Tuesday, August 21, 2012

EDBP: Game - Paraphrased Titles

Do you recall the lengthy list of movies that I gave to you all on Sunday? Well, now that list comes into play. On Lianne Taimenlore this week for the EDBP, all the games will contain movies from that list. And that list only. Got it? Okay... *rubs hands together with glee*

Each of the titles below is a paraphrased title of a Disney movie. You may guess as many times as you like in the comments below, and I will reveal the answers on Saturday! The total number of points for this game is 20, 1 point for each correctly guessed title. 

Good luck to you all!! :)

Sample: Paraphrased Title - A Most Blissful Rich Man; Answer - The Happiest Millionaire

1. Elegance And A Monster

2. Quite Beloved Of My Soul

3. Bird Cowl

4. A Blade in a Rock

5. Aged Bellower

6. Tale Of A Child's Plaything

7. Missile

8. Knotted

9. An Excellent Rodent Investigator

10. The Unbelievables

11. In Inquiry Of The Outcasts

12. Rise

13. An Affectionate Vehicle

14. Slumbering Attraction

15. Entranced

16. The Fruit Dessert Group

17. Beasts, United

18. Come After Me, Young Men!

19. Reappearance In No Area

20. Countrywide Valuables


  1. Miss Dashwood - You got 20 points! Thanks for playing! And yes, you may look back to the list if you must, but I was hoping that most people would get the answers without the reference. ;)

  2. Beth Grace - You have 19 points! You're welcome to comment later if you think of #7! :)

  3. Miss Laurie - I'll give you partial credit for the ones you had to look up. I can't excuse it entirely as you *did* come up with the right names, which was the point of the game. You have 17 points! Thanks for playing! I'll be posting more games later, so if you want to play those, please stop by again! :)

  4. Kendra - You get partial credit for those ones you had to look up, so you have 17 points! Thanks for playing! :)

  5. Miss Melody Muffin - You have 20 points! Thanks for playing! :)

  6. Beastsbelle - You have 19 points! If you think of #19 later, feel free to comment before Saturday! Thanks for playing! :)