Tuesday, August 21, 2012


This has nothing to do with the EDBP, but.....

HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a couple months now, since a terrible mishap with some water, 7 keys have been broken on my laptop, making my life miserable and complicated. To give you an idea on how painful this was, try typing all day long with no 5s, 6s, or -s. It's hard. Really hard. Especially when you're trying to type in numbers and product descriptions for your dad's business. :P

The other keys that were broken were as follows: the volume down, the \, the page up, and the ~. Not all necessarily much needed keys, but very needed when you're writing sometimes. I don't have to copy and paste anymore!! :D

To let you know what happened, I'll give you the story. *ahem* A couple weeks ago, a Very Good Friend pulled me aside and told me that a new keyboard was in the mail!! I couldn't believe it!! I had just begun praying for a new keyboard, or for the means to fix my keyboard, and God gave it to me even before I had fully dedicated myself to asking Him for it!!! He is the Almighty God!!!!!! He is Holy, Amazing... Beyond All Description!! :D

Love to you all, from a very excited...


  1. That is wonderful! He is so caring to us, even if it isn't something we DIRELY need He provides. I am so very glad you have a new one!

  2. That's great! I can't imagine how annoying it would be to type without those keys. I love how God answers even our smallest prayers that we think are insignificant to Him.
    Kristin @ the-greatperhaps.blogspot.com

  3. Congratulations!!!! That's so wonderful!!! My mom can completely sympathize with you. Her v went out on her keyboard, so she went around typing ^ as a substitute until it was replaced.

  4. How wonderful praise the lrd! Hey it is better then having almost all your keys plucked off by a 2 year old :(

    Oh I probably wont be able to do all the games because I am doing school, watching siblings, sewing, cooking, and cleaning u get the idea ....but I will try ok!

    Have a great day and God bless (well here already has I see :) )