Thursday, June 28, 2012

Famous Women Of Films Tag

Famous Women of Films Week is going on over at The Golden Road! I wasn't officially tagged, but Rose M. kindly let me go ahead and steal the questions for the tag. Thanks, Rose! :)



1. Answer the questions provided in a blog post.
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1. What was the first "old movie" that you can remember watching? Probably The Sound of Music. My family loves musicals. :)

2. Out of the Famous Women mentioned this week, who is your favorite singer? Without a doubt, Julie Andrews. I grew up watching and hearing her sing in The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins

3. Out of the Famous Women mentioned this week, who is your favorite dancer? This one's a little tougher.... maybe Vera-Ellen. I love the dance number in White Christmas that she does with Danny Kaye (The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing).

4. Out of the Famous Women mentioned this week, who is your favorite actress? Another tough question!! Hmm... if I had to just say one... I'll go with Lucille Ball. She's hilarious in the I Love Lucy show!

5. What is your favorite "old movie"?  Why? Singin' In The Rain. I love the cool dance numbers (Moses, Good Morning, and Make 'Em Laugh)!

6. Who is your utmost favorite Famous Woman of Films Week?  Why? Sigh... I'm gonna have to go back to Julie Andrews. She's the one I've grown up with (for the most part), so I think she'd be my utmost favorite.

7.  Do you watch a lot of "old movies" starring many of these Famous Women or do 
you have different tastes?  If so, please share your interests! I love watching the old films! I don't mind the black and white screen at all, and the films (I feel) are far superior to modern films! Absolutely adore musicals. Love the quotable lines. :)

8. Were you introduced to any new actresses by Famous Women of Films Week?  If so, which one(s)? Actually, many of them! Ann Miller, Ann Reinking, Betty Hutton, Cyd Charisse, Elizabeth Taylor, and Katharine Hepburn specifically. I've only seen a few of the women on screen, but I've heard of most of them. 

And for the tags:
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  1. Ah! I loved hearing your responses! :)

    ~Rose M.