Monday, June 25, 2012

Just A Quick Note To Say...

That I have the best sisters ever!!!!!!!! Especially, right now, one of the best is Jessa Bri!!! 

Let me enlighten you...

I've been at the dentist today. It was rather horrible. I've never relished going to the dentist, and today was no exception. I was there for over an hour today, and the entire right side of my face is totally numb. My ear is numb. I'm not joking. 

Why was I at the dentist? That's another story entirely. For some odd reason, a simple cleaning turned into three visits in which they found the need to fill four cavities. Yes, four. I've lived eighteen years in this world and never once did I have a cavity! And now, I've got four! I suspect my dentist of evil intentions...

But, back to the material point: I have the best sister in the world. With half of my face numb and tingly and altogether sore, I was not looking forward to eating dinner, which happened to be crunchy tacos and chips. So, I buried myself in blogger in attempt to get out of dinner. And lo, and behold! Jessa comes out of the kitchen holding a bea.u.ti.ful glass full of the loverliest pink fruit smoothie that you ever saw. 

I wish you could see it, but I haven't a camera on me at the moment. Just know that it is beautiful, it is delicious, and that I have the best sister in the world who thoughtfully brought me such a yummy smoothie! (She also started a new blog today. Click HERE for a special viewing!)

Thanks, Jessa!!!! 

I love my family!!! 

And I don't like the dentist...


  1. Wow she most be quite the sister!!!!!!! I am in love with fruit smoothies!!!!!


  2. How kind of you to post about me! And you are very welcome!