Monday, August 25, 2014

"I Bid You All a Very Fond Farewell."

Well, well, well.... here we are at last. The end of summer, and the start of something new. No, don't worry. I'm not leaving the blogging world. I love all of you too much to leave now. Whether you like it or not, you're all stuck with me. *grins*

However, that does not mean change isn't on the horizon. While Lianne Taimenlore and my other blogs will remain the same, I am anticipating the beginning of a great adventure this week. That's right, I'm going to college. I do not expect to be online nearly as much as I have been, so don't be surprised to see prolonged absences from me on Blogger, Pinterest, Goodreads, etc. With my new classes and activities, I don't think I'll have a whole lot of time for that, though I hope to be able to sneak on now and then for a quick update. 

Younger siblings waving g'bye to college-bound kids. Yes, that's my
family. Cousins, too. There's six of us leaving home all at once. Only
seven left behind. *sniff* I'm gonna miss them.

Maybe I should have titled this post "College and What I Think of It" because I'd like to explain some of my views on the subject.

For those of you who follow Hayden's blog and her Stay-at-Home Daughter Interviews, you will be familiar with the interview she did with me back in February. LINK. In it, I talked about college. While I've been a stay-at-home daughter since I graduated in 2011, I'm now following God's hand and taking the big leap into furthering my education.

Now, I understand that college isn't for everyone. If you'd asked me four years ago about college, I would have responded, "OF COURSE I'M GOING!" Two years ago, it'd have been more like, "Naw, I'm really not that interested." *cough* Now look at me. To be honest, I'm forever grateful for the three years I had out of high school to be with my family and prepare for college. If I had gone straight after I graduated, I would not have been ready. God's done things for me that I never could explain to show me that. But now, He's opened all the doors and given me a clear path to the very college my parents and grandparents both went to. Yes, they all met each other there and are now living happily ever after. 

Because bullet lists are so much fun (besides, they look cool in a post), I'm going to give you all a quick overview of what my thoughts are on my college experience. All the whys and why-nots. Ready?

Why I'm Going to College
  • To further my writing
    • I've been writing novels since I was fourteen (or earlier), and I love the written word. I fully intend to be a published author, but I know I'm not a perfect writer. I am pursuing a Creative Writing major in which I hope to learn principles behind style/prose/literature/all of that fun stuff and get some outside criticisms on my work. And ultimately, this all will pave the way for my one day being a true author and really getting published.
  • To get music lessons
    • My family's occupational hazard is music. You all should know that by now. We've been singing together for some 10 or so odd years, and we all love it. My parents are eager for their children to experience a real choir, and I can't say I'm any less excited about it. Especially since the college I'm attending will be doing a production of the Messiah this December. Pass up a chance to sing in the Messiah? I think not! I also know that I don't always sing correctly, and with choir comes singing lessons (of a sort), in which I hope to learn to control my voice better.
    • In addition to singing, I am an avid pianist. And a church pianist, at that. Unfortunately, I've been out of piano lessons for almost five years or more years now, and I miss it. There's so much I want to understand about the piano and music, and I can't learn it on my own. And it's impossible to get the piano lessons I need here where I live. However, my college has an excellent music program, and I will be taking piano lessons every semester I am able, with the hopes of possibly looking into flute lessons at a later time. 
  • To know God better
    • Many times we don't know what our faith looks like until we step out on a shaky bridge. I consider myself a girl of faith, but I know that I don't know all that I should know about God. The college I'm attending is a Bible college, and in addition to the Bible classes I'll receive, I will also get encouragement from kids my own age as we learn together in our devotions and study. For me, this is a big thing in going to college. I've lived at home for twenty-one years, under the influence of godly parents, and I'm eager to see what God will do for me once I'm in college. What I do, I do for His glory, and I hope that college will further train me to become a willing servant in His hands.
  • To challenge myself socially
    • Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a social person. I'd take a lonely corner with a good book any day over a party. Even if there was cake involved. I used to be painfully shy, but in the last few years, God has drawn me out of my comfort zone. I still abhor small talk and I always don't have the best response in loving the unlovely. I know that I will meet lots of people while at college, both lovely and not, but I also know that God will use this as a learning experience for me. Yes, I am scared thinking about all those strangers milling around me day after day, but I am thankful that I will have two sisters and six cousins about to muffle the shock of reality a little.
  • To obey my parents
    • Strictly speaking, this is a step of obedience for me as my parents have asked that I attend at least one year of college. If it were up to me, I might end my days still at home, acting like a cross between the Mad Hatter and a hermit Dickens, muttering to myself, eating ice cream, writing novels, and banging Disney songs out on the piano. But God has a plan for my life, and I don't think that's it. My parents love me like I don't deserve (gracious, I'm not exactly the ideal daughter), and they can't wait for me to discover the path God has set for me. I trust their judgement, and I appreciate their counsel. And one of the reasons I am going to college is because they have asked me to.
Preparing to leave! With that many girls, you can expect more
suitcases than that!

