Friday, September 7, 2012

Character Tag Part Four - My Villains

I apologize for the lateness of this post. I posted the first three parts of this tag back at the beginning of August, and then part four kinda faded into the background as I got busy with the EDBP. And then it got further postponed when I couldn't find pictures to fit my characters. Character casting, IMHO, is harder to do than the actual writing. Is it just me? Please tell me it's not just me... And please note that I do not choose characters due to the movies they are in... I find it slightly easier to cast characters that I've never seen before so I can give them my own personalities. 

Well, let's get into the fourth and last part of this fun character tag. You can read the other parts here:

Mal Sorcell
Even though most people think of this character as Vizinni, every time I write about Mal Sorcell, this is all I can imagine. Mal Sorcell is bald, hunchbacked (except when he wants to walk straight), self-proclaimed miracle man that appears in Children of a Legend, and he's not the sort of character that you'd want to trust. He wears long purple robes and always tries to present himself as the amazing and the mysterious. He'll stop at nothing to get what he wants, and he works indirectly for Lord Vernd. His right hand man is a mute giant named Sordin, who basically serves as the muscle behind Mal Sorcell's brains. Mal Sorcell's name I created with a French basis (I use French words as a foundation for most of my names), and Mal Sorcell literally means "bad sorcerer." 

Lord Vernd
Now I'm sure you all know who Lord Vernd is. And I'm not saying Vernd is this guy in the picture. This is a little unsatisfying because Vernd has a bit of gray in his otherwise pitch black hair as he's much older than this guy, and he most certainly does *not* wear earrings. Ugh. And he never, ever smiles. At least, not in the way that we would smile. Anywho, Lord Vernd is my big bad guy in Children of a Legend. He hates the name of the Dragon Tamer, rejects the authority of Père, the One True God of Dron, and doesn't care what his actions might cause to others so long as he benefits. His entire life has been dictated by defending his rule from the attacks of the Dragon Tamer and ruthlessly searching out that same Tamer to destroy him. His reign will be unopposed, of that he is certain, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. If you want to read my Beautiful People post about Lord Vernd, click here

Now here's a guy you probably haven't heard about before. Randbec appears as King Jakken's royal advisor in The Twelfth Kingdom. Randbec's name was also taken from a French foundation, and it means "grand beak" or "large nose." For good reason. Did you see the schnoz on this guy? Yep, Randbec sports a profile that an eagle would envy. He's not what you might call a true villain from reading what I've written so far in TK, but you're prone to dislike him due to his stern aloofness and indifference to the princesses. As King Jakken's right hand man, Randbec serves whatever purpose the the king desires of him. 

Mistress Severamer
Please excuse the fact that this lady's garb does not match the medieval/fantasy garb of the preceding pictures. This is the perfect face for Mistress Severamer, and I could see no one else being her. For those of you who don't recognize this picture, it's Prunella from Eloise at Chirstmastime. Mistress Severamer, again, is not what I can truthfully describe as a real villain, just someone that nobody likes. The closeness of her name to the word severe is no coincidence. She is the head governess, in a sense, over all the princesses, and it is her job to see that they all perform their respected princess-y tasks, whether it be related to education, etiquette, or edibles. And she tends to use alliteration a lot when she speaks. 

Hope you enjoyed this! I had a lot of fun putting these four parts of the tag together! 

And now for the end: I'm to tag three people to continue this tag. So, without further adieu, I tag:
Miss Dashwood
Beth Grace
The Mad Elvish Poet

1. State the rules!
2. Post four posts about your sixteen favorite fictional characters, including four good and four bad each from novels you have read and stories you have written/are writing.
3. Tag three new people when you are finished and comment to let them know that you've tagged them.

If you want to participate in this tag, but I neglected to tag you, feel free to go ahead and snatch it to put on your own blog!

So long!


  1. It is most assuredly not just you, Kiri. Character casting can be VERY difficult. Yet every now and then, one of those brilliant flashes of inspiration hits, and TADA! Casting done. I just wish those flashes were a little more frequent!

    Oh dear, I really do need to get my tag posts up!! They are all sitting in draft, waiting for me to put the finishing touches to them!

    This was so much fun to read! It is always fun to find out about other writers' 'people'.

    I would NOT want to meet Lord Vernd on the street! But, I am VERY curious about Mistress Severamer!!

  2. Cool! Thanks for tagging me! I've had such fun following these posts--haven't commented on them all, but I'm trying to do better at that. :D

  3. I like villains with long noses. No clue why. But as soon as I see one I think, "He's cool - ish." You know, apart from the villain bit. Maybe I just like long noses....