Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Christmas Tag

I saw this Christmas tag over at Miss Melody's blog, and even though Christmas has passed (for now), I couldn't help grabbing it to put on my own blog. Who doesn't like filling out fun tags, and besides aren't all those holiday movies telling us to keep the spirit of Christmas alive all year round? Or something like that. ;)

What's your favorite Christmas song? I don't have one! I love God Bless Us Everyone, Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella, In the Bleak Midwinter, Carol of the Bells, etc. etc. etc.

Who sings it the best? Andrea Bocelli marvelously sings God Bless Us Everyone! Other than that, I guess I'd be a bit biased to say that my family sings all the other carols the best. Especially Carol of the Bells. :D

Do you change your favorite Christmas song every year? Sometimes I enjoy one song more than others, but my favorites usually stay about the same.

What Christmas song do you hear the most? My family plays an assortment of Christmas CDs during the month of December (and the few months preceeding), so I don't know if I hear one more than others. 

Does your family mostly agree on what Christmas music to listen to or are you constantly changing the song? We agree on just about everything. Except when Doofus doesn't want to hear Suite From the Polar Express again... though I don't know why he has an aversion to that song. We only play it about three times a day during the entire month of December. 

Who's your favorite Christmas movie side character? Gonzo and Rizzo in The Muppet's Christmas Carol.

Besides George and Mary Bailey, who's your favorite character in It's A Wonderful Life? Uncle Billy (actually, I'm not a huge fan of George and Mary.... sorry)

Do you like Santa Claus in Miracle On 34th Street? Never seen it.

Vera Ellen or Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas? Vera Ellen. Rosemary Clooney gets on my nerves.

Bing Crosby or Danny Kaye? Danny Kaye! He's funnier. "I'm sure it's just a small, compound fracture, sir."

Besides "White Christmas" what is your favorite song from the movie? "The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing" (I love watching the dancing numbers)

What's your favorite (or one of your favorite) lines from a Christmas movie? Only ONE?!?! "Oh, wait, I forgot my jelly beans." "After I figure out what that means, I'll come back with a crushing remark." "Ted! TED!" "Think Swan Lake. Step, step, LEAP! Step, step, LEAP!" "Hey, you. Yeah, you. Do you know what kind of train this is?" and more. See, I can't just do one.

Do you own a special ornament? Oh, yes, several. It's a tradition in our house for the kids to get an ornament for Christmas every year (sometimes extra), so I have over 20 of my own ornaments. Special ones? Hmm... I have a Kirsten Larson (yes, American Girl) ornament from Hallmark as well as a Kaya one, a silver flute, Precious Moments ornaments, a red Hallmark angel, and this year I recieved a Rapunzel ornament. They're all special to me since they're gifts from my parents.

Did you break any ornaments this year? Not this year. 

What's the oldest ornament on your tree and where did it come from? I couldn't say. We have TONS of ornaments, some from when my mom was little. My parents got married December 22nd, so they got a lot of ornaments as wedding gifts. 

Do you like pretty trees or fun trees better? Both. Pretty trees are for decoration. Fun trees are for families on Christmas morning. But I'd rather have a fun tree in my house.

Have you ever had a fake tree? Yes. Twice. One pencil tree when we lived in an apartment years ago and couldn't fit a big, real one, and then this year our grandparents gave us their 7.5 foot Norway Spruce, which is very pretty and doesn't look fake until you're staring straight at it with your nose 2 inches from the needles. I love real trees, but we're finding out that fake ones cater better to allergies. 

Green tree or a different color? GREEN!

Who sweeps up the pine needles and waters the tree? Usually my brother Doofus keeps it watered, but this year we had a fake tree so he got out of it. We all take turns running the vacuum (our living room is carpeted).

Have you made any Christmas crafts this year? I don't usually do crafts, just sewing projects that become Christmas gifts. 

Does your family read a Christmas story every year? Yes. 

If so, which one? 
Luke 2 is a MUST as it is the story of the first Christmas over 2,000 years ago about the Savior who came to save us because He loved us. Our other favorites include The Legend of the Candy CaneThe Candle in the Forest, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and The Legend of the Christmas Tree.

What do you do on Christmas Eve? Our usual Christmas Eve tradition finds us gathered in the living room, listening as my father reads aloud The Legend of the Candy Cane. Then we hang candy canes on the tree and sing before we go to bed. Sometimes, my parents have a special gift prepared for the younger kids.

How many Christmas's do you usually have? You could say three. My family does our Christmas on Christmas Day at our house, and then we have Cousin Christmas with our classy blood cousins that evening or a day following Christmas. And then we have CBC Christmas at New Years with our CBCs.

Marshmallows or whipped cream in our hot chocolate? Really? Neither. I'm not a huge fan of either topping, and since I'm allergic to chocolate, it's rather pointless.

Do you like the flavor cinnamon or peppermint better? Peppermint!

Have you ever had a white Christmas? Many times. We had snow this year! HUZZAH!

Ice skating or driving around looking at Christmas lights? I've never gone ice skating (but I'd like to!), so I'd have to go with the drive. I love looking at Christmas lights!

Do you like the blow-up Christmas decorations people put in their yards? They're nice to see once in a while, but I prefer the standard, twinkling lights and no poof.

What is something you are going to do new this year to celebrate? We celebrated with our CBCs with prayer, carols, pizza, and all other kinds of good stuff. Epic win!

Have you ever celebrated Hanukkah? No.

How many people are you giving presents to this year? Every member of my family (that means 7), plus I was also required to get two different gifts for cousins. Those are the only ones I bought, but I did help put together other gifts for friends.

What's your favorite kind of Christmas card to receive? One that includes a Christmas letter. I love hearing about what God has been doing in other people's lives. 

Do you eat breakfast first or open presents first? Breakfast. Always. 

Stockings first or last? First. 

What present do you REALLY want this year? This year? For 2013? That's rather far away, but okay... probably a copy of Little Dorrit (book). That's one Dickens I don't have yet.

Do you like a star on top of your tree or an angel? Angel for our main tree, but stars are nice, too.

Do you like the color red or green better? Green.

Silver or gold? Silver. All. The. Way.

One word to describe Christmas? Joyful.

I'm not going to tag anyone since it's no longer December, but if anyone wishes to grab this for later, feel free!

God bless!


  1. That's're more north than me. You had snow for Christmas, and we didn't. :-P

    1. It was all of less than two inches! I was hoping for more, but we had to settle for a dusting. Alas, our beloved home state is falling into dreadful winter habits!

  2. Happy late Christmas to you! This was a fun quiz and reminded me I really need to watch White Christmas. I has Danny Kaye in it!!

  3. You've never celebrated Hanukkah!?! Sad, my friend, sad.