Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sweet... Well, Not Sixteen Exactly... Just One

I must say this is embarrassing. Rose gave me this award back in May, and I'm finally getting around to posting about it. Please do not interpret my neglect as apathy. I didn't even realize I had an award stuck in this draft of a post until now. 

But, thank you, thank you, Rose for awarding me! I appreciate it muchly!
1. Thank the person that gave to the award.
2. Answer the three questions.
3. Nominate four bloggers.
4. Notify the bloggers you nominate.

1. What famous person would you like to meet? Famous living or famous dead? C.S. Lewis would probably be near the top of the list for me if the latter category was acceptable. Or, if not... umm... let's just say Peter Jackson only so he could cast me as an extra. Psst, Kiri. They've finished filming The Hobbit. Dash it all. Well, then an extra when he does The Silmarillion. ;)

2. What's your favorite flower? Is it just me, or is this a redundant question? I think this is about the fifth time I've answered it on this blog, so you should know by now: Kosteletzkya

3. What is your least favorite food? I immensely dislike spinach. Don't know if it's my least favorite considering I still eat it when Mom serves it, but it's something I don't care for much at all.

And because I'm such a horrible blogger in the respect of posting about things at decent times, I'm taking it a step further and snagging the questions Rose posted in the same post she awarded me for a tag to answer here. Don't we all just love tag questions? They make for such easy blog posts. *ahem*

1.  You're eating ice cream, when you get a nice big dollop in your nose.  Do you wipe it off with a napkin, ignore it, or try to lick it off with your tongue? I'd probably try to admire it before doing anything to it and result in making myself cross-eyed and a little sick. I'm not that weird that I'd go after it with my tongue (my tongue's not that long, anyway), but I would most likely use my fingers to clean my nose and then lick them clean as well. 
2.  What is your favourite candy? It used to be Kit-Kat, but since those pesky little things known as allergies arrived, I've had to change over to Swedish Fish.
3.  What book are you reading now?  Or what was the last book you read? I'm in the middle of Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens, my favorite Dicken tale on-screen and what I hope will become my favorite Dickens period. I haven't finished it yet, so it can't contend for favorite spot, and Our Mutual Friend currently holds that honor.
4.  What's the most exciting that that has happened to you while blogging?  (Nice comment, hit a certain number of followers, etc.) Reaching 60 followers! I never thought I'd get that many! Thank you, all you wonderful readers! Cyber hugs all around! Virtual confetti! HTML cake! ... Wow, what a party. Sure wish it could be real.
5.  Artsy (drawing, writing, creating) or sporty?  Or both? More writing artsy than anything else, I guess, but I rather enjoy some sports (namely baseball, volleyball, and a few others).
6.  Describe the perfect ocean scene. (For instance, I'm one for rocky beaches and stormy, mysterious skies). That really depends on where I am. If I'm on the shore looking out, bring on the windy gale and the grey skies! Crashing waves and the spray of the ocean! Rocky beaches against a stormy atmosphere make for a great story! However, if I'm on the sea, let's keep it calm, shall we?  
7.  Red & white or blue & yellow? Probably blue and yellow. Unless we're talking about candy.

8.  What are your favorite kinds of books? (Historical fiction, fantasy, classics, etc.) Fantasy first and foremost. I am a big fan of epic adventure and castles and the like. However, I do enjoy the classics muchly, particularly Dickens and Austen, and historical fiction has quite a draw when it's American history.

9.  Favorite color for a house? Yellow brick? Most of the houses I've lived in have been yellow brick, so I guess I'm partial to it.

10.  Cooking or baking? Normally, I'd say neither, but I'm becoming rather fond of making mug cakes (only because they're not that hard to mess up and I can be trusted with a microwave), so let's say baking. Mug cakes count as baking, right?

11. Dickens or Austen? Not fair! Dash it all! Fine, Dickens only because I prefer mystery to romance. Although, the two are rather tied on characters and dialogue. If we considered those factors, I don't think I could choose between the two.

God bless!


  1. I love reading your answers! I too am in the middle of Little Dorrit!

  2. aren't small tongues rather sad at times? It would be so much more fun if one could lick ice cream off one's nose.
    I've heard so much of Little Dorrit. I am going to watch the movie someday, I'm not brave enough to read the book. But the story sounds good.

    Mystery to romance, Oh yes, I second that!