Friday, June 20, 2014

June Crusade: The David Team

Hey, look! Two posts in one day! This oughta be a record!!

*trumpet blare* All hail our marvelous Anne-girl and her noble June Crusade! You should know by now what I'm talking about. LINK.

Plot Bunny #6 is unlike any story I've ever penned before. I'm only just starting to get into reading the science fiction/dystopian/apocalyptic/whatever genres, and I never anticipated myself to ever be writing that kind of story. Yet, I found some awesome inspiration on Pinterest, and I couldn't let it go. 

..... Why did I just sing that last line? *shrugs* Anywho...

I told Kathryn that I was going to write a dystopian novel. And I fully intended to. So, I began chewing on ideas. What goes into a dystopian novel? What sort of things should you, or should you NOT, write about? And while I was thinking all that, here's what I found on Pinterest:

And then I found this:

Yes. I nodded. I could make a story out of that. And then the ideas came way too fast.

United States – 2714

With the world in chaos, all men battle for superiority. Regimes rise and fall daily, and it seems that no one group can hold the power for very long. Yet, some of the most influential groups have targeted the Christians. They kill wherever they can, determined to destroy all of God's followers, no matter what the race or age of their victims.

When he woke up, he could only remember David. Was David his brother? His father? His enemy? A friend? He didn't know. He didn't even know his own name, where he had come from, or even why he could manipulate light and heat. All he knew was that he had to find David. People laughed at him; there was no such person as David; David never existed. Yet because he would not give up, they called him Jonathan – David's friend.

Now Jonathan struggles to place himself in society, but he's turned out on the streets, unwanted wherever he goes. He keeps his strange powers to himself, fearing that someone might turn against him if they were made known. Of course, nothing can stay hidden forever, and it's not long before Jonathan finds himself with two options – flee from all civilization or join a resistance group eager to welcome him and his manipulating powers.

But this is no ordinary group. This is a group dedicated to snatching the condemned out of harm's way, a team whose only purpose is to save the lives of those who claim Christ. In an apocalyptic holocaust, Jonathan finds more conflict than he wants – proving to the world that David was real, finding out who the true villains are, and understanding what it means to be snatched out of the flames. 

Snippet from the first scene (I apologize it isn't longer, but I'm still working on it):

When I woke up, the only thing I remembered was a smile. And not just any smile – it was David's smile. I was sure it was David's smile. I wasn't sure who David was, but I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I had to find him.

The second thing I knew was that I was on fire. My hands burned, my legs burned, my face burned. Everything was warm and searing, and I was certain it was swallowing me whole. Yet when I opened my eyes, I could see nothing. All around me was dark, a dense blackness unlike I'd ever seen before. Not that I could really remember seeing black. Why can't I remember? Who am I? People had names, didn't they? What was my name?

I struggled to sit up, ignoring the pain of the fire. My fingers clutched at air, but it wasn't warm; instead, it was cool and dusty, with a breath of wind teasing around my thumb. Where's the fire?

The questions buzzed my brain. I tested my tongue. “This has to be a nightmare.” The sound of my voice calmed me; I could still talk, even if I couldn't see anything.

Just to be clear, I have absolutely no genre to stick this in. Think of it as Scarlet Pimpernel meets the Avengers meets the story of David meets end times meets... I'm not sure what else.

God bless! 


  1. Yes, yes, yes. This is good.

    Sorry for stealing *NOT* all of your ideas. This one looks good, though.

  2. wo-oah. That is impressive. I've never really read dystopian but this sounds like something I would pick up.

  3. This sounds epic! I'm sort of surprised that I'm so interested because I don't really like futuristic stories…I guess that just shows how great a writer you are!;) Looking forward to more information!:D

  4. Thanks, girls!! Your comments are really encouraging! Dystopian isn't really my thing, either, but I wanted to create something that would be in that type of genre, but would also be clean, fun, adventurous, and godly. I'm rather excited about this plot bunny!

  5. Welcome to the dark side! >:D

    As you probably know by now, I'm busily working on my own dystopian-ish, sci-fi story which is SOOOOO out of my comfort zone. I didn't mean to get into this type of genre, I really didn't. But it just...happened. And I'm, um, kind of loving it. *cough*

    But THIS. This sounds AMAZIIIIIIING!!!!!! A dystopian version of David's story with the Avengers thrown in? WHAAAT? Can anything be more amazing??? I LOVE THIS IDEA SO MUCH YOU JUST DON'T KNOW. You MUST write this thing!!!

    What's hilarious is my dystopian story involves people with weird abilities as well AND my MC wakes up with no memory! Our brains! XD But that seems to be the only similarities.

    Now go write this thing! I NEEDSSS it, preciousss!

    1. Whew! We do think a lot alike! That must be because we're both so amazing! *winks*

      I know! I never thought I'd be into dystopian/science fiction, but... !!!!! I don't like all of it, but there are some real gems stuck in those genres. My problem is most of that stuff tends to be really... for lack of a better word... unsuitable with themes, scenes, words, etc. so I wanted to make something that would fit in that genre, yet remain clean. As far as I know, there really aren't that many Christian dystopian novels. It's sad.... *stands up tall* So, we must do our noble duty and write them, Lauri! The world needs us! *salutes* Write, yessir!