Monday, September 17, 2012

We Wish It Was Our Birthday So We Could Party, Too!

My little, taller brother is officially 15!
Happy Birthday, Doofus! 

Doofus the birthday boy, little no-account me, and Jessa Bri,
the girl who always manages to get into pictures.

I know that most of the time many of us sisters are accused of never fully appreciating our brothers, especially our younger brothers, always ready to talk not so nicely about them and viewing them as a plain, old nuisance. Let me just say, that view of brothers is wrong. Dead wrong. If you take the time to know your brothers, you won't regret it, and it will open the door to a great sibling relationship that will never fade. 

Doofus, I love having you as my brother, and it's absolutely swell to have somewho who will...

... understand my every reference to LOTR, even if it's some obscure quote from the books or the endless appendix at the back of The Return of the King or The Simarillion or The Hobbit

... always reenact the whole of The Happiest Millionaire while doing dishes, focusing intently on getting every detail of all the best songs right.

... give me the basketball when we play HORSE, even though I'm better than you at the front shots. :)

... eat the mushrooms out of my spaghetti when I don't want them.

... answer any question I can come up with about the battle of Gettysburg.

... talk in Duck language with me even when no one else knows what we're saying.

... build a replica Middle Earth with me out of any and all toys we can find, including Legos, Lincoln Logs, dollhouse, and blocks.

... share my dislike of waiting for 45 minutes while other sisters shop for jewelry.

... laugh heartily at every stupid picture I find on Pinterest, namely ones with squirrels. "Chill out, people, I'm handling it!"

... ask about my books (yeah, "books" is plural on purpose) and listen patiently to my rambling answers. 

.. be a steadfast inspiration and a godly, young man.

And a whole lot of other stuff that I can't remember at the moment to add to my list. You're the best brother any sister could ask for, and I thank the Lord daily for allowing me to get stuck with you!! And yes, being stuck with you is a good thing. :)

Happy birthday, Doofus! 
P. S. Yes, I did intentionally put that song as the title of my post. And yes, now I realize that you will be endlessly singing it tonight.


  1. This sounds like me and my brother! We fight sometimes, but honestly he's one of my best friends (cheesy as that sounds.).
    Kristin @ The Great Perhaps

  2. Wishing your brother a very Happy Birthday!!

    I have often wished I had more brothers- especially ones closer to my age. (I have four brothers and seven sisters. And the boys are several years younger than me.) Sisters are great, but brothers add something else to families.

  3. Oh, yes! People must love my face or something as they always wish to include me in pictures!
    Anywho, to clarify some things that were not quite accurate above....
    1. I can understand your Duck language, which we must spell correctly- Duqk.
    2. I was not one of those sisters who shopped for 45 minutes for jewelry.
    3. Doofus may look like he is "patiently listening" to you ramble (and on, and on, and on, and on, and on....)about your books on the outside, but you must face the reality, Kiri Liz. He is actually sitting there thinking, "CHILL OUT, AND HUTH, HUTH!"
    Other than those few things, you got everything else correct. :)

  4. You're brother sounds very cool, and a lot of fun. He kind of reminds me of one of mine, who will quote movie quotes with me. He and I speak our own language.

    Brothers are a lot of fun and a big blessing.