Saturday, June 16, 2012

More June Crusade Questions!

Still writing, writing away on my story! And as it is, it's time to take what I believe is a well deserved break and answer a few questions concerning Children of a Legend, many thanks to Anne-girl of Scribblings of my pen and tappings of my keyboard.

1. What  is your word count now? Currently, the count for this month is 22,238. Not a very good count, as the expected count for today should be somewhere along the twenty fifth thousand lines, but I'm plugging away. Slowly, but surely, I intend to finish this novel. And then the total count, combining this month's NaNoWriMo as well as April's, is 73,173. That's a little more impressive! :)

2. What is your favorite paragraph so far? Favorite paragraph? Hmm... I know it may sound weird, but I'm really enjoying writing small excerpts from the villain's perspective. Even if it is a secondary villain. Here's one part that I really enjoyed writing, with my secondary villain as what you might call the main voice:

“Aren't there any taverns in this place? I'm so mad I could slap Vernd!”
Sordin raised an eyebrow, but Mal Sorcell didn't see it.
“Well, I guess I wouldn't slap Vernd, but I'm right mad enough to slap somebody!” He was quiet for a moment, but Sordin knew what was to come. He relaxed his muscles and leaned forward just a tiny bit. His surmise was correct. The next instant, Mal Sorcell's hand darted out and slapped Sordin on the shoulder. But the small hand, trained to handle glass jars and various powders, couldn't stand the stinging brunt of Sordin's beefy shoulder. Mal Sorcell yelped and yanked his hand back to massage it under under the elbow of his opposite arm.
“Stupid slaps and shoulders and senseless stupidity!” The miracle man pouted.
Children of a Legend

3. When you are writing what is your favorite song to listen too? Not theme song for your book but favorite song for while you're writing? The Miss Potter soundtrack!! Really good writing music!!

4. Do you love your villains or do you relish hating them? My villains are not the type of people with whom I would enjoy associating, but I do enjoy writing about them, thinking up devilish reasons to make other people dislike them because they're pure evil.

5. What was your very first piece of free writing? That was a long time ago! I've been writing stories ever since I learned how to write, so it's hard to tell. 

6. What was your first completed piece of fiction? My Lianne story. Well, I think it could be described as completed, but considering the amount of editing and the fact that I intend for the story to be the first in a series, then, no, it's not completed. What is completed? A short story called Angels and Ginger Cookies. There's a bit more info on that story here.

7. What are some of the plot bunnies that you are being teased with right now? Plenty. But I'm not going to put them here. You'll just have to wait and read it for yourself. :)

8. What is your strategy for writers block? Take a break and check blogger. See how other people are making progress on their stories and feel ashamed that I'm stalking blogs instead of writing. Go back to my story and force myself to type. Repeat as needed.

9. If you could meet one famous author which one would you pick? Famous author? Does it matter if they're dead? Because I'd dearly love to meet either Beatrix Potter or J. R. R. Tolkien. C. S. Lewis would be a close second. 

10. Who is your favorite secondary character so far?  I don't have a favorite!! I love all my characters to pieces, and I don't think I could ever pick a favorite among them all! One character whom I'm particularly proud of is actually someone I haven't written into the story yet. She comes in later. Her name is Ociel. I think the real reason I love her so much is just because of her name. Ociel. I am very proud of that name. What? You can be proud of the names you invent, can't you? ;)

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