Thursday, January 9, 2014

Beautiful People: Celesta

Have you ever had a story that grabbed you by the throat and wouldn't let go until you agreed to write it? A story that knocked you down and sat on your head and refused to let you think of anything else? A story that made itself so important in your life that it was unpardonable NOT to work on it?

That's what's happening to me with Secret of the Hazel Tree. I began this as a small story for NaNo last year, and now it's grown to, well, basically consume me. I can't think of any other story right now because SotHT is too commanding. I have to finish this story. And I am determined to finish it. I have been writing at least 300 words on it every day this year, and if the Lord wills, I will be writing every day until I finish it, which I'm hoping will be sometime in March. We'll see. This story started out as only 75K long in the planning and grew to be 70K as only the halfway point. 

But enough on that. I've determined to let you all know more about my wonderful, amazing story (hey, it can be that in my eyes, right?), and so, since I haven't done one in forever, I'm Beautiful People-ing.

And yes, I think that's acceptable phraseology. Hush up, Little Writer.

Celesta Le'Blancard

1. If your character’s house burned down, and they were left with nothing but the clothes on their back, what would they do? Where would they go? Dear Celesta, forced from her beloved home... well, she'd most likely go with Ahna to a friend's house until they (or the duke) figured out what to do. The Leigns or Kronwards would definitely not hesitate to take them in. Celesta would mourn the home she lost, of course, but she would take the move better than most.

2. Are they happy with where they are in life, or would they like to move on? Celesta is currently happy with her life, even though there are a few, or a bunch, of dark spots that tarnish her world. The most "moving on" that she would want to do is exactly what she envisions her future 5 years from now: her stepsisters married, and her stepmother preoccupied with her daughters' lives, and she can be alone again. Well, not alone. Ahna would never leave her side. And of course, Ahna has plans very different from Celesta's, much to Celesta's dismay. 

3. Are they well-paid? Not paid at all in coin. She works as a servant in her own house, and in return for her labor, she is fed and given clothes and a place to sleep.

4. Can they read? Yes, and probably too much. Celesta expects no adventure in her life, not that she'd wish for much anyway, but she loves reading and fantasizing adventures in books.

5. What languages do they speak? The common tongue of the Twelve Kingdoms. Troisem is one of the northernmost kingdoms on the continent, but for a few exceptions, the whole continent speaks the same language. Each kingdom does have a slightly different dialect or accent, each in its own way. Most of the Troisans speak with a "peasant accent" which, in our world, sounds very muchly like a thick Brooklyn accent. Celesta, being the daughter of a duke, no matter how lowly he might be, was educated well, so while she's familiar with the peasant accent, she doesn't speak it.

6. What is their biggest mistake? By whose standard? Celesta would count hers as losing the love of her father. How, she's not exactly sure, but she would do anything to regain it. Ahna would say that Celesta's biggest mistake is her thinking less of herself, not in a worldly sense, but in doubting her ability to do or accomplish anything and believing herself to be of no consequence. Celesta's stepsister, Veroniscen, would believe that mistake to be not doing what she wants done, right now.

7. What did they play with most as a child? Books. Celesta was never much for dolls, and the stories written down already were much more interesting than anything she could make up herself.

8. What are their thoughts on politics? Don't know if she really has any. Celesta feels deeply about helping people, but the affairs of state, international issues, importance of imports/exports... not really. She doesn't ever expect to have to worry about that stuff, so she doesn't.

9. What is their expected life time? Pretty much the same as humans in our world. Most people live to 70-80 years, so I'd expect Celesta to live about the same. However, I can think of people who'd love to disagree with my expectation.

10. If they were falsely accused of murder, what would they do? How would they react? Firstly, be shocked that anyone would stoop to recognize her. Then the shock would change into terror when hit with the realization of the accusation, and she would deny the charge and try to clear her name. Celesta tends to be naturally curious, even though she'd timid, so her investigation would be mostly avoiding direct contact with, you know, people.

God bless!


  1. Any time an author loves the story they are working on and cannot stop working on it, it makes me want to read that story because if the author loves it that much it is sure to be fantastic.

    And I like your character a lot. She made me want to read it even more.

  2. YES YES YES. I HAVE had a couple of stories do that to me. They just take over your life completely until you write them (and even then some). But, you know, I actually love that. It's so much easier to write a story when it WANTS to be written. Because there are a few that have to be forced to be written and those are torture to do.

    I already love this story! And just what Jack said, those stories that the authors fall in love with are always the best! Keep writing, Kiri. We need this story!!