Thursday, August 4, 2016

We Share Our Photos... And Ask for Your Questions

Nicolas here.

And the more popular royal twin, Nicoline.

Sorry for being late, random people. Kiri's been really busy, and we couldn't get into her computer before now.

I think she may know now that we're doing the posts for her, but...

She's not mad.

Oh, no! Of course not!

Anywho, since we're so late with getting around to this post...

And we have to get back soon. Dmitri won't be pleased if he finds us here.

Today, we're going to share some photos from Kiri's pinterest board

With our comments.


Let's go!

old hot air balloon  | Recent Photos The Commons Getty Collection Galleries World Map App ...:
Early on, Kiri knew she wanted to include some kind of steampunk inspiration, so hot air balloons suddenly appeared in the sky.
Not that she can remember where they came from. 
No, she just said that she's always wanted to write a story about hot air balloons.
Although, there really aren't any other Beauty and the Beast stories with hot air balloons in them. 
Nope. We're an original.

Beauty and the Beast ~ Just as I envision the scene.:
Kiri loves the Disney film.
Yes, she does.
And with our story, she wanted to make some connections to the film, just for fun. One of the most important was this iconic scene.
You know, I've not actually seen the film.
You should. The music is awesome. Anyway, Kiri wanted to keep this scene in the book as close to the same scene in the movie, so she was very thankful when Janelle had that happen just exactly so.

Roses are a huge part of Beauty and the Beast.
Ha. That's an understatement. They're basically the reason that Beauty and the Beast get together.
So, Kiri knew she had to include them.
The real question though was: How?
Exactly. But she's a rather smart one, when it comes to writers. She decided to put it all backwards - have the Beast's mother destroy the Beauty's roses.
Well, technically, it was the Beauty's father's roses, but...
Just a technicality. And then, of course, our whole entire kingdom had to go and love roses.
Including our mother. If you've ever offered rose petal stew...
Just don't. Don't eat it. This is one of the few things that Nicoline and I completely agree on.

Library in the castle:
The library is one of the most important places in the book.
No, it isn't. The West Wing is.
No, dear sister, I'm pretty sure it's the library. That's where all the best things happen.
Um, where you tried to trick me? I don't think so.
Ha! That was an awesome prank! Janelle was a genius with that one. Ow! Don't hit.
Let's move on, shall we?

Beauty and the Beast.:
The rose was one of the first things that presented a real problem. 
See, Kiri wanted it to be the glowing rose from the fairytale.
But she doesn't like to write about magic.
So, that was the problem: How to get a glowing rose without using magic? How could you do it?
She used science.
Nicoline, you stole my thunder.
Now, who's the slow twin? *gloats* 
You're a pest.
Enter steampunk into the story. Enter my victory in this post.
In your dreams, sis.

The feather duster that danced...:
This was the best part!
It was a feather duster.
But you enjoyed it, too!
Nicoline, of course I enjoyed it. But I'm not going to plaster that I liked a feather duster all over the internet. What will that do to my reputation?
Wait, like you have any reputation to uphold?

Now, if you have any questions for the two of us, Nicoline and Nicolas, twin royals of Rohesia, please write them below in the comment box!

Oh, yes! Please ask us all assortment of questions. Whatever you can think of! We'll put together a post and answer them all sometime probably later next week.

And no, this is not an excuse for us to confiscate Kiri's computer again. Thank you, random people!

And good night!


  1. Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite stories (hence why I am so eager to read you story). Sadly I haven't seen the Disney movie yet, but I have listened to the soundtrack a gazillion times.

    I don't have any questions RIGHT now, but I am sure I will have some after I read the book.

  2. Oooh, questions for you two! *rubs hands together in glee* Let's see here...

    If you could do anything in the world, what would it be? (Other than flying in a balloon. *wink*)

    If you were allowed to name yourselves, would you change your names to something else?

    I know the whole kingdom is obsessed with roses, but what are YOUR opinions on them?

    If you could have a pet of any kind, what would you have?

    What's your least favorite thing to do?

    What's your FAVORITE thing to do?

    Okay, I'll try to stop there. But if I think of something else I really want to ask I'll come back. And these questions are for BOTH of you. So, Nicolas, let your sister answer them too. :P

  3. This is adorable :) I like your blog.