Why I'm Not Going to College
  • To get my MRS. degree
    • Which freshman girl hasn't dreamed of the special fellow she'll meet in college? The perfect mate who asks her out and ends up marrying her, beginning the classic "happily ever after?" I'll admit, when I was younger, I had this dream. I wanted the perfect guy. I wanted a happily every after. But now... it's not so much that I FIND him as it is that God puts us together. I am not going to college to find a guy, date around, and pursue a romantic relationship. Personally, I'd rather go through college without any guy at all. I'd be totally happy if I go all four years and come home unscathed in the romantic venue. I'm not against love, though. If God wants me to marry, if He's got that special guy for me, I'm all for it. But I know that He will bring him along just at the perfect time. Everything will happen just the way God intends, and when he knows I'm ready for it, He'll send my perfect fellow. Maybe we'll meet in a duet like so many Disney movies portray. Maybe I'll trip him (accidentally, of course) on the way to lunch. Who knows? But that won't be my focus. Why would I want to frustrate myself with searching around and going after numberless guys when I know God has the right one out there for me? Girls, don't pursue a romantic relationship just because you yearn for love. Seek after God, and He will introduce you to the perfect guy at the perfect time. But that doesn't mean you're to keep your eyes closed. Be on the lookout for opportunities as God brings them your way.
  • Because it's the thing to do
    • This one drives me nuts like no other. "Why are you going to college?" People ask. "Oh, you know," the freshman says, "all my friends are going. It's just the thing to do." NO. If that's your reason to go to college, then you'd better stay out of it. College isn't for everyone; God calls some for that type of experience; others He calls to other ministries. The worst thing you can do is attend college blindly. If you have no clear path, no goals... you're going to fail. Have a purpose. Make a path. Pray. Figure out if God truly wants you at college. Don't just go because it's the thing to do.
  •  To pursue a career
    • No, I don't believe that women are meant to have big, involving, money-making careers. And in that, I simply mean God created women to be a helpmeet, not to become president. Even for unmarried women, their first responsibility should be for their families. This is an interesting point, especially as so many people define "career" in so many different ways. The type of career I'm talking about is a profession that remains permanent throughout a person's life, an achievement and a pursuit that steals one away from family. Yes, I am studying Creative Writing in college, and I intend to make a career of sorts from that study, in the sense of writing novels at home. In my music instruction, I will be equipped to begin teaching piano lessons at home. And for women, that's the key: at home. 

Please note: I do not mean to contradict anyone's beliefs on this topic, nor do I wish to offend. These are just my personal beliefs as I've studied, prayed, and discussed it with my parents. If you have questions for me, please feel free to leave them in the comments.
Standing: Capt. Oblivious and Yours Truly
Seated (left to right): Em, Beth, Jessa, and Tora
Yes, we had a photoshoot. Didn't you get that by now?

Okey dokey, this is getting long, but I really wanted the chance to write this. I've known people with multiple views on college. In fact, my family has been lectured many times on why we're not in college yet, why we're not pursuing a full-fledged career, why we're not married yet, and even why we shouldn't go to college at all. I'm content to wait on God's timing and to follow His plan. There is no greater joy than knowing that He is in control of all things, and that everything works together for good. Nothing can happen without His knowing about it. Yes, I'm twenty-one. I'm not married. I have no career. I'm going to be a freshman at a Christian college this fall amongst a bunch of eighteen-year olds. Do I mind? Not in the least. If I'm where God wants me to be, then why should I regret anything? 

Thanks for listening to my rants and rambles! I'm going to miss all of you, but I'll pop in from time to time!

God bless!


  1. I'll miss your blog posts!! Have fun at college!!! I'm glad God's opened this door for you!

  2. We will miss you and will look forward to future posts!! :)
    May God bless you as you continue in your studies!

    We will be praying! :)

  3. Aww, I am so happy for you. And I have to throw in that I love the hats ;). And the traveling cases. And the photoshoot is awesome. I hope you all learn a lot and have a great time, all while maintaining your relationship with The Lord and perhaps even strengthening it. I shall patiently be awaiting your posts, mademoiselle.

  4. Wow! I'm so happy for you! It will be such an awesome experience to be able to learn more about writing and have someone else critique it for you. What college are you going to? :)

  5. I'm so excited for you! I know this is a big step. I'll be praying that God will use you in wonderful ways during your time at college. I know He will. ^_^

    This post really encouraged me. I get a lot of grief for the fact that I don't go to college. I'm sure you did as well during these years you stayed at home. It's just so discouraging to think that people only see you of worth if you go. Or, on the other side, people look down on you if you do. We're all different, God created us each for specific purposes. If we all followed the norm--go to college, get a career, get married, have two kids, etc., etc. what would the world be? Some people ARE called for those things, some people are called for other things. We each have a purpose for God's kingdom and it makes me so sad that people give a hard time to those that veer away from the social norm. But goodness, I didn't mean to get into THAT.

    Really, I just meant to come over here and tell you how excited I am for you and how proud I am that you're taking this leap of faith. I hope your experience in college is a wonderful one! But do drop by here now and again. I'd miss you far too much if you didn't. ;)

    (BTW, that photoshoot is just adorable!)

  6. Thanks, girls! Your comments are so encouraging!!

    Michaela ~ I'm going to a southern college called Bob Jones University.

  7. Hi Kiri Liz,
    I just wanted to tell you that I tagged you for The Janeite Tag. (-: Good luck at college!