Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Excitement Over Only A Novel!

Put no further pastries to your lips for you will choke when you hear the news I must report! This is more preposterous and shocking than when Wormald's lions came and the little child's arm was bit clean off!


Yes, indeed it is true!!! Our dear blogging friend, Miss Amy Dashwood of Yet Another Period Drama Blog, has become an author! Her book, Only A Novel, can be found HERE on, and the whole town is talking of it!!

I'm so proud of Amy. I know I don't know her tastes, her passions, and her pursuits (unless you count her obvious writing talent a passion) as much as other people do, but I am honored to be counted as one of her cyber friends. I adore her blog, and there's absolutely no nonsense about her. 

The excitement is thick here in the wonderful blogging world. I was ecstatic myself when I saw Amy's post, announcing that her book was out for the world to read and she was an author! You should have heard my heart! It was a kettledrum!

She is holding a giveaway in which she will give one very lucky blogger a special copy of her very own book! I suggest you head on over to her blog and enter!! 

Yes, I know I put in quite a few period drama quotes here scattered throughout this post, but I thought that most appropriate as Amy's book, Only A Novel, is about a girl who is certain she will live a life equal to those of Jane Austen's heroines. Plus, I felt the need to eloquently express my excitement over Only A Novel!

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  1. LOVED all the Cranford quotes. Period drama quotes are always appropriate. :D Thank you so much for posting about this, Kiri Liz!