Saturday, July 28, 2012

Of Recent Days

Just a couple of things that have been happening recently in my life under the maple tree...

If you've noticed that I look different, then you've noticed correctly. My sisters and I did a quick photo shoot yesterday, and I uploaded one of the pics for my new blogger picture. It was a joint effort really, as this dress is one that I made for the movie we're making with our cousins, and my sister Jessa Bri took the picture, and my other sister Beth Grace did the posing and editing. So, what think ye? :)

And yes, that's me in the picture. That's really me. I just realized it's the first picture of me that I've put on Lianne Taimenlore. Random... okay, moving on...


I won 3rd place in Miss Laurie's Jane Austen Quote Photo Contest over at Old Fashioned Charm!! This is so swell!! Thank you ever so much, Miss Laurie!! I am quite elated!!!! :D

My award:

Old-Fashioned Charm

My photo that won:


I've also been adding a few new pages to my blog. Some of them are still under construction, but if you feel like it, you're welcome to look around! :)

I just noticed that my blog is mainly green. I really didn't plan that on purpose; it just happened. I like green, but it's odd because my favorite color is blue.... hmm... anywho...


Some not so great news. I apologize if my posts have been rather lackadaisical of late, but I haven't been much on blogger these last few days. I'm currently battling asthma and allergies, and every week, my younger sister Teddy and I go to the doctor to get allergy shots. It usually takes forever in the waiting room so we always bring books with us to kill time. The shots themselves aren't very fun, but other than a small prick in your arm, they're not that bad. 

Or so I thought.

But this last time we went, I got my first serious reaction to the shots. We usually wait about 20 minutes after getting the shots to make certain that there are no adverse side effects, however, this time we got a different nurse and she put the timer on for 30 minutes. I'm rather glad that she did. At 20 minutes (having just passed the halfway point in Nicholas Nickleby), I began coughing, and found myself unable to keep myself totally quiet in the otherwise silent waiting room. Then I noticed that my ears were really, really itchy. And extremely hot to the touch.

And that's when I had trouble breathing. My lungs constricted, and I couldn't get a good breath. Teddy looked at me with her eyebrows raised and asked me, "Are you wheezing?" When I nodded in the affirmative, she immediately turned and told our mom who, upon the news, told the nurse who immediately whisked me back and gave me a nebulizer treatment. I had to hold the mouthpiece to my lips and breathe in the "medicine mist" for what seemed like half an hour. It helped, and afterward, other than feeling a little lightheaded, I was breathing fine.

It was an adventure, to say in the least. It's not one that I'd like to repeat. I'm just thankful that the Lord kept me in the palm of His hand throughout the whole experience. But all that to say, I haven't been feeling clear headed this weekend and haven't been able to work on the magic post at all. This study is going extremely slowly, I do apologize, but I will do my best to get it up soon. I hope I don't sound as if I'm complaining and seeking sympathy, because I'm not. This was simply an explanation of where I have been and what's been going on.

Okay, I'm out of "AND"s now. :)

God bless you all! 


  1. Oh, dearest CBC, I love your new picture. Jessa did an exquisite job.
    Also, congratulations on winning third place!

  2. Oh dear, how nasty for you!! I'll be praying for you!

    Like the dress!! What is the movie to be about? What part(s) will you be playing?

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you for your prayers, Miss Melody! I'm feeling much better tonight than I was last night! :)

      The movie we're attempting to make (schedules are currently conflicting, hindering filming) is a medieval film. I'll have to do a post on it sometime soon. And actually, the dress I made for one of my cousins to wear. I'm playing the part of a duchess and I get to wear a black dress with gold accents.

    2. Glad you're feeling better, dear!

      COOOOOL!!! Black and gold! I love those colors together! And a duchess! Who wrote the screenplay?

      Is is a movie you intend for just family viewing or something you'd like to independent release either online or with an independent company?

      Love to see a post on it!

      Making a movie, sigh. I think I envy you, a little.

      I've wanted to be an actress for years but don't want to go into the professional film industry due to the morals and ethics (err, LACK of them!) found there.

    3. Miss Melody... The movie is actually based on a medieval play we did with our cousins a few years ago, a little something we affectionately call "Soft Castle Biscuits." :) I wrote the play, and then, of course, I got to do the screenplay as well. We'd like the movie to go beyond just family viewing, but as the project is still in the early stages of production, we haven't given much thought to how we're going to release it.

      And I know what you mean! I love acting, but I would not want to put myself into all *that* stuff connected with Hollywood. Ugh. Home acting may not make you famous, but IMHO, it's the way to go. :D

  3. Your new picture is simply lovely! When I first started following your blog, I thought that the picture you used to have (the one of Eowyn) was really you. :D But I love the new one so much! You are very pretty, m'dear-- and the dress is gorgeous!

    1. Why, thank you, m'dear! I'm flattered you thought Eowyn was really me! :)

  4. Poor thing! I know exactly how you feel with battling asthma and allergies, because I have both of those as well. I remember going to the allergist for shots so often back when I was battling some serious food allergies, and one time I got a raging headache after some shots while I was waiting out the infamous "30 minutes in the waiting room". Ugh. :) I love your dress! You are a wonderful seamstress. And may I second Miss Melody Muffin's questions? What is your movie to be about? It looks like it will be pretty interesting from the picture. Here is a girl's blog who made a medieval fantasy movie a little bit ago. It's quite good, you should check it out.

    Here is her blog:
    And here is the link to her movie:

    God bless!

    1. As delighted as I am to discover similarities between myself and other bloggers, asthma and allergies are two things that aren't fun to have in common. :( Infamous 30 minutes, indeed. I like to say that it's not the shots that kill you, it's the time spent waiting!

      I'll have to do a post on our movie soon, as my mentioning it has made so many people curious! And thanks for the links! I'll be sure to check those out!! :)

  5. I am glad you are all right, I KNEW needles were evil. I'm sorry you have to get so many shots. You are braver then me, I would have run out of the room crying after the first one...

    That is a very nice picture of you. I hope the movie is fun!

    1. Thanks, Miss Jack! :)

      And yes, I share you sentiments... needles are evil. Very evil. But thankfully, they don't hurt too much.