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30 Day Middle-Earth Challenge Details

Melody Muffin of The Splendor Falls on Castle Walls and I would like to proudly invite you to join us for a 30 day, fun-filled, everything Middle-Earth event! Starting the first of November, we will be hosting a challenge in which we will share 30 days' worth of pictures, quotes, characters, and anything else Tolkien. The challenge will run until the end of November. You may choose to do all 30 days of the challenge, or you may participate only for a few days, whatever you wish. The posts you share may be as short or as long as you want, either being simply a picture or a single quote, an essay several paragraphs in length, or something mixed or between the two. Below is an entire list of which post will correspond with which day, as well as a picture containing the list so you may drag it off with ease to your own blogs.

The only rule we have for you is simply to mark all of the posts you do for the challenge with a 30 Day Middle-Earth Challenge tag and share the link either with us here on my blog, Lianne Taimenlore, or on Melody's blog, The Splendor Falls. For example, when I participated in Amy's Celebrate Musicals Week, my link looked like this: This is to simplify matters when Melody and I post the link-up at the end of the month, it's easy to put everyone together. 

For those of you who don't have blogs, but are interested in joining us in this challenge, please do! Melody and I will be (hopefully) posting every day, so just leave a comment on one of our posts, stating how you would have filled out that day. Or, if you'd rather, you can do the challenge on your Pinterest page! For that, I'd ask that you'd only leave a link to the board on which you'd pin the challenge answers in a comment here on my blog or Melody's. We welcome every and all participation!

Any questions? Please leave a comment below!

Day 1: Favorite Book
Welcome to the challenge! The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion... Tolkien wrote many books about Middle-Earth. Which one is your favorite?

Day 2: Favorite Movie
The animated films from the 1970s or Peter Jackson's more recent live-action adaptions? Tell us which movie about Middle-Earth is your favorite!

Day 3: Favorite Quote
What's the best spoken line in any of the Middle-Earthian books or movies? Please share it with us!

Day 4: Favorite Scene
Out of all the scenes in the books and films, which one is your favorite?

Day 5: Best of the Fellowship
Nine members made up the Fellowship of the Ring. Which member, in your opinion, is the best?

Day 6: Best of Thorin's Company
Thirteen dwarves, a wizard, and a burglar... who would you say was the best from Thorin Oakenshield's company?

Day 7: Favorite Weapon
Middle-Earth is riddled with weapons beyond count, bows, swords, etc. Which one is your favorite?

Day 8: Favorite Costume
Eowyn's white dress, Elrond's council robe, Merry's red waistcoat... there are many costumes worn throughout the various Middle-Earth films. Which one would you say was your favorite?

Day 9: Prettiest Dress
What would you say was the prettiest dress in Middle-Earth? Galadriel's? Arwen's?

Day 10: Most Epic Armor
Battle is nothing new to Middle-Earth, so armor is as common as second breakfast. Who, in your opinion, wears the most epic armor?

Day 11: Favorite Battle
The Battle of the Five Armies, the Battle of Pelennor Fields, the battle at the Black Gate... which one is your favorite?

Day 12: Favorite Location
Middle-Earth is strewn with beautiful lands (the Shire, Lothlorien, Rohan), unforgettable cities (Gondor, Helm's Deep, Minas Morgul), and amazing dwellings (Bag End, the Golden Hall). Tell us your favorite location!

Day 13: Funniest Quote
What is the funniest quote said in Middle-Earth, from either book or film? We'd love to know!

Day 14: Saddest Quote
Middle-Earth is not without its tragedy and sorrow. What is the saddest quote spoken in either book or movie?

Day 15: Best Steed
The horses Shadowfax, Mertle, Arod, Bill, Minty, and Brego aren't the only steeds to be ridden in Middle-Earth, as other, fouler creatures such as wargs and fell beasts are used to get around. Which Middle-Earth steed would you say was the best?

Day 16: Best Antagonist
Sauron, Gothmog, Wormtongue, Morgoth, the Witch King. Who is Middle-Earth's best (or worst, rather) enemy?

Day 17: Favorite Male Character
Who is your favorite? Aragorn, Bilbo, Samwise, Beren, Thorin, Gandalf, Faramir, or another male from Middle-Earth? Let us know!

Day 18: Favorite Female Character
There aren't many female characters that Tolkien wrote, but I'm sure we all have a favorite from the epic few he created.

Day 19: Least Favorite Character
We've covered favorites, now let's get into the opposite. Who is your least favorite character to walk the lands of Middle-Earth?

Day 20: Scariest Moment
Aragorn walking the Paths of the Dead, Bilbo escaping the goblin halls. Which, in your opinion, is the scariest moment to occur in Middle-Earth?

Day 21: Saddest Death
With battle comes death. Which Middle-Earth death is the saddest?

Day 22: Favorite In-Book Song
 Tolkien included many songs that his characters sing in The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, etc. Which song is your favorite from any of the books?

Day 23: Favorite Soundtrack Song
Howard Shore wrote the score for Peter Jackson's iconic LOTR trilogy as well as for the new Hobbit films. Which song from any Middle-Earth soundtrack is your favorite?

Day 24: Best One Does Not Simply
We've all seen Boromir's meme, "One Does Not Simply." They've multiplied all over the internet world. Which one would you say was the best?

Day 25: Epic Actors' Saying
Seen or read any interviews with the actors that played in Middle-Earth films? What is one of their sayings that you consider funny, inspiring, or just plain informing?

Day 26: Character You Pity Most
Gollum is usually the most pitied Middle-Earth character, but perhaps you pity someone else more, or in a different way. Please share with us!

Day 27: Coolest Visual Effects
The beasts of Middle-Earth, the stunning architecture of Gondor or Erebor, a specific fight sequence... much of Peter Jackson's films were shot against a green screen. Do you have a favorite CG (computer generated) location, animal, or action?

Day 28: Most Inspiring Scene
What would you consider the most inspiring scene in any of the Middle-Earth books or movies?

Day 29: Your LOTR Collection
By "LOTR" here, I mean all things Middle-Earth, of course. What does your Tolkien collection look like? Do you have the all the books? The extended DVDs? A soundtrack, or a bookmark, perhaps? If you want to include a picture, that'd be awesome!

Day 30: Best LOTR Picture Ever
Have a favorite Middle-Earth picture that you've either found somewhere on the internet or made yourself? For the last day of the challenge, share the best Tolkien related picture that you've ever come across.

By the way, this entire post can be found here on the 30 Day Middle-Earth Challenge page on my blog. 

God bless!

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