Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Snippets from Bonnie Rose

So, you all know that Beauty and the Beast meets Pirates of the Caribbean story I'm working on right now? Well, I can't divulge a lot of information about it as it's technically a contest entry, but I think I may be able to share a few snippets with which to whet your appetites. Enjoy!


Her cry echoed in the house, as if throwing back the threat of emptiness. But his horse is here! He must be here!

Bonnie thrust open the door to the kitchen and stopped short. There on the table lay a single red rose. It was easily the most beautiful rose she'd ever seen in her life. Her breath catching in her throat, she reached to pick it up, already feeling the soft petals against her fingers. Her father hadn't forgotten about his gifts; surely this was proof of his new riches.


“Well, then, if you're to be cabin boy... or girl, rather, we'd best get you started. The Black Thorn will sailing in an hour with the tide, and the Beast'll have your head if he catches you dallying about.” She tugged on Bonnie's arm and led her below deck. “My name's Brown Liz.”

Bonnie stared at the pirate's blonde – very blonde – hair. Brown Liz noticed the look and gave another laugh. “I know, I'm not very brown. But my twin sister is, and everyone got us mixed up, so I just got stuck with the name.”


She scowled at her sister. “Thought you were sleeping. You had an early watch, didn't you?”

Her twin returned the expression. “Aye, I was sleeping. Until you barged down here like a shark.”

“Sharks don't barge.” Brown Liz crossed her arms.


He threw his hand out with a flourish and bowed gracefully. “You are Bonnie, non? My name is Jean Bonheur.”

“You are French.”

He eyed her cautiously. “Oui. Quartermaster and the toast of the Black Thorn. My name means good luck, and I share my excellent fortune with all! I am Good Luck Jean!”

Brown Liz caught the end of his words as she hurried past and snorted. “So you say, pirate.” She threw an apologetic glance at Bonnie and continued on.

Jean Bonheur gazed after her. “I am lucky in all save for amorĂ©.” He sighed. “My country would not be pleased with me. I am French for nothing.”


Mary Con and Brown Liz led the swarm of congratulations toward Bonnie. Two pirates grabbed her arms and hoisted her up on their shoulders. Their excitement was contagious and Bonnie found herself caught up in it, grinning almost as wide as Mister Blair himself. It wasn't until she was in her bunk that evening, listening to the sounds of Mary's snores that the realization hit her.

I'm a pirate now. 

She wasn't sure then if that was something to be excited about.


God bless!


  1. AHHHHH! The last one!

    Oh, and I think I like Good Luck Jean. Too bad he is French for nothing. I cannot wait to read more.

  2. WOW the story sounds amazing! Post more previews soon! ♥

  3. SNIPPETS! :D Oh, I LOVE these! I mean Beauty as a PIRATE. Most interesting retelling ever!!! This is fantastic beyond words, Kiri. <3

    Sadly I'm not even 2k into my retelling yet. I must get on that.

  4. It sounds amazing!! Can't wait to read more!

  5. *pokes head in* Me again! I wanted to let you know I've passed on a writing process tag your way. You can check it out here: You absolutely do not have to do it whatsoever! It's just something I wanted to pass your way in case you wanted to. ^_^

    Hope Bonnie Rose is going well and you're doing great!

  6. This sounds just fabulous.
    Also, what is the font your use for your post titles and such? I like it.
    That's all.

  7. Thanks, girls, for all of your kind comments! They really mean a lot to me!! You're all just peachy! Here, have some virtual gingerbread. ;)

    Metaphoricalcello ~ The font I use is called Lobster Two.