Monday, February 11, 2019

A Heart-Shaped Box of OTPs Tag

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, the whole world is thinking about love. And chocolate. Because Valentine's Day and chocolate basically are the world's next OTP after peanut butter and jelly. Just saying. It's a well-known truth that February 15th is the nation's second favorite shopping day after Black Friday.

Anyway, to help celebrate Valentine's Day this year, I'm taking love and chocolate and creating a small tag to showcase your favorite OTPs. I mean, because we all want an excuse to talk about our OTPs more. And this is your perfect excuse -- just in time for Valentine's Day! Could the timing be any more perfect?

If you're unfamiliar with the term OTP, it stands for "one true pairing." That's basically understood to be your favorite couple, that pair that embodies the meaning of love, that man and woman who are meant to be together for all eternity, that couple you passionately ship, etc.

But here's the deal: we've got TWO (2) tags below. 

So, pay attention.

The first set of 10 questions is your basic, standard, sweetness package. The tale-as-old-as-time, classic bundle. If you're looking for something a bit quicker, something familiar, feel free to just answer the first ten questions.

The second set of 10 questions is an add-on to your basic set, making it 20 questions altogether. They're what I call the "Extended Edition" since they incorporate more than just your typical box of chocolates. If you're up for something a bit bigger, something a bit exotic, tack those on to your basic set with no extra charge. It's completely up to you.

(The Extended Edition may or may not have been born out of a chocoholic splurge when I couldn't limit my candies to just 10 pieces.)


Oh, they're quite simple. Fill out the tag according to your personal OTP preferences on your own blog (or in the comments below). Couples can be from books, movies, TV shows, whatever. For the sake of privacy, please do not include real-life ships, merely fictional ones. Then add your link below so others can enjoy your answers! Sharing any pictures/banners is not mandatory, but it'll add a nice visual touch to your post.



A Heart-Shaped Box of OTPs: The Basic Set

1. Original Chocolate Heart - The OTP that started it all

2. Dark Chocolate - The OTP with the most drama

3. Caramel Filled - The OTP that's simple and sweet

4. Raspberry Chocolate - The forbidden-love OTP

5. White Chocolate - The odd OTP you still somehow manage to love

6. Peanut Butter Chocolate - The OTP everybody and their sisters ship

7. Cherry-Filled - The OTP that you fear no one knows about

8. Chocolate with Almonds - The fun and nutty OTP

9. Chocolate with Coconut - The OTP who came from different backgrounds

10. Mint Chocolate - The OTP you'll love until you die


A Heart-Shaped Box of OTPs: The Extended Edition

11. Orange Creme - The OTP you never expected to love

12. Salted Caramel - The OTP who worked the most on their relationship

13. Chocolate Covered Raisins - The young OTP you know will work out one day

14. Chocolate JalapeƱo - The OTP that can't be together but you ship it anyways

15. Ferrero Rocher - The best dressed/best looking OTP

16. Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean - The energetic OTP that keeps you on your toes

17. Chocolate Dipped Strawberry - The OTP that's just absolutely adorable

18. Chocolate with Nougat - The OTP full of fluff and nonsense

19. Chocolate with Walnuts - The OTP with the bumpiest relationship

20. Chocolate Butterscotch - The OTP with the best banter


Please link below once you've completed shipping, er, I mean, posting! The link-up here will remain open until the last day of February, so get busy!
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Happy Valentine's Day to all!

God bless!


  1. Oooooh my! A tag all about fictional ships??? Only one of my most favorite subjects ever. And I thought I knew what all I was going to post for February. WHY MUST YOU TEMPT ME SO??? But I LOVE this tag. Brilliant Kiri is brilliant. I'll have to see if I find time to do it...

    1. Okay... to be honest, I started making a list of fictional couples that were not very well known and mentally started categorizing them: "This is my orange creme OTP, this one's my classic chocolate, etc." From there, my brain just kinda exploded, and I knew I had to make a tag/link-up for others to enjoy as well. Because there really is nothing better than ships and chocolate. ;)


  2. Ooh! This is such a fun tag. I hope I get around to doing it. :D

    Thanks! You were very creative with these; it's cool. ;)

    Happy almost Valentine's Day!

    1. Thanks!! :D I'd love to see your answers!

    2. I posted my answers! But I would rather not set up a whole account with InLinkz, if possible, so I'll just include a link to my post here, if that's okay.

      I had a lot of fun with this; thanks for making it! All your ideas were so creative and perfectly fitting. :D

    3. Olivia, thanks for sharing! This is my first time using a link-up like this, and I can't say that I've completely figured it out yet. I didn't realize that it was going to require you to set up an account! Sorry!

  3. I should do this. But reading it I realize my non romantic spirit has few otps. Oh dear. It's not as if I dislike romance. I think my adventure side muffles romance