Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In Summer!

Hey, guys!! I'm back!!

Oh, how I've missed you all! It just hasn't been the same not seeing those fun, quirky, thought-provoking posts from the wonderful world of blogging. Honestly, I feel like I've been gone for years rather than months.

Freshman year is behind me, done and dusted. At first, I was a little uneasy about going into college at twenty-one and being older than just about everyone in my class by a full three years, but God truly did amazing things this year. In all truth, the things He taught me this year couldn't have been learned if I had not been a freshman. Praise Him for His perfect timing! I did not understand before why things were happening the way they did, but He had a plan. God knew. And I grew because of it.

But enough about me. How have you guys all been? I've spotted quite a few good books having been published while I was away and I see there are a bunch more publications coming this summer, so I know you've been busy! This is shaping up to be a fantastic year for books!

I am hoping to try to self-publish Secret of the Hazel Tree this summer. A big task, I know. I still have a lot of editing to do and the release and all to plan, but I'm praying that God will just have His hand in this. I am very excited to share this story with you all. 

Anywhoz, I hope I will be quite active online this summer and get back in touch with all you wonderful people. I'm looking forward to a great summer!

And because this song is amazing... and very much stuck in my head right now. :)

God bless!


  1. Yea! You're back! I can't wait to read more of your posts.


    Congrats on surviving your first year! :D I am so happy to hear that God has blessed you in it all. We have an amazing Creator!

    What have I been up to? Well, since my Beauty and the Beast novella didn't win a spot in the Rooglewood contest I'm officially turning it into a full novel. 10 chapters in right now and it's going great! I'm almost (almost) glad I didn't win. I'm absolutely loving turning my little novella into something so much bigger and deeper. And when I get it all finished and polished I might...try querying with it. *gulp* But one step at a time here. XD

    Speaking of such things, YOU'RE GOING TO PUBLISH SOTHT???? AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I knew you were planning on it before but with college and everything I didn't know if that was going to be on hold for a while. I AM SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW. I'm totally here for getting the word out, blog tours, whatever you need to get it up and going! All you have to do is ask.

    I do hope you will be able to be around for the summer, I've missed you terribly! And I hope you have a FABULOUS summer! <3

    Oh, now you're going to get it in MY head. :P

  3. KIRI, YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!!!!

    I've missed you in the world of blogging, too! (TBH, it felt more like years than months to me, too! :D)

    Hurray, you're planning to try to publish SotHT this summer!!!

  4. You're baaaaack!!!:) I've missed you! And congratulations on completing your first year of college!

  5. Welcome back! I've missed you!

    I'm glad things went well for you at college...and I'm always glad to hear exciting hints about The Secret of the Hazel Tree 8-D

  6. What a fun post. And isn't Olaf's song the most catchy thing ever? It took me days to get it out of my head.

    That's awesome that you're trying to self-publish. I wish you all the luck in the world. I'm sure that soon, you'll become a best seller. :)

  7. *pokes head back in* Heeey! I wanted to let you know I've tagged you over at my blog heeere: http://musingsofanelf.blogspot.com/2015/05/favorite-screen-characters-tag.html

    I was all excited to tag you knowing you're back and all, but OF COURSE it's nothing you have to do! I've just missed you and wanted to tag meh Kiri. ^_^

    Happy Memorial Day! Hope you had a lovely one. <3