Friday, November 29, 2013

MEC Day 29: Your LOTR Collection

"What business is it of yours what I do with my own things?"
"I think you've had that Ring quite long enough."
"You want it for yourself!"
"Bilbo Baggins! Do not take me for some conjurer of cheap tricks! I am not trying to rob you! I'm trying to help you."

My LOTR/Hobbit collection... get ready, folks. This is gonna be kinda lengthy. I cut as much unnecessary description out as I could. And I apologize in advance for not including pictures. I currently don't have a camera accessible to my poor self.

It all began when my parents picked up a green copy of The Hobbit for us at Wal-mart. From there it grew into getting copies of FotR, TTT, and RotK, and they were all with movie covers. My brother has since gotten his own copy of FotR, and I have The Lord of the Rings, all three books in one volume. Which is pretty spiffy. And for Christmas a few years ago, I got The Silmarillion, which I've read twice. 

Then we got into the bookmarks and action figure stage. In total, we have 4 LOTR bookmarks (one for each of the older kids), and mine has Legolas and Gimli on it. Each bookmark came with a replica One Ring, all four which have seen altered levels of usage. For action figures, we used to have a rather large collection of Arwen, Helm's Deep Aragorn, King Aragorn, Eowyn, Faramir, and then two each of Eomer and Legolas. 

As far as movies are concerned, we have all three extended of FotR, TTT, and RotK. We also used to have the original films, but we gave them to someone else in the great hopes to make them LOTR fans, too. Guess what? It worked! We have yet to get The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey as we're waiting for Christmas to roll around so we can get the extended edition of that as well. Yes, we are majorly extended edition people.

Although we don't own any of the soundtracks, we've gotten a few of our favorite songs off Amazon, so we're not totally without music. And I have the piano music for all three LOTR films, the majority of which I have memorized, pretty much. 

And in addition to that, my brother adds to our collection with his Battle for Middle-Earth PC game, his Hobbit calendar, and Middle-Earth poster map. And then there's the Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit game that we've played a million times and that my brother can win in one turn. I usually do it in two.

I have a feeling I'm missing something, but we'll wrap it up there! So, have at it, folks! What does your Middle-Earth collection look like?

For more details about the 30 Day Middle-Earth Challenge, please visit here!


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