Saturday, April 12, 2014

Post All The Snippets!

Okay, well... maybe not. But I am going to take advantage of this opportunity and link up with Katie's Snippets of Story. I unofficially did a NaNo challenge of sorts during the month of March while working on Secret of the Hazel Tree, and got 45,000 words as a result, so I have lots of snippets to choose from!

The second dance quickly turned into a nightmare for both Julien and his partner as it was one of Queen Louise's new selections, a lively song with a piping flute descant. The pattern one's feet should follow was complicated, indeed, and no matter how he studied the other dancers' movements, he could not make any sense of it.

At length, after running consecutively into no less than six couples, Julien gave up. “Perhaps we should sit this one out?”

The girl's cheeks had turned a bright pink with the effort she had put into the dance, yet it was clear that the song was getting the better of her. With what Julien was certain was a relieved nod, she surrendered the steps to the dust and allowed him to lead her off the floor.


With a sniff, the housekeeper drew herself up. “Well, iffen yer not goin', then I will. I could pass as one 'o 'em rich ladies. I know I got the 'aughty part done ta perfection. I'll jest march up ta the prince an' order 'im ta take me ta the baron. An' jest ya wait 'til ya 'ear what I'm goin' ta do ta that uncle 'o yers... why are ya laughing?”

The mental image was too hilarious for Celesta to hold it in anymore. She could believe that Ahna would do exactly as she said she would, but she didn't think Prince Julien would appreciate a housekeeper crashing the event of the century. The duchess would never approve.


Celesta knocked on the door as Ahna grumbled, “R'mind me next time, I 'ate walkin'.”

“It's not that far.”

“It's 'azardous fer a woman o' my age ta weary 'erself with cross-kingdom treks!”


Denstan sat with his back to the visitors, intently working on something on the table before him, while Rerik hung on his father's knee, completely enamored. Ahna swaggered up to him and dropped a hand on his shoulder.

“Well, well, well, if it ain't our Kadsa's young man! Still as reckless an' wild as ev'r, I 'magine.”

“Father's not reckless!” Taimee insisted while Rerik only gaped at the strange woman who dared to thump his father's collarbone.


He was battling a grin, and losing miserably. “I am slighted to think you deem me unfit to learn your name. Or even just one of your names. Come, you must have pet names and the like,” he said, dropping his hands to his sides in a playful exaggeration. “Won't you tell me one of those? I must call you something besides that girl or young lady!”

Celesta licked her lips, trying to calm her racing heart. “Pet names?” Surely that is not dangerous. I might be able to oblige him in that, at least. Something that won't link me to the Hill.

“What does your family call you?”

“My family?”

“Yes, your family. Surely they have something they call you, even if it may not be your real name. You can share that with me, can't you? What do they call you?”

The question hit hard, a lot harder than he may have meant it to, but the hit was there all the same. He could never know what it was exactly that he was asking. She took a deep breath and gave the answer.

“Cinderella. My family calls me Cinderella.”


Will you not tell me what is going on?” The queen planted her hands on her hips firmly. “You have been gone hours from a ball thrown in your honor, and now after I abandon it in the hopes of finding you and bringing you back, you reappear with your shirt torn, your face pale, and blood staining your clothes.”

“I was showing Cinderella the library when someone attacked me.”

He wasn't sure what she thought more important: the mention of the girl or the attack. Fortunately, she chose the girl. “You were with who?”


The prince stared at the brothers. Jorah was taller by appearance the elder of the two, yet the features shared between the two almost made them twins. He could not think why he didn't notice it before. What he did notice was that neither one looked anything like Ilmiltora, for they boasted sandy curls where hers were dark, ruddy countenances where hers was delicate, and pleasant faces where hers was decidedly not. How such different people could all be in one family was beyond Julien's reckoning. He burned with curiosity about them, but wasn't sure how to phrase his questions with a pretend innocence.

“If you are the nephews of Sir Perradd, then...” he coughed, “Ilmiltora must be your sister.” There. That wasn't too shocking, was it?

Jorah's eyebrows went up. “I'm afraid we do not have that pleasure, Your Highness.”

The other, Jacynthe, laughed and spoke for the first time. “You mean we're lucky to claim her only as a distant cousin and not a blood sister.” 

Again, all snippets from Secret of the Hazel Tree. And yes, it's all mine. Please don't steal anything. *grins*

God bless!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Concerning Book Reviews On Lianne Taimenlore

To be honest... there really aren't any. Book reviews, that is. And why not? you wonder. Well... simple.

