Friday, July 20, 2012

One... Two... No, Three Things

Thing Number One:

The Mad Elvish Poet has given me the I Love Your Blog award! Thank you ever so much! I love hearing about how much people love my blog (and yes, I said that in a very humble manner....)! :D


1. Award 5 people
2. Tell who awarded you
3. Tell the people you awarded them
4. Always put the picture above the post
5. Always show the rules

I won't be lazy and not award any like I did with the last awards I won. ;)

Thing Number Two:

Is it too late to join in? I noticed that many of my cyber friends were participating in a Charles Dickens Reading Challenge over at Newly Impassioned Soul, and I wondered if there was still time for me to jump on the bandwagon. Since the event is going on until the end of the year, I assume it's safe for me to join. :)

So, I'm reading five Dickens books this year, my selection being (the first four already in my possession):
David Copperfield (already finished)

Nicholas Nickleby (in progress)

Oliver Twist

Hard Times

And then Little Dorrit, Bleak House, or A Tale of Two Cities (depending on which book I first get my hands on)

Thing Number Three:

Just a note on my LOTR/Narnia post which I published yesterday. The page views on that post SOARED yesterday, much quicker than I even thought they would. I took this screencap this morning: 

And actually, now the count is higher. It's currently at 54. That number, I must say, amazes me. I knew this would be a big post when I wrote it, but it's just going to get bigger still once I finish my magic research and publish that post. 

My study is going well, but as I've said to my family, this very well may turn out into one of those long research papers. There's so much more there than most people think. I was actually glad for an excuse to dive into this study, because for the longest time I have wondered about the magic in LOTR, Narnia, and Harry Potter. I knew somewhere in my mind that it was different, but how? Now, I know how. And I will share it with you all sometime soon, once I get all my thoughts organized.

As always,

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  1. Eagerly looking forward to the magic post, my dear! I'm planning a post on my opinions on LOTR, Narnia and Harry Potter sometime in the future. It really is a loaded subject, isn't it?