Sunday, May 26, 2013

Everything You Didn't Know About CoaL

Or almost everything.

Well, no. I can't give away ALL my secrets.

So, more truthfully, I'll retitle this post:

"Everything You Don't Know That You're Entitled To Know That I Probably Should Have Told You Before Now About CoaL."

There. We are all happy now.

First things first. 

Children of a Legend is published.

And once you're over that shock, please allow me to explain. I privately self-published it last December to get myself a tangible copy to use during the big, tough job of editing (for some reason, editing on the computer doesn't appeal to me very much), and it was a great Christmas present to surprise my family with. And yes, they were surprised. We're in the process of reading it together so my family can give me criticisms and all that wonderful jazz. I'm not quite ready for a lot of people to read it yet, as I want to give it a final dusting before I present it to the world.

Item the second: CoaL is now, I've discovered, the first book in a trilogy. I didn't mean to begin a trilogy. Indeed, I intended for CoaL to be one story, one novel. It's still one story (with a good number of subplots), but it's too long to fit into one, small novel. Unless you like reading books that are about 500,000 words long.

Thirdly, I am, while still editing when I can, writing the second book, which is tentatively called Rebirth of a Legend. I'm not satisfied with the name yet, but it's what I have for now. I've only written some 6,000 words on it so far, but I'm working on planning (emphasis on working on planning) on participating in the June NaNo (Camp NaNo, if you prefer it) and putting another 50K under my belt. 

Point four: The trilogy I am calling by the name of The Dragon Tamer. That name is also tentative, prone to change, apt to be discarded, whichever you prefer. Before I called the first book Children of a Legend, it was The Dragon Tamer and The Six Children of the Dragon Tamer. I threw away the second of those titles, as I thought it too much of a mouthful, but the combination of "dragon" and "tamer" I liked, so I saved it, wondering if I could use it later. Well, now I'm putting it to use as the name of the trilogy/series. 

Hmm... let's add a fifth item: I make no promise that this will stay a trilogy. What started as one book grew to three as I was writing, and what I plan to be three books could become five before I'm done. We'll just have to see where this all goes. 

God bless!


  1. Qoohhh published! I cannot WAIT to read it!!!!! It sounds awesome!


  2. I "published" Sew before it was actually published. I had a free proof from Nano and I had to order it before June, but I didn't officially publish it until August. Congratulations on having an actual copy of your book to hold in your hands. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it?

  3. Well, almost all of your family knew about the book... ;)

  4. Oh by the way, I am unollowing your blog, and refollowing it with my new one. Just thought I'd tell you so you wouldn't think you lost a follower :)


  5. I was ready to rush off and buy your book, but I suppose I shall have to wait still. However, when it is ready for the world I'm going to be one of the first in line.

    Very exciting it has turned into a series! I love series! I hope the others go well for you, and editing isn't too much of a pain.