Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June Crusade: Beyond the Thorns

Anne-girl of Scribblings is hosting the third annual June Crusade, and this year's theme (by popular vote) is plot bunnies. I know, right? How intriguing! But I already have so much planned for this month, and so I told myself I simply wasn't allowed to join. 

Haha. My Little Writer is mocking me now. 

Who can resist a good plot bunny? And I've got so many bouncing on my brain that it's almost impossible to ignore them. So, I'm not. I'm officially linking up with Anne-girl's crusade, and this here, peoples, is my first plot bunny.

Beyond the Thorns (working title)

The tale of Sleeping Beauty is... well, honestly, not my favorite fairy story. I mean, seriously, a heroine who sleeps for the entire story and a hero whose only brave act is to kiss her? Nope. Not sold. And some of the original tales are far worse (please don't ask how; just believe me). The Disney animated version boosted the tale a little in my estimation, but only to a certain degree. I thought Aurora a sweet princess, and I loved the music (duh, it's Tchaikovsky... everyone loves his ballets). But I still believed the tale to be really dumb. Prince Philip is nice, but he barely speaks. He doesn't even grunt or groan during his "big" fight with the dragon! Unrealistic? Yes, ma'am. 

But I couldn't push Sleeping Beauty away forever. No, there was too much potential there. And when I decided that I was going to one day rewrite all the fairy tales without magic, how could I neglect this one? The plot bunny bit me hard, and now I think I've got the real tale of Sleeping Beauty. 

First off, no magic. That takes out evil witches, magic spells, sparkling wands, and all the like. Sorry, folks, you ain't gonna find Maleficent within these pages. Next, the Sleeping Beauty. The girl who sleeps for a hundred years. Yes, it has to be a hundred because that's how the story goes. Wait... how are you going to send a girl to sleep for a hundred years without killing her? Especially without magic? This is where the fantasy aspect comes into play. What if there was a potent herb that had the ability to send people to sleep? An older individual might take a little in tea before they go to bed, and it would give them a refreshed sleep overnight. A slightly larger dose might be given to a highly injured person to bring about a longer sleep to help them recover. If taken abundantly, it has the potential to make a person sleep for... well, a hundred years.

But she's not going to get woken up with a kiss. Ugh. No. I refuse to go there. The herb just wears off, and she wakes up. That's that.

But that's not the end. What about a hero? All good stories need a hero. Well, this one's getting two... cousins. Why not? What role do they play? They have a big part in what happens to the princess after she wakes up. And they have some part in actually waking her up... for reasons. The heroes must have a good reason to wake her. And I've given them one. You'll just have to wait a bit before I tell you.

I s'pose I should post the blurb about it. Here ya go, readers; this is about the best I can do to summarize it:

The Princess Carolinae fell asleep on her eighteenth birthday, and now at last, one hundred years later, it is prophesied that her great slumber will end. But in a hundred years, so many things have changed. All she knew is gone, including her beloved parents and the fiancée she'd never met. A new ruling family has taken over the kingdom she called home, and she finds herself no more than a legend in the eyes of all. The name of the Sleeping Beauty might be famous, but the simple Princess Carolinae is forgotten. The only thing to comfort her are three small fairies, faithful friends who watched her while she slept.

But who sent her to sleep? And why? Rumors of dissension and wars grow daily, and their potency are without equal. Some claim her to be the cause, and many would rather see her sleep for another hundred years. Everywhere people yearn to use her name for their own advantages, lying and doing whatever they might to pull her over to their side. Some would even kill her to glory in their cause.

Waking up only brought her danger, and now Carolinae must learn to adapt to this new world. She is forced to trust two strange cousins who claim to know her rightful place, and although they swear to protect her, she senses betrayal at every corner. So many have lied to her before. Are they only lying to her, too?

Well, what do you think? I will try to post a snippet or two soon!

God bless!


  1. That sounds interesting. But why aren't you picking up The Twelfth Kingdom again? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE! We need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ahem. Sorry.

    Anywho, I think Beyond the Thorns sounds lovely. Very lovely. Not TTK, but still nice.

    1. I am going to pick it up again. My major WIP to finish right now is Dragon Tamer. Once I finish that all the way, I'm going straight to TK. Don't worry; I haven't abandoned it. :) And BtT is only a beginning experiment. I don't think I'll get much further than the first chapter this month. Still too much to figure on.

