Friday, November 8, 2013

MEC Day 8: Favorite Costume

"Now here's a pretty thing. Mithril. As light as a feather, but as hard as dragon scales."

You would not believe how many pictures and outfits I went through trying to find a favorite for this post. And I didn't find a favorite. How could you? The costumes in LOTR and Hobbit are some of the best fantasy costumes the screen has ever seen. Pippin's scarf? Galadriel's white dress? Bilbo's red vest with the gold acorn buttons? Yes, it is too difficult to pick a favorite. 

So I went with Faramir's ranger outfit. 

A leather jerkin with the Gondorian symbol of the white tree with the seven stars, knee-high boots, green cloak, belt and knife, engraved gauntlets, long bow, sword... 

For more details about the 30 Day Middle-Earth Challenge, please visit here!



  1. I agree, all of the costumes are awesome. And that one is really cool, too:)

  2. I know, the costumes are amazing! I do love that one, too :)