Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Let's Talk Diamond... Again

4:30pm on the tenth of September, in the year of our Lord 2019...

Not that this moment will go down in history, but it was definitely a big moment for me. Because I finally finished the first draft of Diamond!

I feel like this book was tougher emotionally for me to write than either of the first two. The Rose and the Balloon was mainly fun and, while incorporating some danger and intrigue, didn't have a lot of heart-wrenching scenes for me. Spindle Dreams was definitely darker, with harder themes, but it, too, didn't make me feel like I was gasping for breath when I wrote the end.

Diamond, however... this story has taken me on an emotional roller coaster ride from day one. For anyone who's read SD's epilogue, they know I had some serious issues to cover with this story. Rapunzel, in many ways, has a lot of darker themes about it that other fairytales don't have. Writing "The End" this afternoon was like stepping off a roller coaster of emotions. It's going to take me a while to recover.

For now, though, my plan is to let the story sit and simmer for a while there in the rough drafts folder, and then I'm going to pull it out and begin the tough process of editing.

Some stats, though, before I leave?

My initial goal was to complete this story with the Rooglewood contest limits -- 20,000 words. Not that I was writing this story for a contest, since they are no more (*all the sniffs and tears*), but since that was my goal with the other books, I figured I should stick to it.

The final sentence of the book made it out to be exactly 23,000 words. Not 23,001 or 22,999. EXACTLY 23,000. Don't ask me how I did that.

Overall, I think this story was the fastest to write. RatB I finished in one summer for the Rooglewood contest (and never entered it), and SD took some months with some years' hiatus stuck in the middle. I don't remember exactly when I started Diamond, but it was sometime early this year. Some of the questions that had been floating in the back of my head from finishing up writing SD finally came with answers. It was then that I actually wrote the epilogue for SD and began penning up the first chapter for Diamond. I hit a few snags with the writing process, trying to figure things out. Once I really began writing, though, it came quickly.

Quickly, but rough emotionally. There's so much of me right now that wants to expand Diamond's story to explore everything I can't in 20,000 words. But I'll restrain myself. And stick to my plan. And maybe re-visit her in a short story.

Ha. Take that, Little Writer.

Anyway, I'm still alive. Diamond is rough but finished. And I'm ready for a nap.

How's your day going?

God bless!



    CONGRATULATIONS! *brings out a cake so big the Hobbiton would be impressed* This is such exciting news! There really is nothing like reaching "The End". But goodness me, do I understand that needing a nap feeling. Yes, girl. Go get yourself a nap. You have earned it x1000!

    I'm so happy for you! And cannot waaaaaaait for Diamond to enter the world. I know it's going to be amazing. (Plus I just love the story of Rapunzel so I'm extra excited.)

    Congrats again, dear Kiri! So happy and proud! <333

  2. 23,000 words is awesome! Congrats on finishing it!

  3. Goodness! I'm so glad! I'm still devastated from the epilogue in SD!