Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sink Me, I'm On Sink Me!

Well, none of my pictures found their way to the top of the wonderful contest at Sink Me! Rather, two very superior pictures with hilarious content and incredible wit are now battling their way to the winner's pedestal. I'm eager to see which picture reigns supreme! But thanks to all who voted for me. :)

However, I did send some pictures to Miss Dashwood and I have now had the great honor of seeing my handiwork on that great blog where humorous nonsense meets period drama!

I won't post the pictures here; you'll have to hop on over to Sink Me! to see them. But here are the links:

Take That, Caro Sposo

Mean Mr. Elton

Best. Day. Ever!

Hope you enjoy them!

P.S. This picture is taken from Nancy Drew: Trouble Shooter

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  1. Those are SOOOOOOOOO funny!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry yours didn't make it into the final part though, I loved it 8-D