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Jane Austen Birthday Assembly Tag And Glorious News Of Two Scrumptious Giveaways

 Yes, I know that's a long title, but it was the best I could come up with on the spot. 


There is a fantastically epic Jane Austen Birthday Assembly going on in the wonderful world of blogger right now! You simply must go and see it! LINK -- in case you missed it the first time. 

~ Tag questions ~1. How did you meet Jane Austen? I don't think I've ever actually met Jane. She lived in the 19th century, so that feat would understandably be quite difficult. ;)

2. In which order did you first become acquainted with and read Jane Austen's novels? I first read Pride and Prejudice, followed immediately by Sense and Sensibility (they were both in one volume - quite spiffy!). Emma, my favorite, was next, then Northanger Abbey. At that point, I ran out of the Austen books that we owned, so I saved my money to purchase this amazing book from Barnes and Noble, and then finished reading all seven novels with Persuasion and Mansfield Park.

3. Rate Jane Austen's major novels from your most favorite to your least favorite and tell why. 1) Emma, 2) Pride and Prejudice, 3) Sense and Sensibility, 4) Northanger Abbey, 5) Mansfield Park, 6) Persuasion. I absolutely love E and P&P because they've got great characters and awesome wit. S&S is a bit slower, but still amazing with great characters. NA is epic with its "gothic" style, and I do enjoy reading Henry Tilney's quotes. MP was a bit on the more boring side, not really boring, but I got myself lost a few times somewhere in their play. And P... what can I say? It drags. No offence meant, Anne Elliot lovers. 

4. Which Jane Austen hero/heroine couple is your favorite and why? Probably Emma and Mr. Knightley or Henry Tilney and Catherine. The former because it's best friends learning to love after a lifetime of sharpening each other; the latter because of all the fun that goes between the two as they court. 

5. Which hero/heroine couple is your least favorite and why? Fanny Price and Edmund Bertram. The whole book building up romances and it's cousins who get married? Not my favorite happily ever after. I don't know... is it just me?

6. Have you read any of Jane Austen's Juvenilia works? Which ones? Lady Susan

7. If you could change the name of one of Jane Austen's characters who would it be and why? Mr. Knightley... his first name is George. Oh, no... wait... Mr. Darcy. His first name is Fitzwilliam. Who names their hero Fitzwilliam? Well, obviously Jane Austen did, but what stumps me is what Elizabeth calls him after they're married. I have trouble hearing the "my dear Fitzwilliam."

8. Have you ever introduced someone to Jane Austen? Possibly. My family goes on about her works so much that we've probably introduced a few people to her, but specific names, I can't recall.

9. If a new film about her life was made, which actress would you want to play Jane Austen? I don't know. I don't really follow actresses and all that, so I don't know who would be the best to play her.

10. Pretend you're having a weekend party at your very own country house, which Austen characters (up to five) would you invite and why? Only five? Hmm... Henry Tilney, Elizabeth Bennet, Catherine Morland, Mr. Bennet, and Mr. Woodhouse. Just because they seem like the kind of people I would like to talk to, or listen to. :)

11. In your real life have you ever attended a Jane Austen themed event, party or ball? Or have you hosted one yourself? No, neither. But I want to! "There is just no opportunity to dance!" 

12. Suppose you were given the opportunity to ask Jane Austen two questions: one in connection with her real life and one about her stories. What would they be? 1) Did you really drink tea as much as your characters drank tea and as much as everyone thinks you yourself drank tea? {What? I'm not a tea fan, and I just want to show that it is possible to still be a Austen fan without loving tea.} 2) Did the people you met on a regular basis inspire your writings, influencing any certain and specific characters or events?


In addition to all the excitement over Jane Austen's birthday bash, there are two other epically spifforificous (yes, I made that up) events that must absolutely be mentioned here! Two of my dear blogging friends are hosting giveaways! Yes, that's TWO giveaways! 

Jessica of Safirewriter has published her book Annabeth's War, and Miss Amy Dashwood is kindly hosting a giveaway on her blog Yet Another Period Drama Blog in which one lucky winner will obtain a copy of Jessica's delightful book

And... Miss Amy Dashwood of Yet Another Period Drama Blog published her own book just this last summer, titled Only A Novel, and Jessica is kindly hosting a giveaway on her blog Safirewriter in which one lucky winner will obtain a copy of Amy's delightful book!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this! I haven't been able to get my hands on either of the books yet, but I simply cannot wait to read them! Please do stop by their blogs and check it all out! :D 

And... *cough* youmayseeJessicasometimeagainsometimesoonpoppinguponLianneTaimenlore...

God bless!  

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  1. Very exciting! I am hoping to get both books soon. I am very eager to read Annabeth's War.

    Thank you for the award. I shall add it to my list. *Grin*