Friday, November 6, 2015

Happy November!

Wow! I feel like I haven't been on blogger in forever! *pulls up a chair and a mug of pumpkin spice coffee* How have you all been? I've missed you lovely peoples!

Wait... what? I didn't tell you? Yeah, I drink coffee now. Not black coffee straight out of the pot, mind you. No, that fancy, New-England style stuff that probably has more creamer and milk and sugar than coffee. 

Never in a million years would I think that I would be drinking coffee. But that's what college does to a body. And I'm finding, in a very strange way, I'm enjoying it.

I don't have much time to stop and chat, but I did want to assure you all that I am still very much alive. College is busy, but I am learning a lot. Plus, there's some brief moments to have fun and breathe, which is nice. I enjoy those moments. And then Thanksgiving break is only two weeks and two days away. *glorious sigh*

I desperately wish I could be stuck in the middle of NaNo with you all. Please feel free to drop me a comment below - let me know how your crazy month of writing is going, or what November has in store for you, or what the best way to drink coffee is! 

God bless!