Saturday, August 11, 2012

Kind Of A Big Day...

So, Mother, earlier I was saying, and you really didn't respond, so I'm just going to tell you...

It's my birthday! Tada! 

(Why is Tangled so quotable?)

Yes, indeed it is true. I'm 19. But my mother already knew that.

Wow, I sound old.

Me, Beth Grace, and Jessa Bri (it's not Jessa's birthday,
but I thought it would be nice to include her anyway; no
comment on the fact that I couldn't find a pic of just me and Beth)

Actually, I must apologize to my dear sister, Beth Grace, as I neglected to post about her birthday yesterday. Yesterday, you ask? Yes. And no, we're not twins. We were born exactly one year and one day apart, and it's swell, swell, swell. It's like being twins... but not. :)

So, also: Happy 20th Birthday to my dear sister, many happy returns, etc. Love you!! 

We had a swell party last night with our cousins (blood and contract). Not just any party, mind you. A COSTUME PARTY!! It was epic! Most swellest fun ever! :D

And don't worry, we'll post pictures soon. 

As always,


  1. Wishing you a TERRIFIC birthday, Kiri!!! And a WONDERFUL birthday to you, Beth!!! Welcome to the ranks of the 20's, Beth!

    Pictures!!!! Can't wait! :)

  2. Costume party, how fun! Can't wait to see pictures--and happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday!!!!!! Oh love your party idea *costume party love it*

    Have a great day and God bless


  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm glad your mum remembered ;-D. And that is cool you and your sister have them so close! I bet it is fun! Can't wait for the pictures!