Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The All-Amazing Prince Nicolas Talks About Twins

Hello, random people, Nicolas here, again. My dear twin Nicoline isn't here with us today, and I really couldn't say where she is. There was a situation with a cream pie, and... well, she's not here to write the post with me.

So, I just wanted to take the time for a moment to tell you some things about being a twin. First of all, don't ask me what it's like to actually be a twin. Because I really wouldn't know how to answer that. I don't know what it's like to not be a twin. 

Nicoline has been my best friend and my worst enemy... since birth. I really don't remember which one of us is older. I think our older brother Dmitri knows, but he won't tell me. I keep asking, because I'm pretty sure I'm the older twin. But if I was the older twin, that would be awesome. Nicoline would hate it, and that would be so much fun. But Dmitri won't tell us which is older. 

Older brothers really can be a pest sometimes.

But who's the better twin? Obviously, me! I'm smarter, better looking, more popular... only Nicoline probably would never admit to all of that. 

But being a twin really is a lot of fun! I know most of you probably will never understand what I'm talking about, but anyway. It's like having a built-in partner to do everything with. There's always someone to pester. 

But, no. Nicoline and I do not, repeat DO NOT, switch places. That would be highly disturbing. After all, I'm a dashing, royal prince, and she's only my sister. When we were little people used to mix us up all time, but then I thankfully got old enough to wear real trousers, and Nicoline grew her hair out longer. 

And, I don't like to admit it, but we do sometimes finish each other's sentences. It's rare, though, considering that we usually don't like to think the same about things. Every once in a while, we work well together.

The only problem with my twin is that Nicoline is a girl. We used to argue horribly about what we wanted to do, because Nicoline couldn't see the sense of having a sword fight in the ballroom, and I really don't like tea parties. Dmitri used to make us take turns at choosing what we were going to do - one day was Nicoline's and we'd do whatever she wanted to do. Then, the next day was mine, and we'd do all the fun stuff.

But that was before Nicoline and I started our competition. It all began when I hid a toad inside the tea pot during a tea party that I was forced to attend. After that, she coated my sword hilt with honey, and then we progressed to more and more pranks. 

The ultimate goal of our competition is to eventually kill each other. But it's all in fun. I'm going to win, of course, and poor Nicoline just can't agree to that. 

Of course, she's not happy for the stunt I pulled right at the beginning of our book. But it really wasn't my fault that the balloon destroyed Lord Roux's garden. It really wasn't! But, Nicoline is intent on blaming me for everything, and therefore, I am behind on the competition. 

Never fear, I have some plans to catch up, and pull ahead in our competition. I always have a plan. I...

Nicolas, what's going on?

Ahh! Nicoline, don't do that!

What are you doing??

Writing a blog post. Nope! Sorry, can't read it. It's already live.

Um, no, it's not. What did you write?

Nothing important!

Nicolas! Don't publish it before I get to proofread it!

Like I said. I'm the faster twin. Hey, random people, go read our book. 


  1. This. Was. Perfect. <3 I'M LOVING THESE NICOLAS/NICOLINE POSTS. XD My daily dose of laughter... ;)

  2. "The only problem with my twin is that Nicoline is a girl." OH MY WORD. XDDD

    This post was the highlight of my day!!!