Friday, June 8, 2012

Today I Am... {1}

This blog post, obviously. And I'm also feverishly working on my novel which is part of the June Crusade (a.k.a. Camp NaNoWriMo). My goal is to accomplish 1800 to 2000 words a day so that on the days I cannot write, I don't have to feel badly about missing them. I'm at 14,500 words so far!! :)

The Scarlet Pimpernel! Yes, indeed it is so! I am reading the beloved book by Baroness Orczy! I apologize for me tardiness in taking so long to getting around to reading it, but 'twas near impossible to find a suitable bookmark! ;)

To the Miss Potter soundtrack that my sister just got out of the library. The music on it is beautiful! I couldn't find snippets of just one song, but here's the first part of the soundtrack! I love the two first songs: Miss Potter and The Park

My family is stuck on watching musicals right now, and the overwhelming urge to randomly burst into song is ever upon me! The One and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and In Search of the Castaways (not technically a musical, but Enjoy It! is a fun song!) are a few we've watched in the last three or four weeks. Please note that while I enjoy these films, I don't endorse all their content.

Betcha didn't know that I sew as well as read and write... and everything else that I do! But, yes, I sew, though I cannot boast of great talent, I'm the only one in my family who knows how to effectively (emphasis on the word effectively) use a sewing machine. Currently, I am working on sewing medieval costumes for a movie that my cousins, siblings, and I hope to be filming sometime this summer. I may post pictures.... sometime... :)

At my sister packing. There are clothes all over our bedroom as there are five girls to pack for. My family is leaving town for a few days to visit a very dear friend, K. Barrett, and her family!! I'm so excited!! I'm not so excited to clean up all these clothes....

That God is amazing. That His love is infinite. That He has the power to do the impossible. That His strong hand will never leave you to stumble. That little blessings from Him are beyond description. So, a lot! :)

Tired after having a cold this last week. Ugh, I still have the sniffles and the sneezes, but I'm hoping to rid myself of those detestable things very soon. :(

Getting allergy shots this afternoon. Not so pleasant. Yes, every week I must succumb to falling under the doctor's needle. It's actually not so bad... it's the waiting that kills you. Something pleasant I'm anticipating? Seeing my dear friend very soon!!! :D

 Specifically? That I had more time in June to write. The story I'm working on for the June Crusade is a story that I am really enjoying writing. It's almost as if I'm not making it up myself, instead the story is pulling me along for the adventure. I can't determine what happens in the plot anymore than I can change the results of last year's Super Bowl. Have you ever felt that way about a story? One that you are always thinking of, and makes you wish you could dedicate every waking moment to it? Oh, it's a terrible feeling. Especially if you're a writer. ;)

Strawberries! When you must live without chocolate, these heart shaped red berries really fill in the gap! This was a dessert I ate this week... chopped strawberries, whipped topping, and a pancake... and voila! Homemade strawberry shortcake! Yesterday, Mom came home with a bunch of strawberries and we made strawberry jam for the first time ever! I think we may not have done it quite the right way, as the jam didn't jell as much as we'd like, but it certainly tastes delicious! We're having a hard time keeping out of it!!


  1. OH! The Scarlet Pimpernel! Sink me, would you believe that I'm playing Marguerite in a production of that very tale this very month? :) Wonderful story!


    1. Lucky girl!! I love the story of the Scarlet Pimpernel! I'll bet your production is going to be swell!! Kiri Liz :)

  2. I wish you a splendid time reading The Scarlet Pimpernel! When I first read it several years ago, I COULD NOT put it down once I had started it, I went back and read it again the ay after I finished it, AND I was a confirmed Scarlet Pimpernel fan from the moment I finished, no, make that the moment I STARTED the book!!!

    I know what you mean about a story pulling you along and wanting to devote every waking moment to it. If only we could!! :)

    A movie with medieval costumes!! Sounds great. Movies/drama and costume are two of my biggest interests. Can you tell me more about the movie or is it a top secret project?

    1. Miss Melody Muffin... I've having a fantastic time reading the book! I've heard there are more stories, so I'm excited to get my hands on those as well!
      The movie we're working on, well, I wouldn't call it a secret project. We haven't gotten along very far with it, but I'll post about it (hopefully with lots of pics) as soon as there's something worth while to post! :)
      Kiri Liz

  3. I want to watch Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang. (Dick Van Dyke is so funny)

    I'm reading the Scarlet Pimpernel too! I am enjoying it a lot so far. I'm a quarter through.