Saturday, August 2, 2014

Interview with Riley and Roxanne

See? I told you there'd be more interviews! Today, in Kendra's party (VISIT HER BLOG HERE) she's featuring her story HaV Academy which she describes as the following:

HaV Academy is an exclusive - and mandatory - boarding school to train superheros and supervillains. Once they assign you to your place, there's no changing it. To break the rules of their game will mean your death. Story of three attendies and how they coped.

Riley and Roxanne are the two characters participating in the interview today. Just for a little background, they are Twin Supers; she's a villain with Rock Manipulation, and he's a hero who can control plants.

1. What's the greatest lie your friends may believe?

Roxanne: That the heroes are something special, and that villains are the problem.
Riley: That just because they're trapped in a life, they have to let it control them. My sister seems ruled by that philosophy.

Roxanne {source}
 2. I noticed a lot of masks on your story's Pinterest board. What does a mask mean personally to you?

Roxanne: Something you hide behind because you're to ashamed of yourself and you don't want  to let people see you for the real you.
Riley: A fun disguise.

Riley {source}
3. Favorite color, and why it's your favorite?

Roxanne: Black - The color of my villainous soul.
Riley: Will you quit with the dramatics? I think I would have to go with green, the color of life.
God bless!

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