Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Epic Disney Blog Party!!

Announcing my...
Epic Disney Blog Party!!

What to expect:

***I will be posting a Disney film review each day (if you forgot how long the week is, that's 7 days, so 7 film reviews).

***I will also be posting a new game each week day for everyone to participate in. Sunday and Saturday (the first and last days of the party) I will not be posting a game, as Sunday is the beginning/introductory day, and Saturday will be the day when I post all the answers to the games. So, week days = 5 games. Hope you're ready for them!

***I will be hosting a Disney photo and quote contest that will begin Monday (this will be Monday's game and the results will be posted on Saturday with the game answers), so be looking now for the perfect pics and quotes! :)

***I will be posting a set of Disney tag questions for everyone to answer and myself to read when everyone else answers them. ;)

***The week will include a selected total of 50 to 60 Disney films. I'm not adding every Disney film as there are those that I have deemed unworthy of mentioning on my blog, so I'm just mentioning some of my favorites.

The party will run from August 19th to the 25th. Please post these buttons on your blog to help me get the event out! 

Toy Story button:
Lianne Taimenlore 

The Happiest Millionaire button:
Lianne Taimenlore 

National Treasure button:
Lianne Taimenlore 

Tangled button:
Lianne Taimenlore

Thanks! I'm really excited about this blog party, and I hope you are, too!!

Oh... P.S. For those of you who saw my Best. Week. Ever!! post yesterday, I apologize for it posting so soon. I uploaded a ton of pics onto a draft and then when I went to hit save, I guess I clicked publish by mistake. But I've finished it all now, giving you names and explanations and whatnot, so please go back and look at it again!! :D