Thursday, May 1, 2014

"... And They Lived Happily Ever After."

198,027 words.

5 months.


And the first draft for Secret of the Hazel Tree is complete.

Yes, indeed, dear friends, yesterday I typed the last words of a manuscript I began for NaNo last year. What started as a 20,000 word contest entry morphed into an almost 200,000 word novel. I'm not sure how that happened, but there it is. *grins* I'm thinking I should blame Ken for getting 10x as many words as I intended. 

And just because I'm floating on Cloud 9 right now, and really don't know what to write here, let's give you some stats, shall we?

November: 72,250 words

(December - no writing due to holidays)

January: 18,038 words

February: 20,297 words

March: 44,835 words

April: 42,607 words

Best day: Nov. 7th with 6,093 words

Worst day: Jan. 9th with 0 words

Ooh! How 'bout some snippets? Everyone loves those! Finding good ones that don't give anything away will be difficult, but let's try anyway!


Hasteri rushed into the kitchen, her face a grand flush of exhaustion and wonder.

“Thed-duke,” her words came out in a rush. “'Ewantsya.”

Ahna and Celesta stood simultaneously.

“'Speak so's we can understand ya, 'Asteri. Yer all shook up. Who wants who now? Nice an' slow.”

“The duke. 'E wants ta see C'lesta.” Hasteri gave a small gulp. “'E asked fer 'er right away.”

Ahna turned to give her darlin' a sympathetic gaze. “First the duchess an' the magpie, an' now 'im. I'm so sorry, Miss Lesta.”

“'E's in 'is study,” the maid offered timidly with a finger pointing in the direction.


 “Have you many children then, Girdorn?”

“Five, Sire. Five of the most wonderful blessings in the world, yet five of the hardest troublemakers Iron ever saw.”


At least, he noticed with relief, no one seemed overly eager to rope him into a dance. And, if any girl was desperate, he could very neatly escape by claiming pain in his arm. The wound, so newly healed, still smarted; not badly, but it could be persuaded into a greater discomfort should the need arise.


Ahna's strong arms were around her once again. “Stop cryin', darlin'. One'd think ya'd run outta tears by now. There's always time ta make it right with 'im. Don't tire yerself out with useless wailin'.” She blew a small huff into Celesta's blonde hair. “Though, I gotta admit, I'm a bit jealous.”

Celesta pulled back. “Jealous? Of what?”

“You.” The housekeeper tapped her nose. “'Ere I thought ya were the timid, little girl I always knew, an' now yer standin' up ta killers an' doin' who knows what else? An' where was I all this time ya were playin' the 'eroine? Stuck 'ere in this kitchen, that's where. I missed ev'rythin'.”


 “Julien? Oh, my poor boy!”

His mother's voice came from far away, out of a fog, and he fought to hear her clearly. He took a breath, wincing as his lungs ached with the effort.

“He's waking up!” The shriek nearly deafened him, and a tight hand grabbed his arm. “Julien! Oh, Julien, speak to me!”

His lips were dry. “Ow,” he managed.

Queen Louise Altonsina fell across his chest, gripping him tighter. “Oh, you're not dead! Thank our blessed Creator!” 

And now I'm off to celebrate with editing Children of a Legend

God bless!


  1. Congrats! It sounds great, and I know what a WONDERFUL feeling it is to finally get something finished!

  2. *throws confetti and blows trumpets* Hurray for you!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  3. Congradts!!!!
    It sound like a wonderful story!
    Happy editing! :-)

  4. I love getting a story finished - there is really no other feeling like it. I always feel relief and then wonderful excitement! ☺

  5. Congratulations! From the snippets you posted, it sounds like a wonderful novel.

  6. That is so exciting!!!!!! Finishing a story is always an excuse for a celebration!!!!!! I'd pass cookies but they won't go through the internet. But congratulations on the completion of all your hard work!


    Finishing a story is basically the BEST feeling in the world! And I know you must be on cloud nine right now because you've been working so hard on it. 200k That's so awesome!!! Isn't it funny how our little projects turn into humungo ones? Mine always do... >.> But hey, I think that means they're just more epic than we originally thought, right?

    As always, looooved the snippets! Your writing is so fabulous.

    Congrats again! I'm so excited for you! ^___^

  8. Congratulations!!! I am working on a story myself right now and am enjoying it so much. I just recently picked up writing for the first time in several years. I can't wait till I finish this one! It'll be great! Congrats again!

  9. Congrats!! Hey, can you let me know where you get the images for your covers? Thanks!! ^-^

    1. Lydia, I find all of my pictures on Pinterest. As they are copyrighted, I don't use them for my actual covers, but just a fun cover to promote the story as I'm working on it. I like having a visual. :) Once I get around to actually publishing, I'm planning on putting together my own pictures for the actual covers so nothing interferes with copyright stuff.