My Stories

Children Of A Legend
Word count: 156,067
Stage: Editing
Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Dragon Tamer (Book One)
Main Character: Davin Teur de'Gon
About: As a boy, Davin Teur de'Gon loved hearing the daring tales of the legendary Dragon Tamer, the only man who had been brave enough to stand against the tyranny of the evil Lord Vernd. Years later, the tales become more real to him when a simple journey to town reveals to him the truth of who he really is: the son of the Dragon Tamer. Now fatherless and hunted as a criminal, Davin embarks on a quest to fulfill the dying wish of his beloved father, a quest to find each of his five siblings who were scattered to all parts of the kingdom only a year after they were born.
Note: Completed as NaNoWriMo in April 2012; continued as NaNoWriMo for June and November of the same year. I have discovered that this will be a series, as the story is much too long for a single book.

Rebirth Of A Legend
Word Count: 50,132
Stage: Writing
Genre: Fantasy
Series: The Dragon Tamer (Book Two)
Main Character: Davin Teur de'Gon
About: Davin Teur de'Gon and his small band of friends and family are finally safe in the Ice Mountains. Their icy stronghold keeps them away from the vicious hand of Lord Vernd... for now. The discovery of an old journal leads Davin to believe there was more to his father, the legendary Dragon Tamer, than was publicly known. Risking his own safety and the safety of those whom he loves, Davin again ventures out into the hostile kingdom of Dron, where the most unlikely stranger would betray him, determined to find the answers he seeks.
Note: Current WIP. Sequel to CoaL.

Secret of the Hazel Tree
Word Count: 198,027
Stage: Editing
Genre: Fantasy/Mystery
Main Character: Celesta Le'Blancard
About: No pumpkins, clocks, or fairy godmothers... and why Cinderella really went to the ball. Legend claims she sought a husband, but in reality, she sought a murderer.
Note: Began during NaNo of 2013, and originally conceived as a story for a contest before it became much too large and complicated. My first *complete* novel.

Word count: 74,202
Stage: On Hold
Genre: Fantasy
Main character: Lianne Taimenlore
About: After her father drowns in a tragic shipwreck, Princess Lianne Taimenlore must flee a killer and find kin she never knew existed: elves. 
Note: First in what will eventually be a series, once I get around to writing it all. 

The Twelfth Kingdom
Word count: 21,917
Stage: Writing
Genre: Fantasy
Main Character: Josette Argent
About: When Josette and her best friend are rescued off the streets of Tellorn and become princesses, Josette thinks it the best day of her life. Until she learns her new father's true character...
Note: What my family describes as my best work. :)

Word count: 8,956
Stage: On Hold
Genre: Fantasy
Main Character: Tabby
About: Sera sighed. “No, I came here to help you. I came here to take you back to your own world.”
Note: I'm planning on this being the first in a trilogy about three girls who were sent from their own world to ours.

Angels and Ginger Cookies
Word Count: 4,917
Stage: Editing
Genre: Historical Fiction
Main Character: Lily Wilson
About: Lily swallowed the last bite of another ginger cookie. "Angles aren't real, Mrs. McCrae. They're just myths from stories that you tell little kids when their mommas die."
Note: A short story I wrote concerning one very special Christmas during the Great Depression.

Fruit: A Novel
Word Count: 3,279
Stage: On Hold
Genre: Christian Fiction
Main Character: Corinne Travis
About: When her mother challenges her to prove that she's a Christian by her fruit, Corinne Travis decides to take the challenge literally. Little did she know that the fruit was nothing like she imagined.
Note: Allegorical of a sort; based on and inspired by the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5: 22 & 23

The Masked Pianist
Word Count: 2,495
Stage: On Hold
Genre: Fantasy
Main Character: Jencienna
About: Jencie goes from a poor innkeeper's daughter to a ward of her rich grandmother overnight, and then her life changes when she finds her eccentric grandfather's invention, something no one has ever seen before: a piano.
Note: Began writing, but have too much to plan and plot so I haven't gotten very far.

Word Count: 1,729
Stage: Early writing and plotting
Genre: Fantasy
Main Character: Kianna Ardyn Feuraire BalĂ©ine
About: After the capture of her family, Kianna is forced to team up with her childhood enemy and find the location of a legendary treasure... before it's too late. 
Note: Still in the stages of plotting out the entire story, but I got too excited about it and had to start writing it, even though I'm not very far.

Black Fox
Word Count: None
Stage: Plotting
Genre: Fantasy
Main Character: Black Fox
About: My name no one knew. They all just called me the Black Fox.
Note: I have the general plot in my head, how I want everything to go, and what to include in all the crucial scenes, but there are too many questions still that I have to answer before I begin writing.


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