It's because I post all my book reviews over at KiriBeth

In case you didn't know, my sisters (Beth Grace and Jessa Bri) and I have a movie/book/music review blog. We each have our own little corner (admit it -- you just say that last line *grins*), and mine is the book corner. Over the last couple of months, I've been working on adding to the book reviews on KiriBeth, copying my reviews onto my Goodreads page, and then also sometimes transporting them over to Amazon. It'd be just ducky if you'd pop over to KiriBeth and follow us! I know we'd love to see you there!

What I have I reviewed recently? Well... 

Bryan Davis sent me a free copy of his newest novel, Reapers, to review. An exciting novel, for those of you who like something in the dystopian genre. 

Snippet: The action in this book carried each chapter along nicely, and there was never a moment for boredom. The suspense is high, the plot moves quickly, and once you got into the story, it was difficult to put the book down. Phoenix narrates the novel easily, and you can't help but want to see him succeed. The whole idea of the Reapers moving about with mystery and purpose is intriguing. I don't think I can say how muchly I enjoyed following this plot. This is the first in a trilogy, and I was surprised when it ended so suddenly. Not that that's a bad thing, of course; it just made me greatly curious for the second book... which... isn't out yet.

Click HERE to read the rest of my review.

Also, I've reviewed some self-published novels, real gems they are, too, and among them are Joan Bassington-French's Christmas at the Tittletons, Elizabeth Ender's Ransomed, and Jessica Greyson's Captive of Raven Castle

And... what's coming up next for my reviews on KiriBeth? Hopefully, you'll be seeing reviews for these books in the coming week!

Louisa May Alcott's The Inheritance

And Rachel Heffington's Fly Away Home!

So, please head over to KiriBeth! A follow would be rawther dee-vine. *winks*

God bless!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Peter Pan (Original Cast Soundtrack)

To be honest, I have had zero inspiration for blog posts these last couple of weeks. My mind has been so stuck in Secret of the Hazel Tree that every time I have free time to waste on the computer, I'm researching for the story or writing it. But... I'm reaching a compromise with myself. Since I have no ambitions for great posts at the moment, I will be making myself write up reviews to all the millions of musicals I've been listening to lately. There are some real gems out there, folks! And the sad thing is... most of them are going unnoticed by the greater crowd. 

So... first on the list, the musical that delighted me while I washed the dishes this morning: 

Peter Pan (Original Cast Soundtrack)

1. Medley: Opening Titles/Tender Shepherd - This song starts the musical out with a glorious overture full of tunes that immediately stick in your head. Mrs. Darling says good-night to her young children, and the narrator warns of a certain Peter Pan who is coming after the parents leave the house. The Tender Shepherd song is a lullaby-like song, soft and beautiful.

2. I Gotta Crow - Once you get past the odd fact that Peter Pan is played by a girl (Cathy Rigby in this soundtrack, but she does a rather good job of playing the all-famous Pan), this is a fun song. Peter sings of himself and all his cleverness, boasting his accomplishments, and all in all being very proud of his shadow. Definitely one of my favorites.

3. Neverland - "Peter, where do you live?" This song is really pretty and another favorite; Cathy Peter sings of Neverland, showing Wendy all the wonders of the island.

4. I'm Flying - Peter teaches Wendy, John, and Michael how to fly. Michael's "CANDY!" always makes me laugh during this song, and the lyrics are spot-on. You can imagine just what is going on without even seeing anything. "You try, and you'll fall flat on your face. I told you, Wendy." But visuals are always fun, so here you are.

5. Medley: Opening Act Two/Hook's Tango - "The lost boys were out looking for Peter, the pirates were out looking for the lost boys, and the Indians were out looking for the pirates." The narrator says this straight out of the book. Don't you just love it when adaptations do that? :) Hook's Tango introduces us to the villainous Captain Hook and his despicable crew, and in a fun, Carmen-like ballad, Hook tells of his plan to kill the lost boys. 

6. Indian Dance - Look out! It's Tiger Lily and the Indians! This song is mostly instrumental as the Indians go on the warpath, with a few cries and chants thrown in. In my personal opinion, Jules Styne did a great job of capturing the different elements of the island in this musical, because this song sounds very Indian.

7. Wendy - Peter and the lost boys want Wendy to stay to be their mother, so they build her a house to live in. "Peter, wait! We forgot the chimney!" Very fun.

8. I Won't Grow Up - How could it be a Peter Pan musical without the famous opinion that Peter thrives on? This is one of those catchy tunes, and even if you do want to grow up, it's hard not to sing along with Peter and the lost boys. And poor John fails epically in trying to fix Peter's grammar. "I won't grow up! Not me!" "Not I!" "Not me!" :)

9. Hook's Tarantella - Hook had a tango before, and now he requests a tarantella. This song is short, but it's got one of the best moments in the musical. Just listen to it, and once you get to the pirates', "To the ship! To the ship!" you'll know what I mean.

