Friday, April 5, 2013

Just When I Thought I Had Nothing To Post...

... I discovered that I did indeed have plenty about which to post.

I must say, I tend to gather at least three tags/awards and stow them away in an unpublished post before finally recalling that I have them tucked away in the electronic crevices of my blog. So, yes, I apologize to those who so graciously tagged and awarded me, and thank them greatly for their high opinions of myself and my blog, but I offer no promise that I will begin to post about tags and awards within a decent amount of time since receiving them. 

The Elevensies Tag is coming around again, and I was tagged by the lovely Kendra of Knitted By God's Plan! Thanks, Kendra! And yes, since I've done this a couple times now, I think that qualifies me for skipping out on the 11 random facts. 


1. Who is your favorite princess of all times? Are we talking real princesses here or just princesses in general as the world has accepted them? I don't know any real princesses personally, so I'd have to fall back on the fictional princesses. Favorite Disney princess would have to be Rapunzel, second Belle, yet I also really enjoy Anastasia from the 1997 20th Century Fox film. But do I like her more than Rapunzel? Maybe...

Please note that while I enjoy this film, I don't
whole heartily endorse everything in it.

2. What is your favorite movie that originated as a book or literature dating prior to 1900? I was suddenly afraid that I would have to go back to the Brothers Grimm and make mention of Tangled, until I ashamedly recalled that both Dickens and Austen wrote before 1900. Favorite movie? Kendra, I must admit this is a difficult feat. Little Dorrit, perhaps, but that ties in a list of many.

3. If you had to leave everything behind, what ten things/books would you put into your backpack? Assume no electricity. My Bible, my journal, my awesomely bound Jane Austen's 7 Novels, The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of NarniaBleak House, Little Dorrit, Our Mutual Friend, David Copperfield, and my two volume Nicholas Nickleby. And if we're not talking books, I'd still be bringing notebooks and pencils and my pillow and, you know, other essentials like that.

4. Are you modern to the core, or would you prefer to live in another time? When? Why? I enjoy modern luxuries, but I would not say that I am modern to the core. I sometimes wish to live in a time when our lives didn't depend so much on computers and cell phones. Was it only 100 years ago an automobile was considered a newfangled machine? Anywho, I don't think I'd prefer to go back in time because God placed me here and now, but no, I wouldn't be upset if I somehow was transported and came out to live in the early 1900s, Regency era, medieval times, or the pioneer days. Girls' dress was a lot more interesting then. ;)

5. If you were given $100, how would you spend it? Since you said "spend it" I'm assuming that we're not given the choice of saving it, which would be what I would most likely do. Selfishly, I'd probably finish off my Dickens collection by getting those half a dozen titles I don't own, as well as some piano music, a Mark Twain book or two, and some period drama films (namely, Little Dorrit, Sense and Sensibility 2008, and Our Mutual Friend). Or, I'd put it toward getting myself a decent music writing program for my laptop. Or, I'd buy special gifts for my family.

6. If you could choose your own name, what would it be? I seriously love the name I have now, my real name, the name I was born with. I think it's a very interesting name. But I feel as if I'm avoiding the question... hmm... what would I name myself? I'd probably try to give myself a medieval name that fits in with all of my stories. Klirien Argent. I just made that up via Google Translate, by fitting together the French words (I tend to use many French words as the base for my story names) silver, key, and writer. And just so we're clear on pronunciation, it would sound like clear, followed by the letter e, and finished with the letter n. Klirien Argent.

7. If you were to visit me, what should I cook for supper? Anything you like, only stay away from soy, buckwheat, chocolate, tuna, clams, and flounder. I'm allergic to all that. But I like basically anything, favorites being pizza, philly cheesesteaks, strawberry shortcake, lasagna, kabobs, fruit salad, beef stew, blueberry coffee cake, etc. 

Who doesn't love a philly cheesesteak? :D

8. What do you consider your best asset/talent? I don't know if I even have one of those majestic, shining talents. I'm more of a jack of all trades. I'm a writer, pianist, flutist, singer, composer, actress, knitter, seamstress, whistler, blogger, reader, and a lot of other stuff. I'd like to say that writing would be my best talent, but I forbid myself to hold my own words in such high esteem, for my father always tells me that the number one rule of writing is NEVER fall in love with your own work.

