Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Character Encounters: Zelburna's Woods

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It's just one of those moments when you want to step back from life and just breathe. To view life from a distance and not be a tiny part of the hectic, modern schedule. To be able to think clearly. To wander, unabated, and wonder in the glory of God's creation. To have no conflicting and irrational thoughts other than those of squirrels and babbling brooks.

That's why I'm in the woods. 

I need to breathe.

For the last few weeks, I've been so caught up in allergies, chores, and all the innumerable things that take up my daily life that I... well, I feel overwhelmed. I don't usually think of my life as hectic. Normally, I wouldn't describe myself and my lifestyle by that adjective, but lately...

Not that being busy is a bad thing. My sister thrives on business. I, too, enjoy occupation, seeing people, doing things, getting things done, but...

"You feel like you've lost sight of what's important."

I know I should be unprepared for the sudden voice behind me, but she's been in my thoughts so often in the last few days, even sometimes buried beneath an avalanche of asthma, church, and work.

"I feel that way sometimes, too."  

"Zelburna," I say without turning around, "would you take a walk with me?"

I can hear the timid dimples in her smile coming out in her answer. "And I thought with all of your recent work in Dron made you forget your poor, twelve princesses."

"I didn't forget you," I inisist as her steps mimic mine as we start down the almost invisible trail winding between the trees. "I only have gotten so much inspiration about everything connected to the Dragon Tamer, and Children of a Legend, that I feel like I'll burst if I don't get it all down in print."

Zelburna giggles. "We understand, but just so you know, Laris and Renn are getting impatient to find out what happens to them."

"Yes, they would."

"Is that supposed to mean anything?" She gives me a curious glance.

"Nothing important." I return quickly. "They'll find out soon enough."

Zelburna falls silent as we walk, and I'm content to let the silence surround us. Well, not entire silence, as the rustle of woodland creatures in the leaves, the twittering of birds, and the soft whisper of a spring breeze reach my ears. But those are the sounds of silence, I'm positive. At least, if silence had a sound, I'm certain it would sound like this. 


"Our Creator has certainly blessed us with more beauty than we deserve." Zelburna eventually says, her voice carrying the tone of a reverent whisper.    

I agree. The tangled mass of trees, the fuzzy patches of moss, the tiny flowers poking their heads out of the dark earth, everything finally waking up after the long winter, everything alive, everything breath-taking. Looking at it all, I cannot understand how people can put all of this into words, and I know I struggle myself when describing just a general landscape for one of my stories. 

"Words and phrases cannot capture the living beauty of creation." 

"Nor can they describe the merciful love of a Heavenly Father who created it all for our enjoyment." Zelburna adds quietly.

Neither one of us can stop the smiles that are quickly taking root on our faces. After a long moment standing like this, Zelburna grabs my hand and tugs me forward. We kneel in the new grass, examine the tiny buds and blossoms, marvel at the flight of the birds, and just breathe, enjoying the beauty God has shared with us. I realize I enjoy it more now that I'm older and have been introduced to more modern technology. People get so wrapped up in their computers, cell phones, and all that electronic whatnot that they walk by the grand mountain, the expansive sea, the rich garden, and they don't even notice.

I find it fascinating that Zelburna is so comfortable around me, so open and friendly, considering that she is usually the opposite whenever I write about her. I know she dislikes the palace life, a princess always being at the center of attention and always being prim and proper. She detests crowds, she abhors false flattery, she hates anything that is cold and unfamiliar. She doesn't open up easily to people, finding rather the solace of plants and books much more comfortable than awkward stares and loud questions.

But, I am her writer, so I don't think the thought should surprise me too much. She knows me just as I know her. She knows I don't have any expectations of her, and she's content to be herself around me, especially since I know what she loves and enjoys. 

And this here is what she enjoys: the silence of the woods, the splendor of the flowers, and the simpleness of it all.

And this is exactly the break I need. 

I can go back now and conquer life.

Well, for another week, at least.

P.S. Yes, I realize that I'm posting twice in one day, but I don't trust myself to save this draft and publish it later. My mind (as you probably could have guessed from this post) has been much involved deep in the histories and stories of the entire world surrounding my CoaL. So, I'll probably forget, and that's why I'm posting it now. ;)

God bless! 

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  1. This was very lovely, and Zelburna sounds so sweet and shy!

    And a CE isn't late until a week until the next month when the linkie closes ;)