10. Ugh-A-Wug - Another Indian song, with lots of drums and hardly any lyrics. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's nice to have lots of lyrics to sing along to. While I'm still not sure what "ugh-a-wug" means, the lost boys and the Indians make peace during this song. ;)

11. Distant Melody - Another one of my favorites, a duet between Peter Pan and Wendy as they recall the mothers they left behind on the mainland. 

12. Farewell - The above video is 8 minutes long, and it includes Distant Melody and Farewell. I couldn't find another video of Cathy Rigby singing, so I had to go with the long video. Wendy and her brothers want to go home, and the lost boys wish to accompany them. Yet, Peter cannot leave Neverland. 

13. Hook's Waltz - Not many villains get to choose their own songs, but Hook is no ordinary villain. He's the slimiest rat in the pack, the unlovable, the one who would stoop to the lowest of tricks in the book, the creepiest creep in the world... yes, him. Captain Hook. And this is his song. He's in his element, you know.

14. I Gotta Crow (Reprise) - Peter takes down Captain Hook, and now everyone sings his glory. They all love him, and they all clamour for him to teach them how to crow. After all, can anyone not admire Peter Pan?

15. Finale - Wendy brings her company (i.e. brothers and lost boys) back to her house as Mrs. Darling breaks into a reprise of Tender Shepherd. Mr. Darling sets a few ground rules for his new children, and they're all happy to grow up together (reprise of I Won't Grow Up sung as I'm Going to Grow Up). Peter promises to come back for Wendy, and mistakenly does so when she's all grown up. When Wendy tells him she's forgotten how to fly, her daughter Jane takes her place to go to Neverland with Peter. Peter belts out one last reprise (Neverland) as he and Jane fly off towards the second star to the right.

16. Medley: Bows/End Titles - And here we are, suddenly at the end. How to describe the end titles except a fantastic conglomeration of all the wonderful songs from the musical that make you wish they were the opening titles all over again? 

And that's it! A five-star soundtrack all around! This is quickly becoming one of my favorite musicals, and I hope you enjoy it, too!

God bless!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Today I Am {4}

As much as I can on Secret of the Hazel Tree. That's one reason why I've been so scarce these last few weeks on the internet. I unofficially attempting a personal NaNo this month and while I have no idea if I'll hit 50K (the story may end before I do), I'm very glad with the progress I've made so far. This morning I hit 144,000 words, and I'm nearing the end! So exciting! I'm hoping to wrap everything up in another 20K... and then it's on to the dreaded task of editing. 

Other than Little Dorrit, not very much. I haven't made much time for pleasure reading since I've been so busy, but LD is almost finished (wow, Dickens is a fantastic author!!), and I'm anticipating getting into the all-famous Fly Away Home. *grins*

Right now I'm listening to the HTTYD soundtrack as I'm writing this... ah, nope. It just switched to Balto, and earlier I heard the scores for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Nim's Island, Thumbelina, Captain America, Frozen, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I've been playing the genres of musical and soundtrack almost nonstop on shuffle mode all month, and it's been wonderful. I may or may not have overplayed the particular albums of Cinderella (2013 Broadway) and Fiddler on the Roof (1971 film) at least once a day. *cough* But how can I help it? They are both incredibly gorgeous!

Fiddler on the Roof! I saw this old musical for the first time this week, and loved it immediately! Honestly, I knew hardly anything about FotR before this week, and until I watched it, I would have said "ehhh" to anyone attempting to get me to acknowledge it. Now, I'm in the midst of memorizing all the songs, and it's quickly climbing to my top five favorite musicals. For anyone who doesn't know it, YOU MUST KNOW IT! You won't regret it! And for those who loved it before I did, WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT IT BEFORE??

HTML. Imagine that. Me.... learning HyperText Markup Language. Kiri is becoming technical, readers!! So, watch out! And I'm so proud of myself for remembering that name... HyperText Markup Language. *winks* In the last couple of weeks, I've learned how to do things with text and code (whichever the correct terminology is) from paragraph breaks to drop down menus. It's actually a lot of fun, if I can dare to say that. I feel like I'm learning a foreign language... which technically, it is pretty much that. My dad is a web designer, and I'm happily in his employ. And that's another reason why I'm invisible right now... I have been swamped with work and that's taken away from any free time I'd fritter away on the internet. My apologies, folks. I know you'll survive without me. *grins*

Hungry. Is it lunchtime yet? Snacktime is incredibly boring when you're soy-free. I wouldn't recommend you try it.

