Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dear Pinterest

 Let me start off by saying that it is an honor to guest post on my sister's awful blog! Awe-full, get it? I amuse myself immensely. :) 

Moving on...

My contribution to Kiri's party is a post of lovful pictures. Love-full, that really doesn't work, does it?

Moving on again...

We should just keep moving before I say any more absurd things.

 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter.

 A beautiful song!

Pretty neat with the book pages and hearts, huh? 

Cake pops!!!!!!!!!

Do you love Him?

If only this cupcake was edible...

Yes, yes.

They are cookies that are cupcakes, or cupcakes that are cookies- uh, something like that.

 Yes, he did (does)


Follow Him and He will write your happily ever after.

The greatest is charity.

Grumpy Cat. :)

His love never fails.

 "For God so loved the world..."


YES! Get out the gas mask!

 Someone put a lot of heart into that cake... or onto it, rather.

He is writing mine.

I like this picture.

This where I'm supposed to say, "I love this necklace!" :)

 For the Bible tells me so...

 My Mom would like this! ;)

Give God the key to your heart.


You would not catch me in those heels! Of course, I wonder if anyone would be able to catch me when I fall with those torture devices on my feet....

Just no.

How many people actually eat these?

Yes, it should!

Can you say sugar overload??? :)

Imagine having a pillow fight with this pillow.

Who invited him?

"He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love."

I see goodies hiding in there!!!

Doesn't that make you feel better? :/

And we all like it when they open a door for us, don't we?

Polka dots, checks, hearts, red... whoa!

And they lived happily ever after.

I love this!

Most interesting.

Love is a self-sacrificing desire to meet the need of the one loved.

Thank you, Kiri, for giving me this opportunity to post on your blog! Yes, I may put your reputation down in the eyes of your followers when they read this and learn that I am your sister, but you'll build that reputation back up eventually... I think. ;)

About Jessa:
Jessa loves baking, photography, baking, playing the violin, baking, singing, baking, reading, baking... oh, and did she mention baking? She anticipates being a homeschool graduate soon, and likes to spend her days by making herself an unequaled amusement for her family. You can find her online here at Freckled Adventures, and she also blogs about being allergic to eggs at Who Needs Eggs?


  1. "Awe-full," Jess, really? You certainly have a way with words... and pictures, too, come to think of it. I think this is the longest post yet of the party. ;)

    But the squirrel was epic. Thank you for that. And next time, I'll try to be a little more discerning before I let you guest post on my blog.

    1. You are VERY welcome, Kiri! And yes, you should be more discerning. Notice I haven't asked you to guest post on my blog yet.... ;)

  2. We love them Jessa! Awesome! Gotta steal some of these ;) The grumpy cat is just so funny!

  3. Lovely post! So much awesomeness on Pinterest... My favorite was Grumpy Cat with the raining hearts. :D

  4. Thanks, girls! One thing Grumpy Cat is good at (other than being grumpy) is giving a smile to others! :)

  5. This was too great, Jessa! I loved it! Now I want to pin all these pictures. You found some fantastic ones!

    The Grumpy Cat ones were definitely golden. XD