could say riding a dragon. I haven't done it yet, but I know I'm going to love it! As it is, right now, my time is filled with journeys and searches. 
Brice: I enjoy fighting with staffs. Fun, and quite different than combat with just plain, 'ole swords.

Do you care what others think of you?
Davin: Yes and no. I care about the reputation I leave behind, as I am a follower of the one true God, and I believe it is important that my life reflect the love and mercy of my Creator. But no, I won't dwell on the possibility that someone somewhere might be thinking ill of me. It's not worth worrying about.
Brice: Yes, yes, I do. 

Was this interview fun? 
Brice: Quite. 
Davin: Oh, yes, I enjoyed it. And now to interrogate Brice on that something he's keeping from me.
Brice: I'm not keeping anything from you!
Davin: Oh...
Me: Davin, wait. I'll let you know what it's all about later.
Brice: You're not going to spill my secret, are you, Kiri?
Me: Only in chapter 14.

As always,


  1. Oh, this was terrific, Kiri!! Can't wait to read more of Davin and Brice! By the way, I love that name, Bricentus. It sounds rather Latin.

  2. I love interviews, even more so if characters help 8-D

    Yes, the bloopers at the end of Narnia are the best 8-D I love the, "Now you'll be killed by a giant frog." one.

  3. This is extremely hilarious, Kiri! Love it!

  4. I love how your characters interact with you! Very clever and very funny. You did an excellent job.
    And I know Brice's secret! (Because I've read Chapter 14)