A dee-lightful visit from our CBCs (save for the eldest in college) next week! They're coming up for our maple sugaring season, and we are all insanely excited about it. Yes, we're excited to sugar, too, but cousins around always make it more fun. Time for Pumpernickel Pancakes! *happy and clumsy attempt at a pirouette*

MUSICALS! Fiddler on the Roof and Cinderella are the two big ones in our house lately, as my sister Jessa and I have been on the biggest musical kick in history. Well, maybe not history, but we're loving musicals right now. All those good ones, in addition to FotR and Cinderella, like Singin' in the Rain, Mary Poppins, The Little Mermaid, The Secret Garden, Beauty and the Beast, The Phantom of the Opera, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, Peter Pan, and so many others! I don't endorse certain songs/themes/language in some of these, so please use your own discretion when listening to them. But may I just say -- if you don't know them, you're missing out!

Okey dokey, now it's back to work! I have to fix text formats on a half a dozen web pages this afternoon, so I'd better get cracking!

Oh, yes... and thank you for putting up with Ken the other day. I have no idea how he got access to the internet to put up a blog post, but he managed it somehow. Ken's really a.... mischievous kid. I haven't the foggiest what I'm to do with him. *sigh*

God bless!

Friday, March 14, 2014

'Ello, This Is Ken

For those of you who don't know me, I am Kiri Liz's evil twin and alter ego.

Don't worry... I haven't kidnapped Kiri (although that idea is intriguing) like Jack's characters did recently. She is only doing lots of internet work for her dad and doesn't have time to write a blog post. And she has a fever in addition to asthma. So, I'm just being a nice evil twin and letting you all know.

I know she doesn't speak nicely of me on this blog, because I've read her posts, but you all should know that I'm not that bad. She's not happy with me right now because I'm the reason she only wrote 700 words one day instead of 2,000, but hey... that's what twins do. She hasn't gotten this whole sibling thing down yet. Which you would think she should... considering she's got five others. But I'm a good kid. Kiri doesn't know how lucky she is to have me as a twin. I do lots of things for her, and all she does is glare at me like I'm sour milk. 

Oh, and she's also been really busy for the last month practicing for a concert that she and her cousin did yesterday. Her cousin played epically, but Kiri made some mistakes, and I thought about uploading a video to embarrass her, but the internet won't let me. Shame, huh? 

Anywho, I'm done! Hey, I like this blogging thing! I should do it more often!

Because I like Bilbo. So does Kiri. Proof that we're twins, eh?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February Snippets

If you've noticed a lack of posts around here, you're very observant. Pat yourself on the back and have some virtual gingerbread. That's because I have been endeavoring to write as much as I can on Secret of the Hazel Tree. It is my wish to finish up the first draft by the end of March, and this morning I reached 117K words. Yes, I am glad of it, but there's still a long way to go. But we'll get there. I am determined to finish this story. Even if it kills me in the process... which, it won't, I'm sure, but you never can tell what some of your characters might do if they get a hankering.

Anywho, I'm taking advantage of Katie's Snippets of Story to share with you some of what I've been writing on SotHT. I *think* these are all from February, but there could be some of January and March mixed in... *cough* 


 “Then why did ya shriek ta wake the dead, Miss Georgettica?”
Georgettica's face adopted a light flush. “You heard that?”

“Aye, and so did most 'o Iron.” Ahna threw her hands onto her hips. 


The duchess was already annoyed with the world, and mostly Veroniscen, by the time the carriage rolled to a stop at the front door later that afternoon, and seeing Georgettica giving her a sly grin as she exited the carriage didn't help one bit.


 “Silver skies, darlin'!” Ahna nearly fell over when the door thudded open. Her face went white when she caught Celesta's pained gaze. “What's it? Someone 'urt? Sick? 'Armed ya? The magpie? Do I need ta spit? On who? Tell me!” She leaped forward and dragged Celesta by the arm to a hard-backed chair. “Sit. Spill. Now.”


Celesta made certain her hands did not tremble as she scooped steaming vegetables on each plate. Georgettica made a face at the pile of green staring up at her, but apparently she'd heard enough of her mother's lectures on healthy eating and the benefits of such, and so said nothing. Veroniscen, however, parading on her status of favorite daughter, could not hold her tongue.
“Is this all, Mother? Peas and lentils?” She raked her fork across her plate, scattering peas in all directions. “I will wither away on this diet, and then the prince will never look at me.”
“That's because he was looking at me.”
Veroniscen snarled. “Hush, Jetta! No one cares about that!”
“But it is true!”
“Girls!” Duchess Nicolinabeth slapped her hand down on the tablecloth. “That will be enough. Georgettica, I do not want to hear such things from your mouth again, do you understand me?”
Georgettica understood and pouted.
“Didn't you make anything else?” The duchess directed her question towards Celesta as though she were to blame for the sour moods.
“O-oh, Ahna put together some gingerbread and a glazed nut cake.”
“Marvelous!” Veroniscen glowered her triumph down upon her lentils and pushed her plate away. “Fetch the cake, Cinderella.”


