Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Not Royal Academy, I Suppose...

This beautiful weather of spring is perfect for going outside and drawing with chalk! Yesterday, two of my sisters (Teddy, age 9, and KT, age 3) and I had fun coloring the short sidewalk between our kitchen door and driveway. Here are a few of the pictures that we drew...

This was my attempt at the kingdom's sun Rapunzel draws in the movie Tangled.  

And here's the real one... much better, in my opinion. :)

And Teddy drew a scarlet pimpernel! Sink me, m'dears! Isn't it divine? :)
Of course, they're not Royal Academy, I suppose... not even close to Bert's sidewalk drawings from Mary Poppins. Bert's were definitely better than a finger in the eye!! 

Oh, by the way... Don't forget to enter my Disney/Pixar Keep Calm Contest!!

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