9. If you have your own computer, does it have a name? I have not yet named my laptop, as I am procrastinating in the hopes that I will one day come up with the perfect name. My brother Scott, however, refers to my laptop as my precious. You can blame a love of LOTR and a daily keyboard tapping for that.

10. If you had full control, what would you name your first child (give both a girl's name and a boy's name)? Tough. Although I periodically peruse baby name books and websites for character names, I haven't given much thought to what I'd name my own children (if the Lord wants me to have them). It's a tradition in my family for the oldest girl to have the middle name of Grace, so on that thought... Corinne Grace or Amelia Grace. Boy's name... I haven't given this one much thought... Edmund Alan or James Alexander.

11. Dost thou have an accent? If not, how easy is it for you to fake one? I have no accent, but I like to flatter myself that I can imitate those of British, French, and Australian natures. "Goodday, Mate!"


I was also awarded the Liebster Award by Leanna of The Page Turner! Thank you so much, Leanna!

1. Answer the 11 questions the blogger who nominated you asked you.
2. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
4. Create 11 questions for the nominees to answers.

And I thought I got out of the eleven random facts... oh, well. Here we go...

1. I am not scared of heights. In fact, I like being up high.

2. I saw David Tennant on screen for the first time (last week, I think?), and after hearing him praised to the skies, I was disappointed with him. Please don't hate me.

3. I love sewing, but I really never sew anything by pattern. I mostly make it up as I go along.

4. My family makes our own homemade syrup, and it's some of the best stuff in the world!

5. In fact, this year we've made 8+ gallons!

6. I love blueberry pancakes! Especially with homemade syrup.

7. I share a bedroom with all four of my sisters, from ages 20 all the way down to 3.

8. I have played almost every single Nancy Drew PC game, and I almost like them better than the books, because Nancy isn't perfect! We've killed her so many times in those games...

9. I finally saw The Hobbit, and it was AMAZING! I really liked how Peter Jackson incorporated so many straight-from-the-book quotes into the film.

10. I still play dolls with my younger sisters.

11. I really enjoy making doll clothes.

And now for Leanna's questions...

1. Do you have a favorite number, and if so which one? Can we just say 8? That's the number of people in my family, so to me, it's the perfect number. 

2. Regarding fiction, do you prefer reading the book or watching the film? Reading the book! 

3. What's the first thing you think of each morning? What time is it? Boring, yes, but that's the truth.

4. Why did you start blogging? March 21, 2012 with this post on my poetry blog. {edited} I just realized that I answered the question as to when not why. So, why? Because I love writing, and I was eager both to promote my own writing and to meet and make like-minded, godly friends.

5. What is a family tradition of yours? We have too many traditions. Seems like one of them is moving every 6 or so years. This year is year number six that we have lived in this house, so I'm wondering if we should beware!

6. Name one place you'd like to visit. The Rocky Mountains

7. Name one celebrity/author/hero (current or from history) you'd like meet. Hmm... I don't think much about meeting famous people, mostly because a majority of the famous people I know of currently, I'd like to shake or slap upside the head. But, I think perhaps C.S. Lewis would be a fun person to know, since I have to answer the question. 

8. What color is your room painted? Spa-something or other. It's a nice mix of green and blue, but mostly blue. Light blue.

9. Can you whistle? Oh, yes, and I do it all the time. If I had a nickle every time I heard, "You're not paid to be a canary!" I'd be a millionaire. Bonus points for anyone who can identify that film.

10. How many siblings do you have, and where are you in the birth order? I have five siblings, four girls and one boy, and I am number 2 out of 6.

11. What time zone do you live in? Eastern. And I've never been out of it.


And, I received the Sunshine Award from the Keller Girls! Thanks, Hannah, Ruth, and Sarah!

Rules: Answer the 11 questions, make 11 questions, and award 8 others. (Sorry, readers, I only got the following 8 questions, so that'll have to do.)

What is your favorite Christmas/holiday movie? Ooh, not an easy question. Hmm... Holiday Inn or White Christmas. I like musicals.

What is your favorite flower? Kosteletzkya. Hopefully, you all know that by now.