The bowl Veroniscen had thrown was evidently beyond repair, and the fragments of its former glory gleamed among the ashes and dusty spheres of vegetables. Celesta bit back a groan. The duchess knew as well as she that picking the peas and lentils from the heap would take sufficient time; the task had only been given as a deterrent. She really didn't want her lowly stepdaughter to accompany them to the ball. How could the prize of meeting the baron compare to the insult of bringing a servant to the prince's masquerade?
Celesta shook the thought from her head. “For Mother's sake,” she said softly.
As she reached for the first pea, thunder rumbled in the distance.
A storm was on its way.


Julien pushed himself out of the chair and crossed the room, with the motive of distracting himself from the upcoming festivities, to a large structure over which had been thrown a large but thinly woven blanket. He tugged the cloth from its place with gusto, revealing the golden gleam of parallel bars making up a fine cage, in which sat a hunched bundle of feathers. With the blanket gone, and light streaming freely into the cage, the feathers ruffled and rearranged themselves to their proper position, leaving in the place of the bundle a magnificent sparrow hawk.
“And shall your bird ever grace the royal aviary with his illustrious presence, Your Highness?”
Julien flashed a wry grin at the musketeer. “Only until my mother deems it necessary for him to be housed within my own chambers.”
“My prince is incorrigible.”
Denstan did not look the least perturbed at Julien's use of his personal favorite word, for it was not often that the prince found opportunity to toss it back at the musketeer.


The queen had insisted on several last-minute etiquette lessons for Julien, claiming that he was in desperate need of polishing himself up before presenting himself at the ball. Personally, Julien would have preferred to forfeit all polish and arrive at the masquerade in a wrinkled shirt and the dirt of the training yard plastered on his face, much to the horror of Sir Perradd and his own royal and particular delight, but he knew it was pointless to go against his mother.


Julien and Veroniscen had made a few turns about the room before more couples joined them. While the prince was determined to prove himself most disagreeable in any manner than might seem advantageous, his partner was settled in her own mind to make the most of this first dance.
“Your Highness is looking remarkably well this evening,” she began.
“Hardly,” Julien responded, keeping his face as stone-like as possible. He counted himself lucky to have learned so much from Denstan all these years.
“May I say that I was deeply grieved to hear of the loss Your Highness underwent this morning. How awful it must have been to loose your eagle.”
“Sparrow hawk,” he corrected blandly.
“I cannot imagine how hard it was for you, to loose such a friend, even one so...” she tittered, “inhuman, if I may say. You can be assured, however, that you will not a friend among this company, myself greatly included, and we shall all stand by your side. You shall never fear for a loss again, I am certain.”
“Provided I claim this company as friends.”
The remark was blunt, but Julien didn't regret it as a sudden shock passed over Veroniscen's face. But in a moment, she had recovered.
“My, Your Highness, do not think me a vain flatterer, but you certainly are a most wonderful dancer! I don't think I can claim to have ever had such a delightful partner whose grace and lightness of foot were so excelled. Indeed, it is a rare pleasure.”
Julien thought her a toady and resolved to drag his feet. 

God bless!

Friday, February 21, 2014

I Feel Loved!

Why? Because four lovely ladies have awarded me five times with two awards in the last week! And now I am forced with the fun but difficult task of filling out that which is required of me and creating a somewhat decent blog post. 

First up, the Sunflower Award awarded by God's Girl, Chloe, and Jessica! Thank you so much, girls!

1. Share 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 questions set by your nomination blogger- Nominate 11 bloggers
3. Set questions for nominated bloggers

And then I was also given the Liebster (that's "dearest" in German, FYI) Award by Lauriloth and Chloe! Again, a dear thanks to you girls! 

1. Link to the blog that nominated you for the award.
2. Choose eleven bloggers to nominate who have less than 200 followers.
3. Answer the questions given to you.
4. Let the people who you've nominated know when you've done so.
5. You can't nominate the person who nominated you.
6. Create eleven questions for the bloggers you've nominated to answer.
7. You must follow the blog that nominated you.

Eleven facts times three. These are gonna be random. Hold tight to your hats, peoples.

