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You know all those fun buttons and thingamajigs people post on their sidebars? I love each and every one of these buttons and whatnots, but I discovered that I dislike they way they make my blog look cluttered. So, instead of deleting them without a second thought, I've decided to give them their own page. Aren't I kind? Yes, yes, I am. :)

I enjoy:

Yes, I do!
Yet Another Period Drama Blog

I wish...

Proud CBC!

Are you?
Yet Another Period Drama Blog

In the League...

This test brought to you by Blakeney Manor.
Find out: Which Scarlet Pimpernel character are you?

I'm Elizabeth!
I am Elizabeth Bennet!
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I really got this!

I write like
J. R. R. Tolkien
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Proud (and biased) member!
The P&P95Forever Club

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