Thursday, August 2, 2012

Character Tag Part Two - Valued Villains

Here's part two, swell bloggers! Villains that I love!  You can read part one here.

Again, it was difficult to pick four detestable, lovable villains, but I did my best. :)

Now, I know that this villain is a favorite with everyone! How can you not like the wit and cunning of this little man? The thought is inconceivable! He's so quotable, and one of those villains that just don't really seem like real villains, but they are, and the thought takes you quite by surprise. I think that may be the real reason why everyone likes him so much. He's just so different from your normal villain. You see, I'm not really what you would call a romantic person. I don't care much for watching romance movies (JA is NOT romance... just so you know), and I wouldn't put The Princess Bride (book and movie) on my top ten list. Not even my top twenty list. It's the type of movie I watch for the sword fights, the adventure... and Vizzini. I read the book once, and he was still my favorite character. :)

Stoick the Vast
Can Hiccup's father be counted as a villain? Well, he is the main human antagonist in the story, and could count... maybe (by the way, I'm basing this on the movie version of Stoick; picked up the actual book once out of curiosity; DO NOT RECOMMEND!). He begins as a gruff, commanding man who doesn't take the time to listen to and get to know his son, Hiccup, but when failure hits him, he realizes that he really does love his son and learns from his mistakes. You can see Stoick as nothing but hard and stern in the beginning, and you almost want to dislike him but you can't because he's Hiccup's father. Then in the end, you like him as a character who at last learns where his priorities should really lie and because he's Hiccup's father. 

Mother Gothel
In my honest opinion, one of the worst villains of all fairy tales. Mother Gothel's got a secret evilness about her, lying to Rapunzel and keeping her hidden for her own selfish reasons (in the story, Gothel took Rapunzel after she caught the girl's parents stealing from her garden, although in the recent movie Tangled she stole Rapunzel away to receive the benefits from Rapunzel's magic hair). Gothel thinks of no one save for herself, and she's willing to do whatever it takes to be happy. Evil, evil, evil! And of course, this choice for valued villains had nothing to do whatsoever with Mother Gothel's hilarious and amazing rendition of "Mother Knows Best." ;)

Uriah Heep
Oh, the 'umble, 'umble man from David Copperfield! Let me tell you, I have thought of the word humble so differently since reading this book! I have yet to see a David Copperfield screen adaption, but I almost don't want to, lest it ruin the perfect, scandalous,  'umble image I have of Uriah Heep in my mind. Dickens never says outright that he's bad, oh, no. Not until the very end when David and his friends confront him. But the description given of Mr. Uriah Heep... you can't help but utterly detest him from the very first. I think I verbally cheered when he got justice at the end of the story (which may not have been a good thing, for I read DC while waiting at the doctor's office for allergy shots). Uriah Heep is just one of those characters that you like disliking. 

Parts three and four of this swell character tag are gonna take a little longer as I have to find pictures of some of my characters. How is it that the characters you create always have their own minds? You can't tell them what to do, and they won't let you pinpoint their physical features in a definite photo. 

Ah, the glories of writing! :)

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  1. Oh I totally agree with you about the characters you create! I am currently having a massive problem with some of my Three Kyngdoms characters because I CANNOT find anyone that looks like them!!!! It is the first story I have character cast and some of the characters are proving very challenging to cast!!

    I'm hoping to get my tag posts up soon.