1. I was VERY excited to find out today that I won Rachel Heffington's giveaway!
2. And now I can't wait to read her book, Fly Away Home!
3. I smell books and love each scent.
4. I share a birthday with Chris Hemsworth.
5. I tell people I'm Thor's sister.
6. I sometimes break out into mock-Asgardian speech.
7. In the winter, I sleep with socks on because I can't fall asleep with cold feet.
8. And on that note, I sleep with all the blankets pulled over my head. Not sure why I do that, but I do.
9. I love wrist warmers & fingerless gloves.
10. But mostly because my shirts don't fit my long arms properly.
11. Cold wrists are awful.
12. Due to my asthma, I'm sometimes slightly claustrophobic. But only in dark, hot, small spaces.
13. I once performed Fortuosity in a McDonald's parking lot with my cousin.
14. I despise ankle socks.
15. I'm probably the only person in the US not to like Idina Menzel's singing voice.
16. And I'm not a fan of her "Let It Go" song from Frozen. 
17. Because of my musical background, I tend to be very critical about other singers.
18. I've never been in an airplane, but I want to someday.
19. I'm on a mostly dairy-free diet right now as an experiment.
20. My *current* favorite musical is Cinderella.
21. Particularly, the 2013 Broadway version.
22. Silver keys are my one weakness.
23. I've never gone skating.
24. But I desperately want to learn how.
25. Olympic skating is so much fun to watch!
26. I'm a closet fan of Meryl Davis and Charlie White.
27. Their My Fair Lady sequence is spot-on, and I've seen it about half a dozen times.
28. I've never been to a movie theater.
29. I pretend I know ballet and tap dancing.
30. I have over 170 hours' worth of music on my laptop.
33. My *current* favorite non-musical soundtrack is either Mirror, Mirror or Treasure Planet.
32. My hair is currently waist-length.
33. I can't stand olives. Green or black. Sorry, Mrs. Jennings.

And no, your eyes aren't going. I'm using different fonts and font colors to keep things lively. Sometimes an overly wordy post gets too boring in plain black Arial font.

Now to get into the eleven questions... times five. Ready for this, folks?

God's Girl's questions:

1. What is the hardest class/subject you have ever taken/studied? 
To be truthful, Geometry. I loved math when I was in elementary school (and ended up teaching my teacher at one point), but high school courses that masqueraded as math classes and I did not see eye to eye.

2. Do you sew/knit/crochet? If so, what was your last project?
I sew and knit, and I've always wanted to learn to crochet. My last project... let's see. A replica Elsa dress for the doll my youngest sister got for Christmas.

3. What is your favorite out-of-the-ordinary food? (i.e. I really like Chinese noodles.)
Out of the ordinary? Good question. Well... let's say Boston Brown Bread. Thick, molasses-y, with raisins... yum! Actually, I haven't had that in a long time.

4. If you could have lunch with any literary character, who would it be and why? 
The first one to come to mind is Judith Tittleton from Christmas at the Tittletons (excellent read!). Why? Well, because we're basically twins, and because I want to ask her a million and one questions about her new life (which I won't say here -- spoilers, you know).

5. What person in your life has really impacted you? 
Probably my dad. I've always loved and respected him, so much so that when I was younger, I wished that I would have asthma just like him. Ironic now that I have asthma myself, eh? He works hard, loves greatly, admonishes gently... really, I couldn't ask for a better father. Watching him has probably impacted me more than anything else.

6. If you were going to have lunch with the queen of England, what would you wear? 
If I knew enough ahead of time, I'd make myself something along the lines of an old-fashioned tea dress, high neckline, three-quarter sleeves, and a lace overlay on the skirt. Nothing extremely fancy, but modest and comfortable.

7. Hot dogs or hamburgers?
One of both, please! With ketchup, but hold the mustard. 

8. If you listen to audio dramas, what is the best one you have ever heard? 
Focus on the Family Radio Theatre makes incredible audio dramas! I love their Narnia series, and my favorite would probably have to be The Horse and His Boy

9. What is your favorite form of worship? (Singing, praying, listening to teaching, serving, etc.)
I don't know that I have one favorite. Worship isn't something that we reserve for Sunday morning at church, but is rather something that should define our lives. 

10. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
One place? Fine, the Rocky Mountains. I'll get out west someday!

11. What experience in your life drew you close to God? Or... In what way has God really revealed himself to you? 
The last move my family underwent was a difficult one, and although I was happy to be where we are now, I couldn't help but feel lonely. I didn't have many friends, and those that I called friend seemed to want to turn away from me. I wouldn't say I hit rock bottom, really, but in that moment, when I felt myself friendless and forgotten, I found there was still One I could call friend. I turned to God in my loneliness, and that's when He made Himself real to me. 

Lauriloth's questions:

1. Would you rather have the ability to fly, turn invisible, or have perfectly clean teeth where you never have to brush them again? (Of course I’m serious.)
Fly! All the way! I've wanted to ever since I knew Peter Pan could. *grins*

2. Do you have a water buffalo?
Not at the moment. He had an argument with my unicorn and decided he needed a vacation in Thailand. I expect a postcard from him any day now.