  2. Very nice! I really liked it! Sleeping Beauty is not one of my favorite fairy tales, but it is one of my favorite Disney movies because of *ehem* Prince Phillip. He's wonderful. :) My friend is trying to get me to go see the new movie about Sleeping Beauty that is out now; Maleficent. But I am weary of going since I hear they changed the story drastically. :/

  3. I enjoy "And what happened after" fairy tale retellings. This sounds delightful. Would the herb that put her to sleep be "thyme" by any chance?

  4. OOOOOH MY GOOOOODNESSSS. THIS SOUNDS AH-MAY-ZIIING!!!!!!!!!! KIRI. YOUR BRAIN IS AMAZING. I just don't know HOW you come up with these things!!!

    If you didn't know already, I'm basically a fan of ANY fairtytale retelling. They're the best! So, yeah, my excitement levels at you making all these fairytale retellings are verrrry high!

    And this plot! Just...YES. Sleeping Beauty has always been one of those stories that has bugged me as well. It's just...silly, really. I don't know. It's got a weird, unsatisfying plot. In fact, I've had an idea or two about it myself just because my mind has to make nonsensical plots make SENSE. I'm constantly doing that. I guess since I'm always trying to make my own plots make sense, I have to do it with other people's plots as well. Curse of the writer. But anyways, I love this idea! And can I just say how gorgeous the title is? O___O *drools*

  5. This looks interesting! I didn't know she was supposed to sleep for a hundred years, but whaddya know, you learn something new every day, as the saying goes;) I'm sure you'll do a marvelous job with it!

    Haha I love how you said, "But she's not going to get woken up with a kiss. Ugh. No. I refuse to go there." ;) Speaking of, I've been wondering if you do include romance elements in your stories, like SotHT (which, by the way, I canNOT wait to readXD). ?

    (Oh, and by the way, the promotional cover. Yes. Yes, indeed;D)

  6. Wow, you're doing some seriously awesome things with that tale! I LOVE retellings...and fairy tale retellings are probably my most favourite of all. x) I just read Cruel Beauty which is a retelling of Beauty and the Beast and it was awwwwesome. Anywho!! Yours sounds fabulous! Good luck with it. I have a zillion plot bunnies rampaging in my head at the moment, too.
    Cait @ Notebook Sisters

  7. An interesting idea. I like the thought of dealing with "after" it would have been really hard to wake up after a hundred years. I have a story based on sleeping beauty that my sisters and I are acting out as a pretend game. But mine is more like a allegory of sleeping beauty and I'm NOT using the full hundred years. You're really brave to do that though.

  8. Elizabeth ~ Ah, yes. My only complaint with Prince Philip is that he doesn't talk. His last words are, "Goodbye, Father!" Seriously? I've heard about Maleficent... I'm interested to see the fresh take on the story, but... I don't know. We'll see.

    Kendra ~ For some odd reason, the "thyme" is making me laugh. Would she take 100 tsp of thyme to sleep for 100 years? ;) Anywho, I'm not certain on the exact herb yet. Still working on the research aspect of all of that.

    Lauri ~ *I* don't know how I come up with these things! Please tell my brain to function properly! *winks* YES! You need to fix this, too. *cough* No, I'm not telling you what to write. Ahhh, thanks! Your comments always make me smile!

    Arwen ~ :D So... romance. Really, I detest it. But I can't control my characters, so they fall in love without my permission. I do, however, refuse to write anything mushy, fluffy, or otherwise nonsensical. I'll say why they love each other and that they got married, but I won't drip gushy because I abhor that. Does that answer your question?

    Cait ~ Thank you!! I love fairytale retellings, too, and that's probably why my mind is buzzing with so many right now! :P Plot bunnies.... *le sigh* What is a writer gonna do with them?

    Anne ~ I debated whether or not to use the 100 year sleep for a while, actually. My practical side won out (in a sense) as I decided if I was going to retell Sleeping Beauty, I should probably stick as close to the original as possible with the main plot points.

  9. KIRI, THIS PLOT IS SUPERB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haha, I'm pretty sure I've read one or two of the 'worse' tales you mention. Yeah... not so cool.

    Yay, no kiss to wake up! :D


    Searching for her place in the world and the truth behind everyone... SOUNDS TERRIFIC!!!

    Please, PLEASE tell me this will be as spectacular as SotHT??!! :D Will it be set in the same world?