What is your favorite drink? Probably lemonade. Strawberry lemonade is greatly delicious!

What is your passion? "You're one step short of crazy, and what do you get?" "Obsessed." "Passionate." (Movie, anyone?) I don't know if I truly have a passion. My sisters say writing, so we'll go with that.

When is your favorite time of the year? Christmas, sugaring season, summer, early fall, NYY baseball season, Thanksgiving, middle of winter... they're all the most wonderful times of the year!

What is your favorite time of day? Probably the morning, right before everyone gets up, when the sun has the sky turned a light purple, promising a sunny afternoon. Where I live under the maple tree, that's about 6:30 to 8. Our sun likes sleeping in.

What is your favorite physical activity? Biking. Or playing baseball/whiffle ball.

What is your favorite vacation? Going to my grandparent's beach house near the Atlantic Ocean. My mom spent her summer vacations in the same beach house, and it's conveniently close to my grandparents' house! 


Seems like every single one of these tags and awards demand that I make up eleven questions to pass on to those people whom I see fit to pass them on to. But let's do this, because I like being different and thinking up fun things: 

Anyone reading this post here and now is obligated to answer the following eleven questions below in the comment box.

(If anyone wishes to take one of these awards or tags off to her own blog to post about, that is extremely acceptable. Please leave me a comment, saying you have done so, because I'd love to see the post on your own blog!)

Ready? :)

1. Do you have any allergies? If so, which ones?
2. Would you rather be a skilled musician, a talented writer, or a brilliant artist?
3. Do you say "sur-rup" or "seer-rup"?
4. Favorite non-Disney animated movie?
5. Last book you read?
6. Which book would you recommend to me to read? And why?
7. Favorite breakfast?
8. If time travel were possible, which Bible story would you love to watch live?
9. What song do you find yourself singing a lot?
10. Are you a Grammar Nazi? 
11. What three words would you use to describe my blog, Lianne Taimenlore?

I look forward to reading your answers! 

God bless!


  1. 1. Do you have any allergies? If so, which ones?
    I'm allergic to all seafood and turkey.

    2. Would you rather be a skilled musician, a talented writer, or a brilliant artist?
    Talented writer

    3. Do you say "sur-rup" or "seer-rup"?
    The first

    4. Favorite non-Disney animated movie?
    I don't really like animated movies very much

    5. Last book you read?
    I'm reading The Heart Mender right now, by Andy Andrews. Before that I read Code Talker, it's about WW2.

    6. Which book would you recommend to me to read? And why?
    Any book by Corrie ten Boom. Why, because she's very amazing and inspiring.

    7. Favorite breakfast?
    Well, due to what I can and can't eat right now, I pretty much have been dining on salad most mornings. Or baby carrots. Or berries... Yum!

    8. If time travel were possible, which Bible story would you love to watch live?
    The first one is the woman at the well. That story intrigues me a lot. Maybe the life of Joseph (in Genesis), though, because that really inspires me. Or maybe... Yeah, great question. I'm not sure. =)

    9. What song do you find yourself singing a lot?
    Whatever song I've been listening to recently. 'I will praise you in the storm' by Casting Crowns is a good reminder right now.

    10. Are you a Grammar Nazi?
    I don't think so. I do constantly find myself correcting people's English in my head though. I think that comes from being a big sister and an aunt. I got a lot worse after teaching three of my nieces and nephews school for six weeks several years back. ;-/

    11. What three words would you use to describe my blog, Lianne Taimenlore?
    Writer, Quoter, Long. =)

    Now I think I'm off to post these on my blog...

  2. Hey!

    LOVED this tag. :D SO fun! Gotta say...I wasn't impressed with David Tennant either my first time. It took four or five episodes before I realized I was head-over-heels in love with him. ;) And this is coming from ME, you know...the huge DT fan. So give him a chance. :)

    Ok, so the point of my comment...I was wondering if you would be interested in exchanging email addresses...I have a group of Leaguettes that are my TSP sequel advisors/brainstorm buffers/people-who-get-play-by-play-updates/ know. Anyway, your ideas were SO helpful and I'd love to have you in the "inner circle"...LOLLLL. :D