3. Do you have a pet of any kind? (Siblings count. Juuust kidding! ;P) 
Siblings count? They have to, because that's it. My one and only favorite brother... Doofus. But, hey! He speaks Donald Duck, so that's a bonus, eh?

4. What advice would you give to that poor old woman who lives in a shoe?
Beware of sharp tongues.

5. Favorite song? (Yes, I know I’m evil.)
Not fair, Lauri! Totally not fair! *sigh* Okay, since I'm currently listening to The Princess and the Pea (2002) soundtrack, I'll say it's The Wide Open World. This is a little-known princess movie, but I rather enjoy it. It's right up there with The Swan Princess and movies like that. Not Disney, but still good.

6. If you had to change your first name, what would you choose?
I love my name! But... if I *had* to change it, I'd go for something Tolkien-ish. Kirlien or the like. I'd have to do some more research in Tengwar before I made a final decision, you understand.

7. Cake, pie, ice cream, or cookie?
These questions are awful! Do you ask these on purpose to torment us, Lauri?? *rubs aching head* Okey dokey, let's say... cake. Since it's cold outside, warm, sweet cakes are just in season. 

8. What are three simple little things in life that make you happy?
If you didn't specifically say simple, I'd say my family, but we're anything but. In a good way, of course. *winks* Craisins, comments, and snowflakes. Sorry, couldn't keep the alliteration up.

9. Do you have a bucket list? If so, what are your top three things on it?
Yes, I do! And I have no idea... top three? Well... see a Broadway play in New York, travel to Europe, and go dog sledding. 

10. What’s your favorite fairytale? To keep from sounding redundant, I'll say Diamonds and Toads. It's a lesser known tale, but quite interesting. Otherwise, it'd be Beauty and the Beast

11. Who’s your favorite fictional villain? (It can be from a book, show, movie, or whatever.)
One of my favorites is Mother Gothel from Tangled.

Chloe's questions for Liebster Award:

1. If you could visit any place in the world where would you go? 
Probably Ireland. Gorgeous scenery, old castles, what's not to like? *grins*

2. How many siblings do you have?
Five. I'm number two in a line of six.

3. Who was the first person you talked to this morning?
My mom... nope, my sister KT Bugs. She woke up at 3 (or thereabouts; who looks at clocks at such times?) and for some reason felt the need to wake me and tell me about her socks. I mumbled something along the lines of, "That's nice. Go back to sleep." Woke up this morning to discover that she was trying to tell me her socks were mismatching. Rather embarrassing for a four-year-old, even in bed.

4. Do you like morning or evening better?
I love early morning, but I'm not a morning person. I actually have the most energy at night... right before I go to bed. Yeah... 

5. Who is your role model? 
My wonderful mother. I love her to pieces.

6. If you could meet any person on earth, who would you want to meet? 
Since you said "on earth," Chloe, I'm assuming we're talking about live people, right? Well, how about all my lovely blogging buddies? I want to meet them!!

7. Do you like going to the dentist?
NO! There's nothing I dislike more than other people putting their hands in MY mouth.

8. Who is your best friend? 
I don't have one... I have several. And they're all family. *hugs* Love you, guys!

9. What is your favorite blog...other than yours :)?
Hmm... this is a difficult question... I don't think I can answer this with just one blog. I love reading Amy's blog, Lauri's blog, Melody's blog... and the list goes on and on.

10. Have you ever flown over the ocean? 
Never. Maybe one day I will.

11. What are you most looking forward to in life?
Ooh, Chloe... good question. Now to come up with an answer... well, at the moment, I'm really looking forward to becoming a published author. I've been writing for years, and I'm hoping that this is the year I get to see my name in print! Long-term, looking forward to... doing whatever God has for me.

Chloe's questions for Sunflower Award:

1. What do you want to do on earth more than anything else?
Be the girl God wants me to be. My life is a gift from Him, and I want to glorify Him above all else.

2. What is your favorite book (other than the Bible)...?
Favorite books are almost as bad as favorite songs... they change about every week. Right now, it's Little Dorrit because that's what I'm reading. Ask me again in a couple of days, and it'll be a different book. *shrugs*

3. What is your favorite subject in school?
Geography was pretty spiffy. Cartography and all of that has always fascinated me.

4. Do you have pen-pals?
I do write letters, but I don't necessarily write to true "pen-pals." For that, I go the electronic route with emails.

5. Who is your favorite hero (in books or movies)? 
Probably Faramir from LOTR. And if you don't know why, you obviously don't know me.

