Friday, March 14, 2014

'Ello, This Is Ken

For those of you who don't know me, I am Kiri Liz's evil twin and alter ego.

Don't worry... I haven't kidnapped Kiri (although that idea is intriguing) like Jack's characters did recently. She is only doing lots of internet work for her dad and doesn't have time to write a blog post. And she has a fever in addition to asthma. So, I'm just being a nice evil twin and letting you all know.

I know she doesn't speak nicely of me on this blog, because I've read her posts, but you all should know that I'm not that bad. She's not happy with me right now because I'm the reason she only wrote 700 words one day instead of 2,000, but hey... that's what twins do. She hasn't gotten this whole sibling thing down yet. Which you would think she should... considering she's got five others. But I'm a good kid. Kiri doesn't know how lucky she is to have me as a twin. I do lots of things for her, and all she does is glare at me like I'm sour milk. 

Oh, and she's also been really busy for the last month practicing for a concert that she and her cousin did yesterday. Her cousin played epically, but Kiri made some mistakes, and I thought about uploading a video to embarrass her, but the internet won't let me. Shame, huh? 

Anywho, I'm done! Hey, I like this blogging thing! I should do it more often!

Because I like Bilbo. So does Kiri. Proof that we're twins, eh?

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  1. 'Ello to you, Ken! Nice post:) I like Bilbo too. Have you seen The Desolation of Smaug? I loved it. What about you?