Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today I Am... {2}

The much looked for post on magic in The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, and Harry Potter. I would have wished to post it today, but I haven't fully finished researching and writing it all out. Life has been very busy this last week/weekend, and I haven't been able to dedicate the time I would have wished to this post. 

You probably already know from previous posts that I'm in the middle of Nicholas Nickleby. And then, in addition to that, I'm also currently reading (for the second time) Kingdom's Dawn by Chuck Black. Highly recommend the Kingdom Series and the Knights of Arrethtrae Series to anyone! They are a short read, but definitely worth it!

To my siblings talk on the phone with our delightful CBCs. If, by now, you don't know what CBC stands for, I am horribly ashamed of you.... okay, not really, but go here to find out more. :)

Pride and Prejudice 1995!! I believe a "SQUEEEEE" would be appropriate here! :D We recently watched the 2005 version, and laughed heartily at it, but then felt the need to redeem it with the REAL version. No offence to K.K. and M.M. fans... 

Not much. I'm supposed to be sewing a bunch of new skirts for my sisters from parts of old pants, skirts, and whatever else that had fabric that suited their fancies, but so far, I've only finished one of them. Perhaps when more are done, my sisters may indulge in a photo shoot so you may see some of the skirts. :)

At my brother play chess with himself. If you've ever read the book My American Adventure by Amy Burritt, it's very much like her brother playing Monopoly against himself... how can he ever lose?

That I am enjoying my hair up in a bun more and more. Because I have long, thick hair (which has been likened to Rapunzel's hair), it gets really hot and heavy in the summer laying against my back, so recently I've been trying to put it up. My "updos" aren't anything fancy, but they do the job. If you want to see almost authentic Jane Austen dos, my sister Beth Grace is an expert when it comes to hair. I'll have to make her do a photo shoot with fun hairstyles after the photo shoot with the skirts...

The pain in my stubbed toe. I'm not trying to invoke sympathy in my readers here, but it was just something that was on my mind... 

Another epic win visit with our CBCs in August!!! Can't wait!!

That it was August already... why? See the answer above.

THE AIR CONDITIONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more? I love summer, but I've never been a huge fan of extreme heat (I prefer the cold... please don't throw tomatoes at me). Here where I live under the maple tree it's been over 80 for almost two weeks now, and we've had a few days topping 100. Especially since I'm asthmatic, I really, REALLY appreciate the cool air!


  1. Ooh, Nicholas Nickelby! I just finished that book, and loved it. ♥ Do you like it?

    And so I don't seem like a total random creeper: hi. I found your blog through the Mad Elvish Poet's awards. :)

    1. I've only gotten halfway through it, but I'm really enjoying it! There's some of the typical Dickens stuff in it, but I think that just makes the story more mysterious. :)

      And I don't mind random people dropping by. Please, comment all you like! :D

  2. My sister made me watch the old P and P. I say made because that is what she had to do. I liked it after the first show, but I think I just liked it for Mr. Colins. Then I read about him in the book and wanted to cry because he was so mean! Completely ruined him, so sad. Er, I guess JA didn't ruin him...after all, she made him...okay, moving on.
    I'm having issues with Mr. Darcy. Part of me wants to like him, the other part wants me to hit him on the head with my shoe. He, in my opinion, is cooler then Rodger (I have a post planned for my Rodger, Darcy, and Thornton issues to explain all this further) BUT HIS PROPOSAL WAS SO CRUSHING! Rodger's was worse, sure, but come on Mr. Darcy! Surely he could have done better. And why didn't he smile at his own wedding? I mean, he did, but not till they were out of the church. During the wedding all he does is go *Scowl*

    Okay, I should change subjects before Darcy's adoring fans remove my head...

    No, I didn't really like Wives and Daughters. This feels so naughty as everyone LOVES this movie. Again, I shall have to explain myself in my post. Molly in pants was funny and unexpected though. (My friend almost lost her head though because she said that wasn't Africa.)

    I'm glad to hear you like North and South. I was starting to fear no one liked it. The Scarlet Pimpernel is one of the best movies ever made I think. I wish those actors had done more in the series. It is so sad that if they do more movies in the series those actors won't be in it. That chap was a perfect Sir Percy!

    1. Yes, Miss Jack, I'd have to agree that Mr. Darcy is way cooler than Roger. Even though I do like Wives and Daughters, Roger Hamley just isn't my favorite hero. And yes, you're allowed to dislike the movie. Your opinions are your own and we won't take your head if we disagree with them (I use the term "we" lightly, as I cannot vouch for all of my blogging friends). ;)

      And not everyone loves W&D, so don't feel like you're the only one. Someone I know just watched it and declared a very big dislike, only we discovered later while watching it, she had totally skipped the first episode and couldn't understand everything that was going on. :)

      How can I not *love* North and South?!?! My sisters and I are all huge fans, my sisters so much so that they put their money together last Christmas to buy it for each other. One girl owns the first disc, and the other owns the second disc. :D

      "That chap was a perfect Sir Percy!" ... (insert Percy's snuff sniffing)... AMEN!!!