6. Who do you text the most?
Honestly, I don't text. I don't have a phone. I IM (i.e. Facebook chat) most with my sister Beth Grace, so if that answers your question.

7. If you could change anything in your facial features what would you change?
I don't think my face entirely photogenic, but I like it. If I had to change something, I'd probably give myself pointier ears so I could pass as a real elf. I do have semi pointy ears, but they're not quite elf-like.

8. What is your favorite movie?
The Lord of the Rings film series. What? That can be one, can't it?? Fine. The Two Towers extended edition.

9. What is your favorite thing to blog about?
My writing. I sometimes find it hard to talk about my stories, but it's really encouraging to put up a post about or snippets from the book I'm working on and have all of you wonderful people leave comments telling me how much you loved it!

10. Do you have a best friend?
Did I already answer this? Oh, yes... yes, I did. *grins*

11. What is the most amazing thing you've ever done?
Umm... write 72,000 words in one month? I can't think of anything more amazing than that at the moment...

Jessica's questions:

1. What would you title your autobiography?
Way to make you think, Jessica! I like it! Let's see... probably something along the lines of What God Has Planned. I think it's interesting to see how we plan out our own lives according to our own desires, and then God has His own plans for us. But His are always best. I'm 20, and if you asked me at 6 years old what my plan was, I'd have responded, "A senior in college, and just engaged." I'm nowhere near either of those things, but my life isn't bad because of it. Nope, God had other plans, and I think His ideas are far superior to mine. I love where He has me now.

2. How would you describe your feelings to a person who had never experienced love before?
How to describe love? Love is a desire to sacrifice what you might want so that someone else can benefit. Love is loyalty and honesty. Love is persevering and looking for those things that are lovely. Love is patience and kindness. Love is of Christ.

3. The sun is setting, it's your last day on earth. How did you spend your last day?
With my family. We probably spent the whole day talking and laughing and eating my favorite foods. Which would include all things chocolate and soy, considering it was my last day on earth... which, if I ate chocolate and soy, that would explain why it *was* my last day on earth. The phrase "death by chocolate" has more than one meaning, you know.

4. Your happy color.
Orange! It's bright, it's citrus... it's happy!

See what I mean? :) {pic source}

5. Your favorite flower is in bloom, do you a. pick it, b. let it grow and slowly fade and dry the petals c. find a way to extract seeds so you can plant even more next year.
Realistically? A. I'm not a huge flower person, and the scent of flowers gives me asthma, so I'll enjoy it briefly and move on with life after it's gone.

6. Your worst fear has come to pass. What just happened? 
If we're talking about worldly fears, then most likely my laptop died, taking all my work with it to the dust. I've lost work before to a broken computer, and it's not fun.

7. Though a series of  events you suddenly find out you are a princess, how do you handle this? Do you resign and go back to private life, or believe that some people are born great and others have greatness thrust upon them, and that this is your duty come what may?
If I am a princess, then I have a duty. I may not like royal life, but I hope I wouldn't run away from it just to be comfortable at someone else's expense.

8. What animal have you always wanted to keep for a pet that you are sure no one would let you keep?
A dragon.

9. You get a chance to live overseas for one year, where would you go and what would you do? 
France or Sweden. Historical and geographical research (a.k.a. exploring). 

10. You fall asleep and wake up in your favorite childhood storybook. What are you going to do and how are you going to get out?
I'm in Peter Pan??? Why would I want to get out???

11. Do you multi-task? Does it hinder or help you?
Yes, I can multi-task. No, it's not always helpful when you're trying to focus on one thing, particularly writing.

Whew! There's all the questions, folks! Hope you all got down this far!

Now, let's see... time for me to award eleven bloggers... I'm going to do this a little differently, so pay attention here, all ye readers. The first fact below to describe you... that's your award.

If your birthday is in the month of either February or September, you've won the Liebster award.


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If you get this reference ("Many leaves, one tree."), you've won the Sunflower Award.

And please be truthful! I really want these awards to go out to wonderful people! Let me know when you answer them, because I'd love to see your posts!

My eleven questions for those nominated:

What is your one weakness?
If you could cosplay one animated Disney character, which one would it be and why?
What is one lesser-known film you'd recommend?
What is the next book on your to-read list?
What is the computer/laptop/phone background on the device you're using right now?
If your life was a musical, what would be your theme song?
You just got invited to your dream event. Where are you going?
Italian or Mexican cuisine? 
What is something you like but most people don't?
Let's say you fell asleep and woke up in a random fairytale. Which fairytale, who are you, and what happens?
What's something you're excited about this year?

God bless!
P.S. Hayden interviewed me for her Stay-At-Home daughter series, and the interview went up today! Be sure to stop by Hayden's blog to read it!