    My email is costumedramafan(at)gmail(dot)com. If you want to drop me a note so I can add you to my list, I'd love that (I totally understand if you don't for some reason, too. So no pressure. :))

  3. 1. Not that I know of (:
    2. A talented writer....though a brilliant artist would come a very close second (:
    3. seer-up...It looks funny like this (:
    4. I have never really watched any....
    5. weeeelll...that might have to be Lord of the rings (for the 147th time...!) or it could be the history of middle earth part four...I'm not sure (:
    6. Lord of the rings....but since you have read it than another book would be Johnny Tremain...because it is a great book...(:
    7. hmmm...lots of those...but I suppose my absolute favorite would be em!!
    8. many of those!! I think though that I would most like moses..
    9. Well....Far over the misty family loves that one, and then we will all be around the house doing all kinds of things and then one of us starts singing it and suddenly the whole house is reverberating from all us singing (: (we are eight lots of noise!)
    10. nope...least ways I don't think so..(:
    11. fun. interesting. delightful.

    That was fun!! (:

  4. Wooooh, fun! I'm not doing awards at my blog anymore so I'll just jump at the chance to answer your entertaining questions right here. :D

    1. Do you have any allergies? If so, which ones?

    My entire system seems to think that tree pollen is a poison of the basest sort. And I can't drink milk unless it's lactose free. :(

    2. Would you rather be a skilled musician, a talented writer, or a brilliant artist?

    Talented writer, hands down.

    3. Do you say "sur-rup" or "seer-rup"?

    Sih-rup. :P

    4. Favorite non-Disney animated movie?

    Ummm... I've seen so few, haha... maybe Charlotte's Web?

    5. Last book you read?

    The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie.

    6. Which book would you recommend to me to read? And why?

    I'll take the easy route here and say, "see #5." Seriously, it's probably the best mystery EVER and it's about my two favorite detectives. LOVE it. Hilarious and suspenseful and not too scary or gory (can't stand either of those things in a novel) and delightfully old-fashioned.

    7. Favorite breakfast?

    Hmmm... fruit, fried eggs and toast.

    8. If time travel were possible, which Bible story would you love to watch live?

    The crossing of the Red Sea. I'm sure it would be about a billion times more epic than in the movie. :D

    9. What song do you find yourself singing a lot?

    Whatever's running through my head, honestly... over the last week I've been doing bits of "Somewhere" from West Side Story quite a lot.

    10. Are you a Grammar Nazi?

    YES. :D I'm trying to curb the urge, heehe, but yes, I am a grammar and spelling freak.

    11. What three words would you use to describe my blog, Lianne Taimenlore?

    Colorful, interesting, fun.

    Thanks, that was fun!

  5. 1. Do you have any allergies? If so, which ones?
    I am milk-sensitive. It's not as bad as it used to be ... but, still.

    2. Would you rather be a skilled musician, a talented writer, or a brilliant artist?
    A talented author.

    3. Do you say "sur-rup" or "seer-rup"?
    Actually, I say Syur-up

    4. Favorite non-Disney animated movie?
    When I was a kid, it was Charlotte's Web ... right now, I don't know.

    5. Last book you read?
    Miss Jack Lewis Baillot's Haphazardly Implausible.

    6. Which book would you recommend to me to read? And why?
    The Princess Curse by Merrie Haskell. It's an intruiging twist on the Twelve Dancing Princesses, with some Greek Mythology thrown in.

    7. Favorite breakfast?
    McDonald's Hashbrowns. Honestly, those things are the BEST. I don't get them very often, though.

    8. If time travel were possible, which Bible story would you love to watch live?
    Probably during the days of the early church. Or else right after the fall.

    9. What song do you find yourself singing a lot?
    It really depends on the day. Sometimes I just sing whatever words come out of my mouth, regardless of whether or not they rhyme or make sense.

    10. Are you a Grammar Nazi?
    Yep, though I don't often say anything. Right now I'm really bad since my brain's in edit mode.

    11. What three words would you use to describe my blog, Lianne Taimenlore?
    Kiri Liz's Blog

  6. Your posts are always so much fun! I have a blast reading them!

    These questions seemed way too much fun to pass up so I ended up answering them over at my blog here:

    Hope you're having a lovely day! ^_^