Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snippets of a Story...

I realize that it is a little late to be posting snippets of my stories this month, but better late than never! Hope you enjoy these! They're all from Children of a Legend.

If Davin had known the reason for his father's apprehension, if he had interpreted his hesitation differently, if he had only a small glimpse of reality and what lay before them, he would have wished the road to town to continue endlessly without ever reaching a destination. 
Children of a Legend

“Here's the inn!” His father announced.
Davin looked up at a huge heap of rotting wood and shriveled joints. Windows, where there existed panes in gaping holes in the wood, were creased over with so much dirt that totally defined the opposite of transparent. The front porch looked about as steady as a tent built by a toddler, and Davin was sure he saw a family of rats lurking in the shadows under the steps. A sign, long fallen from its place on the roof and enjoying its home on the ground, bore the words: the neW Bonnie In Ov MArNDiD.
Davin couldn't help that his jaw dropped. “This is where we're staying?”
Children of a Legend

Ceterra whispered to her father, “Are you well? They haven't mistreated you, have they?”
“I have small scrapes and bruises from when the guards dragged me in here, but nothing major to boast of. My cell is cramped and fetid, my cell mates are rats, and my meals, if they can even be called that, are far and few between. But do not worry about me, Terra. I am told that I have been more graciously received into this prison than most criminals.”
“Have they told you anything about what is to happen to you?”
“I have heard rumors that I am to have a trial at the end of the week. They're not substantial rumors, but they give me confidence.”
“But if they happen to find you guilty?”
Gransen paused. “I'd rather not think of that.” He hurriedly changed the subject. “How is your mother faring? Is she with you at Lady Nafferus's house?”
“She's with me, Father. But I would not deceive you to say that she is holding up well.”
“My poor Vystera. Her nerves were never very strong, and I fear this shock may take its toll. Promise me, Terra, that you will look after her.”
Ceterra's cheeks were stained with tears. “I will always look after her. We will await your return together.”
“I love you, my dear Ceterra.”
“I love you, too, Father. Farewell.”
Gransen's fingers squeezed hers. “Until we meet again.” He withdrew his hands, the chains and shackles clanking dimly against the stone walls of his cell. 
Children of a Legend

When the last bite had been chewed and swallowed, Podderlan set down his plate, leaned against the rock at his back, and released a satisfied sigh. “There's nothing like some well cooked squirrel on a chilly night like this.”
“Squirrel?” Davin wondered if his own face mirrored Brice's in its look of plain horror and immense disgust.
Podderlan laughed heartily and slapped his leg. “I was teasing you boys. There's no need to get so agitated over a bit of meat. That was actually rabbit. Caught them myself about an hour before I meet you at the Jembernot.”
Brice collected two blankets and threw one to Davin. As he settled in, tucking his chin against his arm and chest, Davin heard Brice start squirming restlessly beside him.
“Bricentus, what's wrong?” Rodnal called across the fire. “Do you have fleas or something?”
“That really wasn't squirrel, was it?”
Rodnal chuckled. “Do you really think I would serve you a squirrel?”
Brice visibly relaxed only to pop up a moment later. “Would you?”
“Go to sleep.”
Davin couldn't help smiling as Brice arranged his blanket around his shoulders and grumbled quietly, “Old codger.”
“Heard that.”
Children of a Legend

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