Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Emma Tag Questions

Miss Woodhouse of Elinor, Elizabeth, and Emma and Abilaine of Miss Emma Woodhouse are hosting a Jane Austen's Emma Week!! Go on over to their blogs and check it out! 

Here are my answers to the Emma tag questions:

Did you read the book or watch an adaption first? I read the book first. Then I saw the Gwyneth Paltrow Emma, then Kate Beckinsale, then Romola Garai.

How many times have you read Emma? Once, but I hope to make that twice before the year is out. :)

Your favorite adaption is? Is there any question? BBC Emma 2009!!!

Does Emma’s matchmaking ‘skills’ annoy you?  Not really. I don't mind watching and reading it take place (some of it is rather fun to watch unfold), but I'd hate it if Emma tried to make a match for me!

List three minor characters you like in the story. Mr. Woodhouse, Miss Bates, and Mr. John Knightley.

Which character is the most annoying of the three? Mrs. Elton, Mr. Elton or Miss Bates? Definitely Mr. Elton. I love listening to Miss Bates's chatter (I don't see how anyone truthfully can imagine her annoying), and I can stomach Mrs. Elton's comments about Maple Grove and musical clubs, but Mr. Elton, that slimy snake, is something different altogether.

Have you seen any Emma spinoffs? (meaning modern adaptions like the original story) Nope. Just that good, 'ole, real period drama.

The perfect sum-up of Mr. Knightley is? A perfect gentleman who scolds in love and is willing to sacrifice his own comforts and preferences for the woman he loves.

Described what you think of Emma herself in three words or less. Handsome, clever, rich. :) I'm not just quoting; I really think this!!

Harriet Smith receives a proposal from ____? Robert Martin. Duh. The man she truly loves and should have been with from the beginning of the story if Emma had not had the reprehensible urge to meddle.

Your most enjoyed scene is? That's a tough one. Love the 2009 Knightley Fightley scene where Emma is placing flowers while she and Mr. Knightley discuss Harriet and Robert Martin. Emma's frustration at the end when he walks out only to walk back in again to finish his comments is so Emma. :)

The villain is? Ugh. Mr. Elton. Definitely. How could that snake be otherwise? Mrs. Elton also makes a rather good "villainess."

Jane Fairfax is engaged to be married to ____? Frank Churchill. 

Miss Taylor was Emma’s ____? Governess in name, mentor in attitude, and friend in love.

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