Friday, May 25, 2012

In Which I Give Everyone An Apology

And there you have it... my apology!

But why the need for an apology? Well, sit back, for it really comes in two parts: a story and an explanation.

Once upon a time there lived a girl who dearly loved blogging... (Oh, wait... that's me. Let me change to first person...) I dearly love blogging. One day, as I happily typed away random posts on my laptop and enjoying myself by stalking other people's beautiful blogs, a very dear friend of mine came and stood behind me. She watched me for a minute and then kindly tapped my shoulder. "That's not right, Kiri. You've made a mistake."
What?! Me? A mistake?! "Preposterous!"
My dear friend pointed to a picture on my laptop. "Bolt is not a Pixar film."
My jaw dropped. "No! It is... isn't it?"
"I'm sorry to say that it is not."
"Since when?"
"Since it came out in 2008 under the name of a Walt Disney Studios Production and not under the label of a Pixar film."
Still not willing to believe her, I scurried to Wikipedia and looked up a list of Pixar films. It was true. Bolt was not listed among them. 

Now that may or may not be how it actually happened, but you get the idea. When I set up my Disney/Pixar Keep Calm Contest, I believed I would only accept posters with Pixar quotes, themes, characters, etc. I am truly sorry if the way I worded things made you believe otherwise. I had no intention of misinforming you. 
And at the start, I thought Bolt was a Pixar film. I was giddy with delight imagining all the Rhino, Mittens, and Bolt quotes I would see. And I was devastated when I discovered that Bolt was simply only a Disney film, not Disney/Pixar.
I apologize for my heedlessness and pure haste. I was so excited about this contest that I did not think it all through to make sure I was clear.  
HOWEVER! This was my mistake, and I feel very bad about the whole thing. Very sheepish, in fact...

Anywho, the blame is mine, and I am prepared to do my best to remedy the mistake. 

That being said, here is what I propose:
1. Because I believed Bolt to indeed be a Pixar film, I will still accept posters from that movie. 
2. Because of the confusion, I will keep the contest open a few extra days. The new deadline for poster entry will be June 3.
3. If anyone wishes to enter different posters, I will accept that. I only ask that you please verify which three posters you want in the contest and get your entries in before June 3. 
4. And to avoid anymore confusion, the eligible movies are the following:
        Toy Story 1, 2, & 3
        A Bug's Life
        Monster's, Inc.
        Finding Nemo
        The Incredibles
        Cars 1 & 2
        And as I've already said... Bolt

I apologize again, my dear blogging friends, and I hope you all can forgive me!

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  1. Thats okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now have a new chance to make a UP poster that I thought of afterwards :)

    Have a great day and GOD bless

    Here are my entries