Monday, August 20, 2012

EDBP: Disney Photo And Quote Contest

Well, I promised you a Disney photo/quote contest, and here it is! Good luck to all! I'm excited to see everyone's entries!!

To inspire you:

Photo: Tangled
Quote: The Happiest Millionaire

Your photo and quote MUST both be from Disney films.
Your photo and quote MUST NOT be both from the same Disney film.
You may enter up to three photos.
The deadline for photo entries is Friday, August 24th, and then I will post the winners on Saturday, the 25th.
Do not include anything inappropriate, crude, or unedifying.
I retain the right to disregard any entries I deem inappropriate.
And please have fun!!!


  1. This looks fun! What's the deadline for entering photos?

    1. Sorry if I didn't make that clear! I will post the winners on Saturday, so it'd be best if all entries were in by Friday midnight. :)