Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Rose and the Balloon... Coming Soon!

Hello, all! 

I am very excited to announce the upcoming publication of my very first novel, The Rose and the Balloon. And I'm certain you're all wondering about all of the details surrounding that, so that's what this post is for. 

The planned release date is August 1st. 

I realize that's soon... and it will be so crazy for me, but I think I'm ready for it. There is still a lot left for me to do in order to get this book out on time, so please be praying for me in this endeavor. I am super excited, but feeling also greatly overwhelmed right now.

Not my pictures (credit: Pinterest), but I thought I'd give you a small sample of what the story looked like. 

Where can you help out? I'm glad you asked. You can help me out in three different ways:

FIRST: Interview
I am looking to do a tour of the blogs August 1st-5th following the release. I will be unable to write a number of guest posts since I am on a time crunch, but I welcome any and all interviews. If you would like to host me for an interview on your blog, please fill out the Google Form below. Please fill out the form before July 20th as I will be finalizing the tour at that time and cannot add more people to it. 

SECOND: Cover Reveal
The cover for The Rose and the Balloon is not quite yet complete, but I hope to have that finalized within the fortnight. And I will let you all know soon when that reveal will be happening. So... I am also looking for bloggers willing to participate in that. If interested, please fill out the Google Form below. Again, the deadline for that is July 20th.

THIRD: Book Review
You know what else promotes books? Reviews, of course. I will be sending out six (6) PDF copies of The Rose and the Balloon to six (6) reviewers to be posted within the month of the book's release date. Please note: I am only sending out six copies, and this is a first come first serve basis. The first six reviewers to email me at liannetaimenlore(at)gmail(dot)com will receive a PDF copy of the book to review on their blog. More reviews than that I highly encourage, and ask that you purchase your own copy to review at your own leisure. 

Again... I will not be able to add people to the blog tour after July 20th, so please make certain you've filled out the information before then. 

Thank you all! In the meantime, head on over to Goodreads and add The Rose and the Balloon to your to-read shelf!

God bless!



    I would definitely love to interview you on my blog! I just have to come up with questions first...which I shall get to as soon as possible and then fill out the form. *nods*

    I'm just so excited! Praying for you! <333

    (Also, the girl you have in that collage is the SAME model I use to portray MY Beauty in my own B&B story. XD BRAIN. TWINS. I love it! I guess she just fits as the Beauty character. Lol!)

    1. Thanks! I'm so excited.... and nervous!! Ahhh! :D

      No way!! :) Definitely brain twins! I really love that pic, though. She just looks like she's supposed to be a Beauty.

  2. That is so exciting!!! I just recently got back on blogger to see what all my old bloggy friends are up to and it's been so fun! Glad to see you're doing well and I'm so excited for the publication of your first novel. One day I'll finish mine ;)

    Miss Elizabeth